Zendure Passport II Pro Travel Adapter Review

Zendure, a company known for its rugged power banks and innovative travel adapters has come up with a new product. It is a successor to its Passport Pro travel adapter but with a ton of added features. Meet Zendure Passport II Pro, the best universal travel adapters on the market. You’ll know why it is the best as you go through this post.

Zendure Travel Adapter Review

Unlike many other travel adapters, Passport 2 Pro offers Power Delivery (simply put, fast charging capability)  at 61W which is the highest ever to be offered by a travel adapter. Its sleek design, smooth sliders and auto-resetting fuse are some of the most impressive features of this adapter. We shall see everything in detail in this review.

Design & Build Quality

In terms of design, Passport 2 stands out from any other travel adapters on the market. It has a sleek design, rounded edges and corners. My most favorite part is the stripes on its sides. It is not only aesthetics but also fidgety.

The sliding knobs are so smooth that you feel like throwing out your ugly old travel adapter after using it. The retractable plugs can be accessed with one hand which is very convenient to have. Also, the press and release action makes the plugs stay in place even if you put pressure from the opposite end. So once you lock the plugs, you can only retract is back by pressing the slider and pulling it back. Even though this feature seems subtle, it is extremely helpful.

Passport 2 Pro comes in two colors, black and white. It is 20% smaller than its older version (Passport 30W). Let us now look at the ports and plugs on Zendure Passport II Pro.

On the front-facing side, the adapter features three main types of inlets but it takes in 11 different types of plugs (type A, B, C, E, F, G, I, J, K, L and N). In short, you can use any device from any country in the world.

On the back, we have three types of outlets. Mainly they are US/AU style, UK style and EU style. Technically the ports are type A, B, C, D, E, F, G, I, J, K, L, N and O. Again, these plugs are compatible throughout the world.

On the right side, we have a USB C port with 61W Power Delivery capability. It is particularly for fast charging purposes for smartphones, laptops, etc. Even though it can drive up to 61W, you can use the port to charge any USB C device (no, the device won’t be damaged). Technically, this PD port offers 20.3 volts at 3 A current. So the total power is 20.3 * 3 = 60.9 W.

On the left side, we have three sliding knobs for the three types of plugs as I discussed above. These sliders are buttery smooth and is held in place with its locking mechanism.

On the bottom, we have three USB ports and one USB C port. The max current rating is 2.4 A. There is a blue LED indicator to show whether the adapter is receiving power from the outlet.

Passport 2 Pro can simultaneously charge/power 6 devices


In this section, we will see some of the coolest and most useful features of Zendure Passport 2. These unique features make this travel adapter better than any other on the market.

61W USB C Power Delivery

With a dedicated USB C power delivery port, Passport 2 Pro can deliver up to 61W of power to your devices. This is particularly helpful when you are charging your smartphone (that supports fast charging) or your laptop with USB C charging.

The adapter uses GaN technology that offers more power in less space

If your laptop supports USB-C charging, you will never need to carry your laptop charger with you. This 61W of power can easily charge your laptop directly from the electric outlet. On the flip side, 61W of power is low for most laptops so it might take longer for the laptop to get fully charged.

PD port output tested using TopGreener smart plug

As far as I know, Passport 2 Pro is the only travel adapter that offers PD charging beyond 60W

Universal Compatibility

This is the most important aspect when it comes to a travel adapter. Luckily, Zendure II Pro works throughout the world be it in Asia, Europe, America, or whatever. Simply put, you can plug any device into any electrical port in the entire world. This lets you travel light since you don’t have to carry multiple chargers or converters.

Can Power up to 6 Devices Simultaneously

With 3 USB ports, 2 USB C ports and the main power outlet, you can plug in 6 different devices to power them simultaneously. Do you know the main advantage of this? No need for a power strip or USB hub.

Think closely, when you travel, you will carry your smartphone charger, laptop charger and of course, a travel adapter. But with Passport 2 Pro, you don’t need anything but charging cables. You can simultaneously charge your smartphone (using USB or type C port), laptop (with USB C port), smartwatch (USB port), camera (power outlet) and you still have two more free ports.

Compact & Lightweight Design

Weighing around 50 grams, this universal travel adapter is extremely convenient to carry around. It can fit in your backpack, sling bag, travel bag, and even in your pocket! Also, since you don’t need to carry your device chargers, you are saving some space to pack in more clothes.

10A Auto-Resetting Fuse

Passport 2 Pro adapter has a 10A auto-resetting fuse that safeguards your devices from overcurrent. By using bimetallic thermal sensor, Zendure has developed this auto-resetting fuse that does not require to be replaced like a single-use fuse.

To give you a brief idea of how it works, assume you have a power tool (say electric saw machine) that requires more than 3000W. The electric saw tries to pull 3000W from this adapter but Passport II can only drive up to 2500W. This may damage the adapter (even the saw in rare cases). When this type of overload happens, the fuse present in the adapter automatically goes off and resets back after a minute or so. Even though overload is a rare occurrence, it can definitely happen when you are using power tools. Thus, having an auto-resetting fuse is super helpful.

My Experience with Passport II Pro

I have been using this adapter for a week now and I can confidently say it is AMAZING. Until now, inCharge 6 was my favorite travel companion but from now on, this adapter is definitely my first pick when I start packing my bags. I am saying this because of the convenience it offers to travelers. Until recently, I was using a USB C charger on top of a travel adapter to charge my Oneplus 6 and now I just need Passport 2 Pro and a charging cable. One thing I can’t comment on is the sliders. With time, it may become rough based on the usage.

Final Verdict

I can’t stress enough how useful this adapter is. With so many impressive features, Passport 2 Pro offers convenience at the highest level. After using the product for a week now, I have already added it to my favorite list. I think everyone needs a travel adapter like this, not just those who travel frequently. Costing well under $50, Zendure Passport 2 Pro is worth every penny in my opinion. Highly recommended.


  • Universal Compatibility
  • 61W USB C Power Deliver Port
  • 10A Auto Resetting Fuse
  • Simultaneously Power 6 Devices
  • Super Lightweight and Compact
  • Sleek and Aesthetic Design

Editor's Rating
4.9 / 5 Ratings

Editor's QuoteIf I write a post on best travel gadgets, this adapter will occupy the #1 position