With many options in the market, choosing the best solar spotlight can get overwhelming. But before even considering your options, some important questions need to be answered first.

Here, you’ll learn more about this topic before embarking on the choosing journey. As you may know, one of the best ways to illuminate your well-landscaped garden is by using solar spotlights. They offer excellent lighting, and best of all, don’t charge you for the energy used.

However, selecting the best outdoor solar spot lights has posed a challenge for most people looking to showcase their patio, garden, or driveway. Hence, this article focuses on some of the best-selling outdoor solar spotlights that offer you aesthetic and adequate lighting throughout the night.

I am not a fan of those old round-shaped spotlights. It is time to choose something aesthetic and cool looking.

Although it may come across as a traditional method of lighting, a solar LED spotlight is a good investment in ensuring that you contribute to a safer and cleaner world.

4 Things to Consider when Buying Solar Spotlights


When buying a spotlight to light up your garden or patio, it’s apparent that you require the best work out of its illumination abilities. So, you must first check the number of LEDs and the amount of light it emits before taking them home.

Choosing the best number to go with highly depends on the area of lighting. The broader the area, the more LEDs you’ll probably require, and vice versa.

Also, please note that more LEDs don’t mean more luminosity. A single power LED can outperform 10 dim LEDs.

Swivel Adjustments

With time, you might want to change the setting or lighting direction of the spotlight. Therefore, you must consider the capability of its swivel adjustments. A first solar outdoor spotlight should offer you detailed lighting and convenient flexibility.

In a solar spotlight, mainly there are two adjustments.

  1. Solar Panel angle – You can change the inclination of the solar panel to match your requirement. For my lights, I have set them in North-West direction for better solar reception.
  2. Light head angle – With this you can swivel the light up and down to focus it on a particular spot or object.

Most of the lights we listed offer both swivel functionality independently

Therefore, considering the solar-powered spotlight’s swivel adjustments capabilities would be a responsible thing to do.

Battery Capacity

Battery capacity is the product of the current acquired from the battery while it’s still able to supply the energy. When choosing outdoor solar spotlights, battery durability should be one of the most critical concerns.

A long-lasting battery means that your landscape, patio, or driveway stays lit for the required time. Moreover, a higher battery capacity ensures that the charge lasts for a significant amount of time before elapsing. When choosing wireless solar light, a number between 1000 mAh or higher will be of excellent service.

Light Color

How do you prefer your lighting to be? Do you want it cold white or warm? or multicolored? Color is another significant consideration before buying any solar light. Some offer either warm or white while few offer both in the same unit.

I would personally go with a dual-color option because I can change it whenever I want to change the mood of the surrounding. Warm light is best suited for a luxurious and cozy feel while white light is best for brightness.

Comparison of Our Best Picks

Litom Cloaner Linkind
Nekteck UME (with motion sensor) JSOT
Number of LEDs 40 30 32 16 10 10 22
Lumens 1000 800 600 ~650 260 680 700
Battery Capacity 2200mAh (approx) 2200mAh 2200mAh 2200mAh 2200mAh NA 2200mAh
Adjustable Partially Fully Partially Partially Fully Partially Fully
Weatherproof Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Color Different Versions Available Warm & Cold White Warm or Cold White Multicolor Warm or Cold White Cold White White
Max Runtime 25 Hours 12 Hours 25 Hours 12 Hours 10 Hours 10 Hours 8 Hours

Solar Spotlights – Our Best Picks for Outdoor Use

1. LEREKAM 40 LED Waterproof Solar Garden Lights

With 40 LED lights, this is one of the brightest spotlights you will find. I have two of these at my home and I am loving it. The build quality is great, you can use it as an in-ground or a wall-mounted light. With 1000 lumens, Lerekam is super bright.

I have installed these in my garden where they get at least 6 hours of sunlight every day. The solar lights turn on at around 7 in the evening and stay on till 3 AM at least. The brightness dips towards the end though.

With 1000 lumens, these solar spotlights are brightest I’ve seen

LEREKAM is available in different versions, warm white, cool white, blue, etc. I prefer cool white but warm white looks nice too.

There are 3 light modes, each determining the brightness. I have kept it in medium mode if I am not wrong. The angle of the solar panel is adjustable but since the panel and the lights are attached, you will be changing the direction of the spotlights too.

