There are so many gadgets and tech products on the internet, some of them are cool, some of them are useless and some of them are really really expensive. But it is good to note that not every expensive gadget is good. To give you an example, I bought a smart glass with bone conduction speakers for around $200 and what happened? It is not worth the price.

Similarly, not every cheap gadget is bad. To back it with an example, I bought a $42 ANC headset on Amazon and believe me, it is comparable to a $300 flagship headset from sony.

So the takeaway is to do your research before buying a gadget. But in this post, we have done the research for you and listed some of the best gadgets and tech gifts that you can buy online for just $50 or less. Go ahead, scroll through the ocean of such gadgets.

  • 1. inCharge 6 - The Only Charging Cable you need

    Rolling Square, a popular swiss based manufacturers has a huge history in designing and developing some of the coolest smartphone accessories. Some of their previous products include inCharge, inCharge Universal and Hyphen. Today, I am reviewing their latest product called inCharge 6 cable. This is a 6 in 1 connecting cable that lets you connect between different types of USB devices. To be exact, inCharge 6 supports USB, Type C, Lightning, and Micro USB connections. There are 6 combinations that you can mix and match. We shall see them in the next section. Just after launching inCharge 6, the company launched its new product called TAU. It is a keychain power bank. You can check it out here. inCharge 6 is very lightweight, portable, and easy to use. If you have this in your w.. [Read More]

  • 2. Adonit Snap 2 Stylus for Smartphones

    Presenting one more unique and useful Gadget for your smartphones, this cool gadget is specially made for iPhone users. Let us know more about Adonit Snap 2 stylus. Snap 2 combines the precision of a fine point stylus with a Bluetooth camera shutter remote to create the ultimate creative tool for iPhone users. Draw, doodle, and write on your phone with precision. Elevate your storytelling on Snapchat and Instagram. The shutter remote makes it easier than ever to control your iPhone’s camera. Instantly take photos with the snap of a button or capture the perfect moment with three continuous shots in Triple Burst mode. Comfortably hold your phone out front to take selfies. Place your phone on a tripod or lean it against a surface to capture group shots at a distance. No need to set.. [Read More]

  • 3. MPOWERD Luci Original - Inflatable Solar Light

    MPOWERD Luci is a super useful inflatable light that is powered by the Sun. The lightweight, collapsible and handy design makes it one of the most portable Solar lanterns you could ever buy. The features like solar rechargeable, easy to carry and complete waterproof makes it a perfect survival tool. Be it indoors or outdoors, you can definitely make use of this tiny yet powerful lamp. With just over 7 hours of sunlight, the Luci lamp can light up to 24 hours straight. The lamp comes in different variations such as white light and multi-colored light. The white light version provides 75 lumens in intensity but I personally liked the multi-colored version which I had my hands on during the CES 2019. Costing well under $20, this light is definitely a "Take My Money" gadget. Stay tuned for .. [Read More]

  • 4. GIGA Pump - Small Powerful Portable Pump

    Well, well, well, What do I say about this mini air bomb!!! This gadget is definitely going to be super useful. GIGA pump is a small yet powerful air pump that is a solution to all your inflatables. I know there are hundreds of air pumps in the market. But what makes it so special is its size. Its as small as your charging adapter and can be carried everywhere. It can blow as well as remove air from an inflatable. You need not hold it, just attack it to inflatables and it does everything. This device has to be charged and it is completely waterproof. This is gonna be a super useful gadget for sure. .. [Read More]

  • 5. Ampulla MiniS Bluetooth Speakers

    The Ampulla MiniS Portable Bluetooth Speakers are one of a kind. I can use them on my bicycle thanks to the bike mounts. Additionally, they have armbands so that I can use them when I'm running. They are magnetic, so I can stick them anywhere, even on the fridge or a pole outside. I have a lot of options when it comes to where I can take the Ampulla MiniS. When it comes to portable Bluetooth speakers, the charge on these does not last forever. The battery backup of this gadget is not bad at all, 8hr continuous playback is impressive. The best part is that only takes 50 minutes to charge up properly. For the price, you do get a lot out of these bike speakers. They are the best bicycle speakers hands down, and I get excellent sound quality when I'm riding my bike. Not only do I g.. [Read More]

