Fingertip 800x Zoom Microscope – Cheapest microscope for Smartphones


Tiny, light, easy to use, optical performance comparable to professional desktop microscope, while affordable to every budget.

Fingertip Microscope is one of the smallest microscopes in the world that could be used with your smartphone. This is exactly like a smartphone lens but the main feature is the 800 times zoom. Using this portable microscope, you can see almost any minute particles which are not at all possible to capture, just by our naked eyes.


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This 800x Smartphone Microscope costs just $30

Here are some micrographs that were taken with iMicro (phone is iPhone 7):

 Key features of iMicro

  • Extremely high magnification: up to 800x

When used with smartphone, it can observe, for example, at full view the apical bud L.S. at a magnification of ~100x, and then in detail up to 800x magnification.

  • Very low distortion

A grid calibration target was used to test the distortion. Even in full view at the edge of the visual field, no obvious distortion was observed.

  •  Very high resolution

The USAF 1951 resolution test chart was used to test the resolution of iMicro on an iPhone 7. The intervals between the finest test bars are 2.19 micrometer. The finest test bars on the 7th group are clearly seen and this indicates its resolution is far beyond that.

Based on this optical performance test, iMicro has excellent optical performance, definitely comparable to a desktop compound microscope.

A stem of xylophytadicotylendon T.S. was observed under iMicro as well as a desktop microscope Motic DMB-1223 (price ~2200USD for microscope + 500USD for camera attachment). No obvious difference was observed as shown in a side-by-side comparison.

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