Moreover, this is a long-lasting garden spotlight with an IP55 waterproof rating made of robust high-impact ABS material. Therefore, it can usually work all year round under whatever weather conditions. Apart from solar charging, you can also use a USB cable to charge these outdoor lights making them perfect for lighting your pathways, garden, landscape, patio, or even the driveway.

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Key Features

  • Different color options are available
  • 40 LEDs
  • Super bright (1000 lumens)
  • Supports both Solar and USB charging
  • Easy to install
  • Cheap & affordable


2. LITOM 30 LED Outdoor Solar Landscape Spotlights Pro

Litom is a popular brand in the field of solar lights and I am personally using these spotlights for the last 6 months.  I can definitely say that it is the best solar landscape spotlight in the market. I love the design, brightness, and versatility.

This solar light offers up to 7.44 watts of power output, a good number when it comes to solar spotlights. With this landscape spotlight, you’ll enjoy optimal usability with its high battery capacity. The LITOM 30 LED solar spotlight has a 2200 mAh battery, which is enough and can last you a whole night.

As the name suggests, this solar LED spotlight has 30 LEDs that offer excellent brightness. Moreover, the silver focus light head of this solar spotlight prevents any dust from entering the LEDs. Other than optimal illumination, this landscape also has Warm White and Cold adjustable colors. You can choose from both these dual colors depending on your preferences.

Having a dual-color light is quite useful

You can adjust the light head up to 115 degrees, while the solar panel is 45 degrees adjustable. With such flexibility, you can direct the light panel and solar absorption panel to maximize this device’s usability.

Warm light in low mode

One thing to love about this solar spotlight is that it’s waterproof. Therefore, it can typically perform even under harsh weather conditions. The light has two modes. In low mode, you will get around 12 hours of runtime and the high mode lasts for around 6 hours. At my home, I have different solar lights, including a wall-mounted version but nothing beats Litom in its runtime.

Key Features

  • Dual Mode (warm and cold white)
  • Super bright (800 lumens)
  • Highly adjustable
  • Can be used in different modes
  • The battery lasts a full night


3. Claoner 32 LED Solar Waterproof Spotlights

In the second place, we have the Claoner 32 LED solar waterproof spotlights. It has a total of 600 lumens with a 18650 lithium rechargeable battery. Additionally, it offers you three brightness lighting modes, which always stay on. They include:

• Low light – Lasts you up to 25Hrs
• Medium-light – Lasts you 15Hrs
• High light – Can last up to 8Hrs

These numbers are too good to be true but I am pretty sure the lights stay on for a full night

Additionally, this waterproof solar spotlight comes with a whopping 32 LED lights that offer comprehensive and more evident brightness. Therefore, it’s capable of lighting your garden, patio, or driveway at adequate lengths.

It also has a broader lighting angle that extends up to 150 degrees, while the larger solar panel can adjust up to 90 degrees. These 32 LED solar energized spotlights are not only waterproof but also heatproof.

It’s made of high-impact ABS plastic, hence, capable of functioning under harsh weather conditions.

Key Features

  • Single color (either warm white or cold white)
  • Three brightness lighting modes
  • 32 Bright LEDs
  • The battery lasts up to two full nights


4. Multicolored – Linkind 16 LED Solar Landscaping Lights

For those who would like to have a party effect, this landscaping light is for you. With 16 multicolored LEDs, this solar spotlight from Linkind offers you 9 different color modes. The LEDs are bright and colorful enough for lighting pathways, gardens, patios, porch, and lawns, among other areas.

Like every other light in this list, these too will automatically illuminate the area in question once the natural light is low enough. These outdoor solar spotlights have a 18650, 3.7V lithium battery and a capacity of 2200mAh. Additionally, you’ll get 8 fixed color modes with an additional one being auto changing. This gives you a total of 9 multicolored lighting modes.

You’ll get a wider 90 degrees lighting angle and 90 degrees vertically adjustable bigger monocrystalline silicon solar panel for maximum absorption of the sun’s energy. Since the solar panel is embedded on the light head, you have only one swivel option.

You also have a white color mode, just in case if you need it

As for durability, these landscape lights are built of a leading IP67 waterproof technology that’s made of high-impact ABS plastic material. Therefore, it can withstand all kinds of troubling weather conditions.

