TAU Key Chain Power Bank

After their huge campaign with inCharge 6, Rolling Square is back with a new innovative product called TAU. This time it is a keychain with a 1400 mAh power bank. I personally tested TAU while I was at CES2020 and this device is 100% GENUINE and you can go buy it without hesitation.

Let me talk a little more about the product. TAU is the smallest 3-in-1 power bank ever produced. With USB C, Micro USB and Lightning connectors, TAU can support any device, including smartwatches. Unlike a traditional power bank, this has a key holder. If you ask me, it is best suited for car owners because it is so lightweight, and easy to carry in your pocket. The best thing is that you won’t lose it easily because it has its own place to park!

TAU has a dock with a magnetic attachment. The power bank is also charged via this magnetic port.  The whole system goes on a wall and it is easy to install. Even though the battery capacity is just 1400mAh, it is always good to have a power bank in your pocket. The 1400mAh battery can probably charge your phone 30% or so.

TAU is available in three colors but I have seen the white variant since the others were not fully ready in January. Talking about the price, it is damn affordable as it is so rare to find such a high-quality device at such a price point on a crowdfunding platform.


  • Small and Lightweight
  • 1400 mAh Power Bank
  • Magnetic Attachment
  • USB C, Micro USB and Lightning Ports

Editor's Review
4.7 / 5 Ratings

Editor's QuoteTAU is an amazing gadget for car owners
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