Ticktime – Pomodoro Countdown Timer

If you want to improve the quality of your life and improve productivity, then you need a time manager. Well, you do not have to hire someone to manage your time. With Ticktime, you have a productivity gadget that helps you to focus on what is important in an efficient way with minimal distractions.

How it Works

Ticktime offers three ways to count time: preset countdown, customized countdown, and start to count. With preset countdown, you do not have to start the countdown again; you only need to flip it. For customized countdown, you have the freedom to set the time the way you want. That means you can do it manually. On the other hand, start to count allows you to start timing from 00:00 up to a maximum of 99:59.

physical time tracker



You know how meditation can help improve your health. However, you have to do it within a given time, and you want to be notified when the time is over with minimal distraction. Thus, this is your perfect physical meditation timer.


You can set Ticktime into silent mode when working or reading in a public place. The feature will remind you when your time is over as flashing light is more friendly than alarm sounds.


You can also add Ticktime into your kitchen. Maybe you are cooking recipes that require accurate timing. In this case, this timer will make you cook like a professional chef and make your cooking time fun and simple.


You can maximize the efficiency of your workout by using Ticktime timer. In fact, it is quite effective when doing high-intensity interval training.


You can make competitive games more exciting and interesting by using start to count mode of this timer. In this way, you can easily determine who a winner is.

Not just limited to these, you can use this gadget for a lot more stuff.


  • Productivity Timer
  • LED Display
  • Inbuilt Speaker
  • Magnetic Surface
  • 6 Preset Countdowns
  • Rechargeable
  • Desk Gadget

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