With increased reliance on technology, students and business persons own different kinds of gadgets. For instance, you will find yourself relying on laptops, cameras, mobile phones, tablets, iPhones, among other devices. Even more, you might need these gadgets all through, which means finding a safe and effective way to carry them along, given their delicate nature.

Though there are lots of bags available for you to use, I would recommend purchasing an all in one tech backpack. Such a bag should pay attention to features aimed at ensuring the safety of the gadgets while offering easy access. Let’s have a brief look at the features your backpack is supposed to integrate and the ten best bags for gadgets in 2020.

How to choose the best tech backpack – features to consider:

  1. Multiple compartments

A good backpack should integrate multiple pockets. The reason behind this is to ensure easy organization of different accessories. For instance, get a bag that includes a padded laptop sleeve and iPad/Tablet sleeve to secure such gadgets. If you are a photographer, you might want to get a bag that includes compartments tailor-made for photography items. Extra pockets are also suitable when you want to organize extra belonging without interfering with the safety of your gadgets.

  1. Padded pockets

The best backpack for gadgets should include cushioned interior pockets. After all, do not forget that mishandling the stored devices can result in breakage. So, buy a backpack with padded sleeves to safeguard your gadgets from shock and bumps.

  1. Anti-theft features

You do not want to risk the safety of your devices, more importantly, knowing how expensive these gadgets can be. For that reason, get a backpack that includes antitheft features. Also, opt for a pack that allows you to use locks, and one with durable zippers.

  1. Waterproof materials

Also, a good and high-quality backpack for gadgets should be made using waterproof materials. This is based on the fact that heavy rain or showers can catch up with you, and you do not want to damage your gadgets with rainwater. So, get a bag that keeps the water in its place.

  1. Padded carry straps

Last but not least, opt for a backpack with padded and adjustable shoulder straps. Laptops and cameras can be heavy at times, and you do not want to get uncomfortable when carrying them. So, opt for a bag with padded straps for easy carrying. The straps should also allow you to adjust them so that different users can carry them comfortably.

Let’s dive right into our picks

1. PGYTECH OneMo Tech Backpack

Starting off our review, we have the OneMo Backpack from Pgytech. Designed for drone and photography enthusiasts, it includes features that will meet the preferences and requirements of these groups. For instance, the shoulder bag is made using water-resistant material. For that reason, you can use it in all weather conditions without the fear of damaging your equipment in the rain and showers.

Better, it includes a built-in rain cover. The benefit of this is the ability to take it out into the rain, knowing that water won’t leak into it during heavy showers. The gadget backpack includes several pockets for self-organization. Among these is one RFID security pocket, or rather, an antitheft compartment. Equipped with lockable zippers, you can use this pocket for passports, cards, money, wallets, phones, and other valuables.

Second, there are three dedicated pockets for camera batteries. The pockets feature charge level indicators to protect you from grabbing dead cells. Moreover, the bag includes a customizable compartment. Using the DIY dividers, you can arrange the main compartment in any configuration so that it can meet your travel needs.

The 5L expandable storage on the back and compressible storage space in the front are other additions. These accommodate photography equipment and daily necessities to guarantee easy access. Better, there is a built-in expandable sling bag. The bag should be carried using the separate shoulder strap, which means_ more options to carry your essentials. Designed with comfort in mind, the gadget bag features soft cushioning, air tunnels, and mesh design for comfort and breathability. I wrote a hands-on review OneMo a while ago, you can find it here

Highlighted features

  • 25 Liter storage capacity.
  • Scratch and tear-resistant polyester fiber material.
  • Foldable dividers for easy customization of the compartments


2. Peak Design Everyday Backpack

Are you a professional photographer looking for the best gadget backpack to suit your career? If that is the case, the Peak Design Backpack is meant for you. Featuring an expandable design, it offers 20liters of storage so that it can accommodate a full-frame DSLR camera body and up to 4 lenses. Better, the bag includes three Flexfold dividers that protect the lenses, drones, and cameras.

backpack for gadgets

A protected laptop sleeve is another addition. It holds laptops up to 16″ with safety assurance. Better, the backpack features a waterproof 400D nylon canvas shell. The benefit of this is unmatched durability while protecting your gadgets from water during heavy rain and light showers. The bag incorporates MagLatch hardware for secure top access. Also, it includes DWR impregnated and poly-coated premium weatherproof zippers. The zippers allow for secure access while protecting the stored items from falling out.