  • 6. PowerUp 3.0 Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane

    If you want to bring back your life as a kid, this is the gadget for you. PowerUp, a company is known for its tech-filled paper airplanes has come up with a cool smartphone-controlled airplane called POWERUP 3.0. If you are reading this is 2020 and beyond, you should check out their latest version which is POWERUP 4.0. This amazing paper airplane has a motor and a transmitter on its head, all on a piece of paper that could fly. Sounds unreal right? Let us now have a look at how PowerUp drone works and how you can operate one Fold It: Simply fold a piece of copier paper into a paper airplane Attach It: Attach the Smart Module to your paper plane with the patented clips underneath the Smart Module. Connect It: Start the app to connect to the Smart Module with your i.. [Read More]

  • 7. Fingertip 800x Zoom Microscope - Cheapest microscope for Smartphones

    Fingertip Microscope is one of the smallest microscopes in the world that could be used with your smartphone. This is exactly like a smartphone lens but the main feature is the 800 times zoom. Using this portable microscope, you can see almost any minute particles which are not at all possible to capture, just by our naked eyes. If you are a science geek, you should definitely get this cool smartphone gadget. Costing well under $50, this phone microscope rocks. Since this product is not available on Indiegogo or anywhere online, we have linked to a similar product on Amazon... [Read More]

  • 8. Swingline - A Cool Home Lamination Machine

    If you are looking for a thermal laminator to laminate your pictures, posters or any paper, this small lamination machine called Swingline is what you should be looking for. Swingline laminator is particularly made for home use so if you thinking about considering this for your office, you may have to see some other model. The product can laminate documents up to 9 inches per minute. It supports both hot and cold lamination and takes about 4 mins for heating. It also comes with a lamination pouch. I believe you can use any laminating pouches and it does not have to be from Swingline itself... [Read More]

  • 9. WonderCube Pro - A Cool Smartphone Gadget

    WonderCube Pro as the name suggests is definitely a wonder. The company has brought all the mobile essentials together in a single cube of size 1cc! It has a charger, memory, emergency power, phone stand, data cable, and torch. They have designed it into a key chain so it's easy to carry. It was originally designed for Apple phones but works with android as well. This tiny gadget is probably the best all-in-one smartphone accessory you can get.

  • 10. IMStick - A Magnetic Smartphone Holder

    We had previously featured many smartphone accessories before but this gadget is not just cool but is super useful too. Meet IMStick, a small yet powerful accessory for your smartphone. IMStick is a smartphone holder that comes with a flexible cable. You can reshape the cable to mount it anywhere you want, be it on a table, on a bicycle, on a car and whatnot. IMStick involves magnetic attachment which means you can place a small piece of a magnetic element under the back case of your smartphone and you can attach your smartphone to the IM Stick pad. Since the whole accessory is magnetic, you can literally use it on any magnetic surface giving it a range of useful use cases. Costing at around $25, this holder could be one of the best alternatives of a typical phone holder which is either b.. [Read More]

  • 11. ULH: The Ultimate Lens Hood

    ULH is a super useful accessory for your camera. We are featuring it here after our Youtube video on Camera Accessories went viral and people actually liked this gadget out of many others on that video. Talking about the Ultimate Lens Hood, as it says, it is a lens hood that is to protect your camera. Not limited just to protection, this gadget also helps you take pictures without reflections. For example, if you are to take a photo through a glass, it is highly likely that your capture involves some reflections. This gadget helps you completely get rid of the reflections. I am sure that this Hood helps a ton of Photographers. The hood is made of silicone material that collapses, so carrying it around will be easy. The lens hood is available for DSLR Cameras and also smartphones... [Read More]

