Moft Z Laptop Stand

MOFT, a company that produces foldable stands for smartphones and laptops is coming up with a new product called MOFT Z. It is a multipurpose stand that can accommodate your laptop, tablet or smartphone, it is kinda universal.

Like their previous products, MOFT Z is fully foldable that folds down to the size of a notebook. It fits in your backpack so you can carry it around easily.

MOFT Z also has a standing mode option where the height of the stand expands to a point where you can stand and work on your laptop. Even though it looks thin and weak, it can hold your MacBook or any 15-inch laptop easily and securely. MOFT Z is equipped with magnetic straps for firm connections.

This stand is expected to be launched in February 2020 on Kickstarter and it may be priced at around $50 which is totally worth its features. There are 3 color options, orange, blue and silver.


  • Standing Mode
  • Supports Laptops, Tablets and Phones
  • Magnetic Straps

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4.7 / 5 Ratings

Editor's QuoteThe features of MOFT Z outweighs its price


Moft Z Laptop Stand


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