In the past few years, modular panel lights have been ‘the talk of the town’ when dealing with internal lighting. They’re slowly gathering popularity, and one reason for this is that they are aesthetically pleasing.

Modular panel lights come in independent designs, which are composed of enticing high-tech features. Among them is the usage of apps and cloud operation to control light settings. While there are many such modular lights, the good ones are only a handful. One of them is Nanoleaf lights.

Problem with Nanoleaf Lights

I 100% agree that Nanoleaf produces some of the highest quality lights and offers excellent customer support. They have a variety of options based on your needs. But the biggest problem with them is the COST. Nanoleaf lights are very very expensive, at least when you compare them with similar lights on Aliexpress! Except for customer support and slightly better quality, why would you pay $150 for a product that is available for $80 on Amazon?

nanoleaf hexagonal panels
Nanoleaf Hexagon Panels, my hands-on experience at CES 2020

So, in this article, I have hand-picked 5 of the best alternatives to Nanoleaf lights. These lights are not some cheap-ass products. They are in fact, manufactured by different, not-so-popular brands but with great reviews. I have tried to find an alternative to every variant of Nanoleaf products. If you have any other recs, let me know in the comment section.

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1. Lifesmart Hexagon Wall Kit

Lifesmart has numerous products in their catalog whose primary purpose is to beautify your home through lighting. These modular lights are one of their popular ones.

Instant voice and app control feature is the central nervous system of this kit’s smart properties. It comes with a dedicated phone app, can be controlled over wifi. Supporting google home, Alexa, Cortana and apple homekit, this kit is definitely one of the most versatile in the market. You can control the color of the light as well as the intensity of brightness through the Cololight app.

This kit comes in two versions; Plus and Pro. Plus version is compatible with an array of devices such as Apple Homekit and Alexa Assistant. On the other hand, the pro version is somehow limited by the number of devices it is compatible with. It only supports Google and Alexa assistant.

Have you ever danced to the rhythmic light waves rather than music? Well, if no, these lights convert your music into animations- the lights can change depending on the type of music you are playing. Using the Cololight app, you can intelligently sync the kit with the music you are playing, be it from games or parties.

These are the perfect alternatives to Nanoleaf’s hexagonal lights

Main Features

  • RGB Changeable Color
  • Smart, i.e works with Alexa, Google Home, Smartphone App, etc
  • More modular blocks can be added later
  • Can Sync with Music
  • Wall mountable
  • Supports up to 225 panels for complex patterns

You can also buy different variations of this light here (use COLOLIGHT-GFORGADGET to get a 5% discount)


2. Govee Hexa Pro 3D Hexagon Light Panels

Govee is another popular brand in this industry. They have a wide range of modular lights in different shapes and sizes. Their rope lights, beams and hexagonal panels are the most popular. I checked out their products during Consumer Electronics Show CES2022 and was quite impressed by how bright and feature-packed they are.

Govee recently released their 3D light panels, hexagonal in shape, wall mounted. The Govee Glide Hexa Pro panels are RGBIC 3D panels.

RGBIC – RGB + a built-in independent chip. It is far superior to RGB lights as you can display multiple colors and are super bright.

If you are not a fan of the 3D look, choose their traditional hex panels. Great product, has amazing reviews on Amazon. Both these versions are smart lights. They support music sync, WiFi connection, Google Home, Alexa and whatnot.

Govee Traditional Hexagonal Lights

Main Features

  • RGBIC panels
  • Smart lights. Works with Alexa, Google Home, Smartphone App, etc
  • Can Sync with Music
  • Wall mountable
  • 38 Different scene modes
  • Soft Backlight
  • Supports up to 25 modular blocks


3. 8WASAI Triangle RGB Light

8WASAI RGB lights are available in small triangular panels which are connected to each other via a magnetic strip. Though you can connect as many panels as you wish, it’s advisable you use multiple USBs for efficiency.

Experts suggest that every nine panels use a single USB. The rode conducts power from the USB input to the panels. The unit has an arsenal of buttons responsible for switching it on and off, adjusting effects, and changing color. These control features set the light according to your preferences.

These panels look like they are Nanoleaf knockoffs because Nanoleaf has a very similar triangular lights kit. But the good thing is that these are much cheaper than the latter.

Suppose you are stressed up or tired, light up your room with green light- the color green has magical healing effects. On the other hand, try red if you are up for a fantastic romantic session with your lover.

Entertainment is also another way 8 WASAI finds itself holding a multipurpose sticker which it colorfully defends. You can use the lights to produce animated symphonies. Using the Rhythm Starter Kit, animate your song’s rhythms into visual symphonies of color produced by the kit.