  • 12. MiniPresso - Portable Espresso Machine

    MiniPresso GR by Wacaco is a super useful Espresso maker which is so portable. With this espresso maker, you can grind your own coffee beans to prepare the drink whenever and where ever you need. Look how good the product looks, I personally liked the ergonomics. Features like lightweight and easy to use make this cool espresso maker one of the must have travel accessories. No matter if you are visiting the chilling New York or hot Arizona, this gadget should be in your travel bag. Also, the espresso maker comes with a cup embedded in it that should be super useful. Costing just under $50, this cool gadget will be worth it... [Read More]

  • 13. MagMount Qi - A Cool Smartphone Holder

    If you are a travel freak, you should definitely check out this cool smartphone holder for your car. Pitaka cell phone holder is not just a regular holder, it is equipped with a magnetic QI charging surface which means that you can attach your phone to this holder and recharge the phone's battery simultaneously. A basic phone holder may work fine for your car but what if you need to charge your phone while you are driving? Those USB cables are messy and inconvenient but with a wireless charging option, things will be on the go. You attach your phone to the holder and it starts charging automatically, no cables or buttons pressed. The new Magmount Qi holder comes with a magnetic surface that needs a magnetic case as well, they recommend using Magcase offered by them. You can probably use.. [Read More]

  • 14. AUKEY PB-Y25 Wireless Power Bank with 18W Power Delivery

    If you travel a lot and find yourself away from home worrying about how to recharge your phone while you're, or if you just want to be on the safe side and always have a backup power source for your phone then AUKEY Wireless Power Bank is the ultimate solution to your problems. This sleek, elegant and future proof power bank is suitable for all Qi-compatible phone models and is guaranteed to surprise you with its wireless (and wired) charging modes. The power bank has a capacity of 8000mAh that can charge a smartphone 2.4 times over on average, so if you’re away on a long weekend trip it’ll have enough backup power so you can be sure your phone won’t cut out halfway through! RelatThis wireless charging power bank has multiple modes for charging your phone. You can charge.. [Read More]

  • 15. Uniquebella's Cool Carry-on Garment/Duffel Bag

    This versatile carry on garment bag is the perfect companion for any regular traveler. The duffel bag is made from durable high-density fabric that is waterproof, tear-resistant and lightweight. It can be attached to the top of a rolling suitcase while you make your way around the airport and then detached for boarding your flight. The 2 in 1 duffel bag has very strong zips that will stand the test of time and secure, comfortable straps that you can rely on while you’re on the road. When you open the bag you can lay it out flat to access your clothes and belongings but it can also be hung up and used in this way. Due to the bag’s expert design, it will keep your suits, dresses, and shirts clean and wrinkle-free making this the best carry on garment bag on the market. This is the bes.. [Read More]

  • 16. Gazepad Pro - Wireless Charging Mouse Pad

    Gazepad Pro is an intelligently designed wireless charging mouse pad. The designers have carefully catered to the product that fits every requirement of the end-users. The 3 coil system enhances the charging area. The dual charging port has been provided so that end users can have the convenient placements. This product eliminates the hassles caused by a lack of desk space and comes with some attractive colors. Although I didn't like the color of this mouse pad, the features probably outweigh it... [Read More]

  • 17. Midland LXT630VP3 - 30 Mile Long Range Walkie Talkie

    Why do you need a Walkie Talkie when you have a Smartphone? Hmmm, the main reason to have a Walkie Talkie is for communication in areas where the cell phone connectivity is poor or in an industry where people are located far from each other and there needs to be a constant message transfer between them. Walkie Talkie comes in a variety of options based on the signal range, frequency, battery life, ruggedness and more.   It is always good to carry a pair of Walkie Talkie while are on an outdoor adventure If you are looking for a super long-range walkie talkie that does not cost much, you should try the Midland LXT630VP3 walkie talkie that has a maximum distance coverage of around 30 miles which is equal to 48 kilometers which is just crazy. It is to be noted that the range depends.. [Read More]

