Vicarko Portable Vacuum Sealer

Vicarko vacuum sealer is designed to save space while maintaining the freshness of the food. It creates an airtight barrier around food and blocks oxygen and moisture. In this way, it locks flavors in and extends freshness. The fact that it locks nutrients and keeps food fresh, it means your food can stay fresh up to five times longer. With this vacuum sealer, you will no longer have to deal with soggy, wilting, gritty vegetables, and fruits. Not just limited to food, you can also compress clothes so that you can carry more stuff in your luggage. Unlike food, clothes won’t be kept fresh lol!



Note: This sealer requires special plastic bags with an air valve

Key Features

Simple and Convenient Operation

Vicarko portable vacuum sealer is super easy to use. Turn it on and press it hard against the plastic bag and press the button, that’s all. The simplified vacuum removes the air and automatically seals with only a press of a button. The whole operation shouldn’t take you more than a minute.

Vicarko vacuum sealer

Multiple Uses

This vacuum sealer is quite versatile. It is perfect for everyday use with cheeses, deli meats, and refrigerated foods. You can use it to portion out meals for the entire week. Moreover, it is suitable for camping, hiking, picnics, and fishing. To be frank, this sealer is a good travel accessory too. When you don’t have space in your luggage, you can easily compress any plastic bags (with clothes inside) and save some space.

Easy Storage

Being a handheld device, it means you can comfortably store it in a kitchen drawer. Also, its portability makes it easy to use. You can even carry it to your camping or hiking trips for easy use.

Safe to Use

This vacuum sealer is made of the quality and layered BPA-free material. That means it does not have harmful chemicals that are likely to contaminate your food. Thus, you can have peace of mind knowing your food is safe.

Costing well under $30, this portable vacuum sealer is a good add on to your kitchen. Since it is so small, you can take it with you around, especially when you travel. Also, don’t forget to use it when your luggage is full. By compressing some clothes, you can save some space.


  • Portable
  • Keeps Food Fresh
  • Saves Space
  • Automatic Vacuum Creation

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4.5 / 5 Ratings

Editor's QuoteThis handy vacuum sealer is a good add on to your kitchen
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