These lights are smart too. They come with a smartphone app and directly connect to wifi. Also, the lights support google home and Alexa for voice-based controls.

Very similar in design, these lights are the best Nanoleaf aurora alternative

Main Features

  • Modular, Customizable Design
  • Smartphone App
  • Voice assistant and Wifi support
  • RGB Colors
  • Sound sync
  • Up to 18 triangle panels can be used under one controller


4. Govee Glide Y Lights

I recently had my hands on these Y lights from Govee and totally fell in love with them. Unlike any of their previous modular lights, the Glide RGBIC Y lights feature a metallic surface that makes the blocks look so aesthetic even when the lights are off. These are good alternatives to Nanoleaf Lines.

Goove RGBic YLights

Since these are modular lights, you can connect multiple of them together to make different, complex shapes and styles.

Goove Y Lights RGB


  • DIY Mode
  • Visualize Your Audio
  • 40+ Scene Modes
  • Smart App: Music modes, scenes, daily scheduling
  • Voice/App Control


5. Lifesmart Hexagon TableTop Kit

Tabletop version is another special unit from Lifesmart with elegant properties. It is specially equipped for decorative purposes due to the number of panels the kit has. It has 12 small panels (can be increased as per needs) which you can arrange and form a nice-looking pattern, be it a star or love.

How about some little tech? The set used high-tech features and apps like Cololight. This app supports voice commands and a generous selection of remote settings. Also, just like the wall mountable version, this supports google assistant and Amazon Alexa. So, you can set smart operations, schedules and voice controls. When you’re sleepy, just use the voice commands to switch off the lights. How comfortable is that?

Like Lifesmart wall kit version, you can sync this kit with music. Still using the Cololight app and the phone mike, the Kit can intelligently set itself to align its lights with music rhythms.

Main Features

  • Modular, Customizable Design
  • Smartphone App
  • Voice assistant and Wifi support
  • RGB Changeable Colors
  • Sound sync
  • Supports up to 225 panels for complex patterns


6. Govee Glide Smart LED Wall Light Bar

I know this is the third Govee product on this list. Govee didn’t sponsor us or anything. They have a variety of lights that are high quality and affordable. So, it makes them a direct competitor to Nanoleaf.

Main Features

  • Smart Lights
  • RBG Independent Control (Rainbow Flow)
  • Modular Bars
  • Multicolor Customizable & Music Sync
  • 6 Music Modes

7. Amailtom Modular LED Wall Light

As one of the cheapest modular LED wall lights on the market, this interior lighting set has very many attractive properties. Each module has proximity sensors that respond to your presence in two ways; the closer you are to the lamp, the brighter it becomes and vice versa.

Its hexagonal design allows you to create different shapes on the wall depending on your DIY skills. This beautifies and turns your home into an artwork studio. You can connect as many panels as you wish and with them form unlimited patterns.

Using your hands, touch on the panels that you want them to switch off, leaving a pattern of lit panels. Lastly, use this method to change patterns as you wish.

The two versions of Amailtom white and RGB have earned it numerous uses. I would personally choose RGB version but if you are a fan of of white light, choose the former one. These wall mounts can be used anywhere, including laundry rooms, nurseries, and restaurants. You can also use this as a bedside lamp in your kids’ room.

Please note: This light does not support google home or Alexa or any type of smart operations

Main Features

  • Modular blocks
  • RGB and white only versions are available
  • Touch sensor
  • Customizable patterns


8. LIFX Beam Seamless Light Module

LIFX is a popular brand and they have a dedicated smartphone app for their products. Their cloud feature lets you control Beam’s settings from remote locations. But for you to use this feature, download LIFX iOS or android apps which you will connect to the beam via Wi-Fi. It is also compatible with Google Home, Alexa, Apple Homekit and whatnot.

Are you having a terrible day, and would you like something to soothe you? This beam has a wide range of color combinations that will give you the comfort you want. Choose any color from the 16 million colors available.

As fabulous and functional wall art, LIFX has various customizable zones you can imaginatively create and bring to life with the beam. The different tones of light customize your room into various conditions to fit that particular function. If you want to get some office work done very fast, increase the brightness. LIFX has a color temperature range of 2500K to 9000K.

Main Features

  • Modular blocks
  • RGB Color
  • Temperature range 2500K to 9000K
  • Smartphone app
  • Supports Alexa, Google Home, etc
  • IFTTT Support


Final Words

There you have it, the best Nanoleaf alternatives on the market. If I were to choose one for myself, I would go with Lifesmart’s Wall Mounted hex lights because they are smart, elegant and highly customizable. My second preference would be the Govee Hexagonal lights, great quality but a bit expensive. If you have any recommendations or feedback, let me know in the comment section.