  • 18. Ohsnap Phone Grip - A Cool Magnetic Phone Holder

    Despite the modern cases, dangly straps, and attempts, smartphones tend to become more difficult to hold when using them. Also, since they keep increasing in price, it is a good idea to keep a solid grip on your smartphones. However, you have to do this with a lot of care to avoid compromising their ergonomics and styling. Fortunately, you have Ohsnap to your rescue. With its low-profile styling and multitude of features, it may be the best phone grip currently on the market. Some of the top features include, Safe Grip With this phone grip, you do not have to fumble with the phone. Ideally, modern phones are designed to do a lot of incredible things. You have a right to use your phone the way you want without compromising its functionality. Also, you have the freedom to grip, ro.. [Read More]

  • 19. JLab Jbuds Air- Wireless Earbuds

    There are quite a lot of options when you are looking for wireless earbuds. And as I say this, it is obviously difficult to choose the one you need. But if you are looking at the best budget earbuds, here it is - JBuds Air. Costing just under $50, this earbud is a win from every angle. Looks, sound quality, hassle-free, auto on, battery life and what not !! Jbuds are cool but look bulky.

  • 20. PaMu Scroll BT 5.0 Wireless Earbuds

    $39 for this super cool earphones? Are you kidding me? No, we are not. Pamu Scroll is available for $39 only! These earbuds feature a Bluetooth 5.0 technology that uses minimal power and enhances battery efficiency. Pamu Scroll has other features like enhanced bass, auto-pairing and it is also IP4 water-resistant. Please note that it is not waterproof, just resistant. Pamu recently released its new product called Pamu Unique. It is one of the fanciest earbuds you can find. There are a ton of Earbuds on the market but only a few with positive ratings and reviews? Why? Because they are not efficient in terms of functionality and battery performance. But here is a wireless Bluetooth earbud that was funded over $1 Million on Indiegogo. You know why? they are offering high-quality ea.. [Read More]

  • 21. Mangroomer Ultimate Pro - Back Shaver for Men

    With so many problems around the world, one common problem for men is their body hair. Noticeably the back hair removal is a lot tougher and often has to rely on others. Mangroomer with a tag line of Maintain Yourself has designed an innovative product where you can groom your back hair yourself. Along with an extensible and adjustable handle, the 135-degree flexibility of the groomer makes all areas of your back easily accessible. Mangroomer comes with 2 detachable heads, one consisting of a blade for long hair removal and another to give an ultra-smooth shave. It also provides a power button to assist the removal of thick coarse hair. Mangroomer Ultimate Pro is foldable so that it can be easily carried off anywhere... [Read More]

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  • 22. YSMART 2.0 - Ultra-Light Magnetic EDC Flashlight

    If you ever wanted to have an EDC flashlight tool that can be carried around in your wallet, YSMART 2 is for you. Also, the gadget will be a boon for outdoor workers and men in common. This magnetic flashlight comes in two different models, titanium and aluminium both of which are rugged and virtually indestructible. The light has a strong magnetic base which makes it easy to stick it to any magnetic material like refrigerator, iron pole or even to your key chain. With about 100 lumens in light capacity, this tiny device can help you in your outdoor adventures. The best way to use it is to hook it to a key chain, maybe your car key chain so that you can just pluck it whenever you need it and attach it back in a second. YSMART 2 automatically lights up when it is removed from its base. .. [Read More]

  • 23. Pico - A Garden In Your Palm

    Growing plants can be difficult. Perhaps the climate where you live is not quite right, or perhaps you find yourself too busy to keep up with maintenance. This is where the Pico Palm Garden can help out immensely. Pico does all the hard work for you, it really is a garden made fun and easy. The Pico Palm Garden is a self-watering plant pot which also boasts built-in grow lamps. Pico does what's best for your plants, ensuring they get all the love they need. Not only is the Pico incredibly functional, but also extremely convenient. With an aesthetically pleasing minimalistic design, this plant pot can be put almost anywhere, regardless of sunlight or water access. Pico can be hung onto your wall, placed on your desk or attached to fridges, windows or anything else magnetic. The Pico .. [Read More]