Featuring a dual side-body access design, this bag guarantees easy access to anything contained in it. Moreover, there are external carry straps that let you carry a tripod, coat, and other gear. An axial shoulder strap is another addition that allows the bag to conform to the user. Besides that, a removable sternum strap and hidden waist strap offer a comfortable carrying experience.

Something else that makes this bag one of the best gadget bags is that it is roller compatible. Hence, it acts as an excellent choice for carrying luggage. Besides that, it includes exterior and sub-divided interior pockets for carrying pens, memory cards, filters, batteries, among other small items.

Highlighted features

  • Weatherproof exterior zippers conceal the stored items.
  • Full-length dual zippers for easy compartments access.
  • FlexFold dividers offer multiple options to organize gear.


3. XD Design Bobby XL 17″ Anti-Theft Gadget Backpack

If you are on a budget and looking for an affordable gadget backpack, I would recommend the XD Design Anti-theft Laptop Backpack. Featuring an anti-theft design, it includes hidden zippers, hidden pockets, a cut-proof protection board, and protective layers. Also, the backpack is designed to guarantee your safety in the dark. The reason is the illuminating safety stripes that enhance visibility in the dark.

bobby original backpack

You can use this backpack to carry a laptop and a Tablet. To support this, the bag includes a laptop compartment that holds 17″ laptops and a tablet compartment designed for 9.7″ tablets. Better, there is a USB charging port that charges your phone on the go. Designed for use in all weather conditions, this bag features a water-repellent polyester fabric. Moreover, it features a 15liter capacity to accommodate a range of items.

Highlighted features

  • No-access front for safety.
  • Integrated USB port for charging phones.
  • Anti-shock foam and protective layers safeguard your gadgets against impact.


4. KORIN Design FlexPack Pro Anti-Theft Travel Backpack

A practical and convenient storage solution when looking for the best tech backpack that combines comfort, security, beauty, storage, and convenience is Korin Design FlexPack Anti-Theft Travel Backpack. It features a spacious capacity and a partial opening so that you can store a 15.6″ laptop and 10″Ipad.

best gadget backpacks

Additionally, there is a bottom storage and integrated pouch to offer more room for storage. An expandable thermal insulation pouch is another addition that collapses easily to clear up room for internal storage. You can take advantage of the 2.0USB charging port to charge your phone or power bank on the go. Better an output water-resistant cover LED light indicator lets you know the status of the charging devices.

cool backpack flexpack

The backpack bears a maximum load of up to 50kgs. It includes explosion-proof YKK double-layer zippers to enhance safety. With the retractable steel wire lock and triple anti-theft protection, the backpack is a perfect choice when safety is concerned. Asides that, the pack integrates a magnetic chest strap that helps to reduce stress and enhance comfort to the user.

KORIN Design FlexPack is made using water-resistant materials to keep the water out. The bag adopts a unique cutting edge technology resulting in a simple yet stylish gadget backpack. Featuring a dark grey color, you can carry it during casual and official duties. Plus, the bag includes a variety of compartments, including an expandable thermal insulation pouch and side pockets for easy organization.

Highlighted features

  • Upgraded padded structure for the safety of stored gadgets.
  • A hidden combination lock secures the stored items.
  • Side pockets and insulation storage for better organization.


5. Duo 20 Liter Camera Backpack

Whether you are a commuter, traveler, or photographer looking for the best backpack for gadgets, I would recommend the Duo 20liter backpack. Equipped with a 20-liter capacity, it offers sufficient room to organize cords, a hard drive, gym clothes, glasses, a camera, 15″ laptop, and up to 4 lenses. Asides that, there is a pop camera cube.

backpack for tech You can use the versatile cube to separate the camera from other equipment for its safety. Another plus of the backpack is the infinite zipper access. Using this feature, you can put the equipment in and take it out without scratching or dragging. Furthermore, a hidden compartment allows for secure storage of valuable items such as passports, money, cards, among others.

Highlighted features

  • Padded expansion pockets keep equipment safe.
  • Waterproof fabric keeps water out.
  • Padded carry straps guarantee user comfort.
  • Lots of compartments for easy organization.


Key Takeaways

The gadget backpacks reviewed in this article can help you carry your drone, DSLR camera, laptop, and other small electronic devices. The fact that they are constructed using waterproof materials means that you do not have to worry about the rain damaging your devices. Also, the different compartments offer room to organize different gadgets and accessories. So, buy either of the reviewed backpacks and be sure to carry different devices comfortably and securely. If I were to choose one for myself, I would go with either Peak Design 20L version or OneMo backpack.

If you have any other recommendation, let me know in the comment section below and I will be happy to check it out and may be include it on this list.