Midland LXT630VP3 – 30 Mile Long Range Walkie Talkie

Why do you need a Walkie Talkie when you have a Smartphone? Hmmm, the main reason to have a Walkie Talkie is for communication in areas where the cell phone connectivity is poor or in an industry where people are located far from each other and there needs to be a constant message transfer between them. Walkie Talkie comes in a variety of options based on the signal range, frequency, battery life, ruggedness and more.


It is always good to carry a pair of Walkie Talkie while are on an outdoor adventure

If you are looking for a super long-range walkie talkie that does not cost much, you should try the Midland LXT630VP3 walkie talkie that has a maximum distance coverage of around 30 miles which is equal to 48 kilometers which is just crazy. It is to be noted that the range depends largely on the line of sight. So, if there are terrains around you or thick forest, you are unlikely to get a range of 30 miles. These two-way long range walkie talkies come with AAA rechargeable batteries.

The digital display on the gadget should be very useful. Some of the reviews on Amazon say that LXT630VP3 model has good audio quality, an average battery backup. They also say that the 30 miles range is a bit misleading. Know more about the product from the review video below.


  • 30 Mile Range
  • Weather Scanner + Alert System
  • 121 CTCSS Privacy Codes
  • Rugged Design

Editor's Review
4.5 / 5 Ratings

Editor's QuoteCosting well under $50, this Walkie Talkie is a must have for outdoor enthusiasts
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