  • 24. Anti Barking / Dog Repelling Gadget

    This is a crazy gadget that can help you do two things, train your dog and shoo off any attacking dog. This device is also called as anti-barking training gadget but it is more or less used to repel the stray dogs than training your dog. This tool is powered by a battery that is not rechargeable. The barking tool is used to prevent any attacks from dogs or even wolves. Using ultrasonic waves, the tool generates a frequency that the dogs feel irritating, and hence they retreat. The anti-barking gadget can also be used as a normal flashlight which is an added benefit. Some Reviews on  .. [Read More]

  • 25. Passport Pro - The Best Global Travel Adapter

    Are you a travel freak? Always irritated by different plugs in different countries? Want a simple adapter that can take care of all the things? Well, you are blessed. Introducing Passport Pro, the Safest Travel Adapter. What's more than the travel adapter is that it comes with an auto-resetting fuse and is the first adapters in the world to do so. So no more worries about replacing a fuse. These adapters also have inbuilt USB output ports including USB-C port. It can charge 5 devices simultaneously reducing your hassles of charging. Zendure Passport has a maximum output of 18W instead of traditional 5W decreasing your charging time by about 50% (provided your device supports fast charging). All these additional functionalities make this adapter a boon to travelers. Check Out Zendure.. [Read More]

  • 26. Ceramic Waterfall Backflow Incense Burner

    This ceramic waterfall *home decor* looks stunning. This product is a backflow incense burner that can be kept almost anywhere in your house both as home decor and for aromatherapy. This backflow burner looks absolutely mesmerizing when in use. The smoke from the incense flows down through a maze which gives a waterfall kind of look to the viewers. The incense mainly helps in soothing and also adds a good look to your home. This product could be a cheap and best home decor too. Made up of ceramic material with a glossy look, the incense burner looks very attractive on a table. Costing under $30, this home decor is a good option for gifting too... [Read More]

  • 27. TANSOREN 4000 Lumens - Brightest Bike Tail Light

    When riding a bike or a bicycle, the rider's safety is of prime importance. Even if you are riding well, the car from behind you or a bus from the front may not be. Let aside the morning job, in the night, riding a bicycle in a secluded area without street lamps is a nightmare. I had personally experienced this when I was in a University in Arizona. These bike tail lights definitely help you have a safer and peaceful ride. This cool bike light from TANSOREN is super bright that it emits almost 4000 lumens of light which you may not believe but the Amazon reviews prove to be true. This is by far the brightest bike tail light that you can find on Amazon with good reviews. So, if you are in need of a bike light, get one for yourself and share it with your friend who might need it... [Read More]

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  • 28. Hudly - Fast Wireless Car Charger Mount under $50

    Hudly comes with an innovative wireless car charger. Well with the conventional unstable wireless charger it was difficult to use your smartphone while you drive. But here is the charger you are looking for. You can navigate or use your smartphone ( We wont recommend it ) while you drive.

  • 29. FODI - Flat Origami Stand

    FODI is an impressive product that is made of thin fiber which can be shaped to form different stands. It is so thin that it fits inside a book as a normal page and is multipurpose. Want to watch a movie? Takedown notes? Play a game? just fold the FODI and use it as a stand. Check it out on Amazon.

  • 30. Gerintech Rechargeable Table Lamp - Cool Home Decor

    Can this cool gadget be considered a home decor too? I would think so. Its elegant look definitely makes it look neat on a table, especially if the table is white. This futuristic-looking Gerintech table lamp costs well under $20 if you use the coupon code on the Amazon page. Though the lamp does not have full RGB color capability, it does have options for warm, white and natural lights. Equipped with a rechargeable battery, this desk lamp could last around 5 hours on a single charge. If you are planning to keep it fixed on a table, I would recommend running it through the electricity rather than charging it multiple times throughout the day. But, it is certain that the rechargeable feature can be an added feature as it makes the lamp portable... [Read More]