You can also find these lights at a cheaper price on their official site

Key Features

  • 12 Multicolored LEDs
  • 8 Fixed color + 1 Auto changing color mode
  • 12 Hours (fixed color mode) and 12 Hours (auto changing mode) – in low mode


6. Nekteck 10 LED Solar Garden Lights

Nekteck features 10 LED lights with 260 lumens in brightness. The advanced lumen capacity enables the solar panel to utilize the sun’s energy for maximum lumen output fully. It has 18500 lithium battery of 3.7V and a capacity of 2200mAh capable of lasting through most of the night.

These garden lights come in two brightness lighting modes, which always stay on and an automatic switch. Each has 10 LED bulbs that offer both high and low working modes, which allow the lights to stay on for 6-10 straight hours after a full productive charge.

You can adjust the solar panel independently

Moreover, it offers you a hassle-free illumination feature that automatically lights up when dusk approaches. There is also the adjustable light and solar panel whereby the former can be adjusted up to 90 degrees, while the latter can adjust up to 180 degrees for maximum solar absorption.

The waterproof level rating is at IP64, which is more than enough to last under the most bizarre weather conditions.

Key Features

  • Large solar panels
  • Highly adjustable
  • Two brightness lighting modes
  • Up to 10 hours runtime


6. UME Solar Motion Sensor Spotlights

These spotlights from UME are not only cool looking but also come with motion sensors. The unique oval styled design makes UME lights stand out from others. A round version of the product is also available, check it out.

This outdoor light features 10 super bright LEDs that provide illumination of up to 680 lumens. Remember, 10 ultra-bright LEDs are better a 50 pale ones. This light can be mounted on the wall or can be inserted into the ground as a landscape light making it ideal for Garden, Yard, Driveway, Porch, Patio, Pathway, Walkway, Pool, or Lawn. However, this spotlight only offers cold white color lighting.

The motion sensor triggers the LEDs when someone passes by

The motion sensor on this spotlight is highly sensitive and has excellent accuracy with 120 degrees detection angle. Moreover, the induction range reach reaches about 10m or 33 feet. If you are particularly looking for a spotlight with motion sensor, this is a no-brainer.

As for durability, the UME motion sensor spotlight has innovative IP65 waterproof technology. It’s made of an ABS material that’s resistant to high-impact scenarios and harsh weather conditions. Therefore, you can use this solar motion sensor spotlight during hot, cold, or terrible weather conditions.

Key Features

  • High accuracy motion sensor
  • Aesthetic look (comes in oval and round variants)
  • Super bright (680 lumens)
  • Up to 10 hours of runtime
  • 2-in-1 versatile function



7. JSOT 22 LED Solar Outdoor Spotlight

JSOT offers a high brightness with a lesser number of LEDs. Its total lumen count is 700 and has a large solar panel with a high charging conversion rate of 19%. Therefore, it charges faster than most competitors in the market.

This solar spotlight comes with a long-lasting lithium rechargeable battery. For optimal brightness, it has 22 LEDs, which only offer white light color for lighting.

When it comes to flexibility, this led the outdoor spotlight to ace the capability. You can adjust the LED solar landscape lights up to 90 degrees. In comparison, the solar panel can be adjusted horizontally at 360 degrees and vertically up to 180 degrees. This offers you sufficient flexibility to light your pathways, landscape, or garage driveway.

Moreover, the JSOT has a waterproof rating of IP65 capable of giving you quality service regardless of any kind of weather condition around. Most reviewers explain that its high charging conversion rate enables it to provide adequate lighting services.

Key Features

  • High charging conversion rate
  • Three brightness lighting modes
  • Good brightness (700 lumens)
  • Highly adjustable


Final Verdict

Now that you’ve seen our best picks, it is time for me to recommend my favorites. If I were to purchase one for myself, I would DEFINITELY go with LEREKAM lights. It has everything I need and it is very much affordable. My previous favorite was Litom but ever since it became increasingly difficult to buy their products, I had to drop them from the top spot. My second preference is Cloaner due to its long runtime. Linkind is a cool-looking product. If you are okay with lower luminosity, you might want to consider it. If you are looking for a budget spotlight, Nekteck is a good one. Biling lights are cool too, I came across them recently.

I would never recommend someone to purchase the old-styled rounded lights. Those lights just won’t look aesthetic.