Moft X – Foldable Cell Phone Stand

If you are looking for a comfortable and exquisitely designed portable stand for your tablet or smartphone, then the Moft phone stand is the way to go. Interestingly, you will get to enjoy wonderful comfort while working on your devices without even noticing this stand was there in the first place. It does not add any baggage to your phone or tablet.

Moft X Stand Review

This Moft X phone stand will allow you to enjoy the best angles with your cell phone, which will guarantee you immense comfort as well as clarity of content. It will be a bliss to get by your day to day business without stressing about holding your phone upright using your hands.

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Highlighted below are some of the cool features of the foldable cellphone stand.

Features a Card Holder

Incredibly, this thin standstill has room for up to 3 cards. It is the ultimate phone stand with a wallet that adds convenience to your life. Amazingly, this does not mean that it is bulky, you will still carry around your phone or tablet without even noticing it is there.

Moft X Stand Review

Magnetic Sticky pad (add-on)

This feature makes it easy to still use your phone when you have other things going on. It will allow you to stick your phone in your kitchen as you cook, in your car as you drive, or even in the bathroom as you take your bath. The Moft phone stand will give you the freedom that you deserve.

Thin & Lightweight

Moft X is suitable for any smartphone, be it an Android or iPhone. This foldable stand is just weights 1oz, which is a negligible weight that you don’t even feel. You do not have to contend with other bulky phone stands that are available in the market. Also, with its 5mm thickness, you won’t even feel it on while holding your phone in your hand or keeping it in your pocket.

With that being said, Moft X is one of the coolest and most convenient smartphone stands you can ever have. If you are looking for a good looking holder cum stand for your smartphone, give Moft X a look, you have nothing to lose by checking it out. Watch Moft X review video below.


  • 5mm Thin
  • Landscape & Portrait Mode
  • 3 Card Holder
  • Aesthetic Design

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4.5 / 5 Ratings

Editor's QuoteThis phone stand is truly invisible
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