  • 31. Panda Shaped Table Lamp

    Who doesn't love Pandas, they are cute and adorable. To all Panda lovers, here is a super cool looking table lamp that comes in the shape of a baby Panda. The soft ambient light makes this lamp look beautiful on a table, especially in the bedroom. The lamp is not wireless and hence it needs to be connected to the power supply via the power cord which will be included in the package. Since the shape of the lamp is a Panda, this could be a good option for your Kids room, they will definitely love it. Costing less than $20, this table lamp is not at all expensive. Consider gifting one to your kid... [Read More]

  • 32. Wemo Mini - Smart Plug

    The world has evolved such that today most of the things around you are smart and interacts without any physical contact. It might be your fans or lights to any extent. Wemo Mini is one such smart plug that can turn any of your electronic device into a smart device. This plug is wifi enabled and supports Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple Homekit. So basically you can operate the plug with your voice or mobile and thus all the devices connected via plug are under your control. Starting from lights to TV, everything can be controlled by you without even moving an inch. Wemo is so smart that it can randomize your lights, giving a false notion of you present at home and avoid burglary. It automatically turns on your light so that you need not walk back to your dark home anymore. There ar.. [Read More]

  • 33. WiFi Smart Plug with Power Monitor

    Making your Home smarter sounds exciting, is it not? Here is a must have Gadget that could make your life easier. Integrating this wifi smart plug in your home allows you to control any of your equipment from anywhere in the world. You can monitor the power usage, schedule the on-off time and what not. Here are some of its features you might find useful. Works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for voice control. Power your devices without lifting a finger.  Track power usage for connected devices and figure out which devices use the most energy. You can effectively cut your usage so that you can save money on your next electric bill Easy to install and stable connection. Controlled from different devices and manage your home on your smartphone or tablet from anywhere Ge.. [Read More]

  • 34. All-new Echo Dot (3rd Gen)

    Meet the New Amazon Echo Dot - A smart Speaker with Alexa Assistance. Amazon Echo has been around a while. The fundamental part of Echo is Alexa. She is smart, she is intelligent, she is helpful. In a single word, she is an assistant. Echo has many different products such as Echo Dot, Echo Sub, etc. Choose the one that fits your requirement. Alexa is not perfect, in the sense, she cannot understand complicated questions, but the good thing is that She is an AI, which means, she is constantly evolving by gathering data. Watch the video below to know more about the Latest Echo Dot. .. [Read More]

  • 35. Clip on Strainer - Useful Kitchen Gadget

    This amazing Kitchen Gadget tool is an extremely useful product if you are kinda me, who always slips some fruits or veggies while cleaning them in water. Sounds funny. That's true. This happens severely when you are soaking rice, wheat or any other grains that are minute in size. This Accessory is a perfect match to minimize these losses while washing food. Here are the product features, you might know. The specially designed clips will fit nearly all round pots, pans and bowls big and small (yes, even the ones with a lip). Completely BPA Free, Dishwasher safe and FDA approved. Made from top-quality silicone only the original Snap'n Strain will have the durability to last for many years. Will withstand straining of heavier foods like potatoes. .. [Read More]

  • 36. Tile Mate - Bluetooth Tracker

    Always forget where your keys are? Misplaced mobile phones? Finding them has become easy. Here is the world's smallest Bluetooth tracker that can locate your keys, phones, pets, bags, toys and the list goes on.

  • 37. AUKEY KM-G6 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

    If you are looking for a good affordable mechanical gaming keyboard, this is the one you should definitely see. Aukey's KM-G6 keyboard is packed with so many cool features. Its mechanical, backlit, customizable, affordable and most importantly built for gamers. Enjoy the super bright LED's embedded, play around with the color combinations and program the keys as you want. Its water-resistant, are you kidding me? Here are some features you might like, 6-color backlight (each row has a different specific color), 9 preset lighting effects, and 2 slots for assignable lighting effects. Choose a preset effect or customize your configuration to match your computer setup Outemu Blue Switches: The individual, clicky Outemu Blue switches deliver accurate, responsive key commands for typin.. [Read More]