Amidst the growing awareness of indoor air pollution and the increased use of air purifiers, the Briiv Pro emerges as a groundbreaking solution, heralded as the world’s first AI-powered air purifier. In response to the environmental impact of traditional HEPA filters, Briiv takes a distinct approach, leveraging artificial intelligence to redefine the air purification landscape. This comparison explores the key differences between the Briiv and Briiv Pro, focusing on whether the enhancements in the Pro model justify its associated price increase.

As the industry grapples with sustainability concerns, Briiv Pro stands out by embracing cutting-edge technology. While many alternatives aim to sidestep HEPA filters, Briiv Pro’s use of AI marks a forward-looking evolution in air purification. The ensuing analysis delves into the unique features of the Briiv Pro, assessing for new added features and evaluating whether the investment in these advancements aligns with the value they offer to consumers.

Technical Features



Briiv Pro

Room Purification Standard room purification Rapid room purification in 21 minutes (AI-powered)
AQI Monitoring Real-time air quality readings Active AQI monitoring for informed air quality control
Canary Mode N/A Innovative autonomous mode adapts to changing conditions
Zone Mode N/A Connect multiple units for comprehensive home coverage
Maintenance Standard maintenance schedule Low maintenance with real-time filter health reporting
IoT Integration & App Basic functionality Free IoT integration and dedicated app for enhanced control

The Briiv Pro, now an AI-powered, plant-based purifier, introduces a host of innovative functions for a cleaner and healthier home environment.

  1. Rapid Room Purification: The Briiv Pro takes room purification to new heights, cleansing a standard 4x4m space in an astonishing 21 minutes. The AI-powered technology ensures swift and efficient air purification for immediate benefits. (Briiv will improve the air quality in a 9m² (96ft²) living space in just 11 minutes or a 16m² (172ft²) space in 21 minutes.)
  1. Active AQI Monitoring: With active Air Quality Index (AQI) monitoring, Briiv Pro provides real-time insights into the air you breathe. This feature empowers users to make informed decisions, creating a healthier living space.
  2. Canary Mode: Briiv Pro’s autonomous Canary Mode elevates air purification by adapting to changing air quality conditions. This ensures that your home remains a safe and clean sanctuary without constant adjustments.
  3. Zone Mode: Briiv Pro introduces Zone Mode, enabling users to connect multiple units for a seamless network that covers the entire home. Enjoy a continuous flow of clean air in every corner, offering comprehensive protection.
  4. Low Maintenance: Recognizing the value of your time, Briiv Pro boasts super low maintenance with real-time filter health reporting. Users receive timely notifications, ensuring optimal performance and air quality without unnecessary hassle.
  5. IoT Integration and Dedicated App: To enhance the user experience, Briiv Pro offers free Internet of Things (IoT) integration and a dedicated app. This allows users to control their Briiv unit, monitor air quality, and access valuable insights for a holistic approach to indoor air management.

Briiv vs Briiv Pro – Which one to Choose?

The Briiv Pro’s pricing strategy reflects a balanced approach, offering an enticing early bird rate during the Kickstarter campaign and justifying the higher cost post-launch through a host of advanced features. The initial investment, inclusive of rapid room purification, AI-powered monitoring, innovative modes, and IoT integration, aligns with the product’s positioning as a pioneer in air purification.

The competitive pricing is tempered by the unique combination of plant-based purification and cutting-edge technology. As the Briiv Pro transitions to its regular retail price, the market should recognize the value proposition it presents—addressing indoor air pollution comprehensively while prioritizing user convenience.

For consumers seeking a forward-thinking solution, the Briiv Pro’s pricing is substantiated by its commitment to innovation, sustainability, and a superior air purification experience.

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