KiiPix – Portable Photo Printer

Kiipix is a printer that can instantly print photos from your smartphone. This gadget uses no batteries, works without wifi or Bluetooth connection, and it is totally wireless. These make KiiPix a versatile, easy to use photo printer.

This smartphone printer makes use of your phone to get the image information. All you have to do is open the image on your phone (with sufficient brightness), put the phone on the top of Kiipix so its lens could pick up the image information, then print it. As easy as that. The only thing this camera needs is the Fujifilm instax mini film on which the photo will be printed.

Share favorite moments with friends by creating a personalized card or gift with KiiPix prints. Whether it’s a special birthday card or a creative collage, KiiPix lets you make unique pieces that friends will be able to treasure long after their special day

From your smartphone to a photo in minutes. Open up your KiiPix, place your phone on top, push the button and turn the crank. The picture rolls out and you have a forever memory to keep or share! The only hard part will be choosing which pictures you want to print.

This smartphone accesory is perfect for those who love instant photos. Since it requires no electricity nor wifi connection, you can easily use it anywhere around the world.


  • Instant Printing
  • Uses Fujifilm Instax Mini Film
  • Battery-Free
  • Wireless
  • No Bluetooth of Wifi Needed

Editor's Rating
4.5 / 5 Ratings

Editor's QuoteI was amazed how easy it is to use this gadget. No batteries, no wifi, no wires.... It is so hassle free.
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