Motorcycle owners understand that owning these classic vehicles comes with tremendous responsibility. You must take good care of your motorcycle, keep it well-oiled and ensure its properly maintained. One of the essential aspects of keeping your bike in the best condition possible is not about how you use it; it is about how you store it. Today, there are many types of storage sheds available in the market for your motorcycle. The problem is that they all claim to be better than the competitors and best in the market. But luckily, we have done extensive research, and review for the best motorcycle storage sheds for you so that you can easily choose the best when you go out for shopping.

These are our top picks of the best motorcycle sheds

1. KETER Manor 4×6 Resin Outdoor Motorcycle Storage Shed

outdoor motorcycle storage KETER Manor 4×6 outdoor bike storage is among the best motorbike storage sheds in the market currently because it does not only protect against the weather but also thieves and pests. The bike storage shed is made from polypropylene resin plastic and steel-reinforced to ensure durability and ruggedness.  The shed is weather-resistant, waterproof and UV protected so you can use it outdoors in rain or snow. This outdoor motorcycle shed has a very good rating with hundreds of reviews. You can definitely go ahead with this without a second thought.


2. Car Capsule BB8F 8′ Indoor Bike Shed

Car Capsule BB8F 8′ Indoor Premium Bike Capsule features a bubble made of a PVC, a synthetic plastic polymer. The base is resistant to mechanical tears and is flame retardant. More so, the base of this bubble will not be affected by conventional motorbike fluids such as gasoline and oil. The storage bubble is about eight feet; hence, it has plenty of big room in storage. It uses a high-pressure fan to put the air within the bubble to prevent condensation.


3. The Bike Shield Standard Motorcycle Shelter/Cover

Most of the motorbike enthusiasts can sacrifice anything to keep their bikes safe and well maintained.  The Bike Shield Standard (Medium) Motorcycle Shelter is one of the best products in the market as it comes with a video and clear instructions for easy and fast setup. The shelter is also volatile to use for multiple purposes such as cover unit, motorbike garage, bike shed, or tent. Its material is sturdy and waterproof featuring a heavy-duty polyurethane coating on the inner side of the fabric to protect the motorbike from scratches and damages. The ventilation windows help to reduce dehumidification inside the storage shed.


4.  Happybuy Motorcycle Shelter Storage 

At first sight, Happybuy Motorcycle Shelter Storage seems like a basic motorcycle cover to protect your bike from dust and water. However, its high quality, durability, ease of installation, and innovation makes it worth your attention. First, the motorbike shed features an Oxford fabric cover that is PU coated and comes with steel tubes. It is also completely waterproof, has a ventilation window, and protects your vehicle from external damage. The metal frame can be fixed permanently using concrete or used as a movable unit.


5. Zerust Rust Protection Motorcycle Storage Cover 

By using Zerust Rust Protection Motorcycle Storage Cover, you can be sure that your bike is well protected. The cover is water-resistant, rust-inhibiting non-toxic and odorless. This zip model encloses your whole bike hence efficient even in cold and humid locations. The unit measures 45 inches by 70 inches thus sufficiently spacious.

A similar rain cover but much cheaper:  All Season Black Waterproof Cover

6. XYZCTEM Motorcycle Cover 

This outdoor bike cover is designed with a universal fit-XXXL Large material to fit up to ninety-nine percent standard-sized bikes in the market up to 116 inches. The material is made of Oxford material that makes it waterproof and enables it to protect your motorcycle against rain, UV rays, dust, heat, and inclement weather. It also features a windproof buckle and locks holes to keep it intact in incidents of strong winds.


7. EZ Shed 70188 Barn Style Instant Framing Kit

If you are looking for a motorcycle storage shed that is permanent and durable to keep your bike without it being affected by external factors, you will like this product. EZ Shed 70188 Barn Style Instant Framing Kit is an inexpensive and high-quality framing kit that you can customize in regards to your needs.  It features 12 galvanized steel base plates and 40 steel angle brackets that are rustproof and so you don’t have to worry if you are from humid areas. The product comes with detailed plans such as cut lists, entire material lists, and well-detailed instructions and images to help you install it with ease.

Key Takeaways

We have thoroughly reviewed these motorcycle storage sheds and a lot of information about them. As you have observed, these products vary in materials, weight, mobility, portability, and more.  Metal sheds provide the most secure and are more robust against the environmental elements. Of course, it could be a turnoff because it requires purchasing or building a floor, but it’s definitely the better way of providing security for your investment. However, if you know your backyard or float yard is continuously being decorated, or you can’t decide that a specific part be occupied by the motorbike shed, then the best option is probably the mobile models. When you go out shopping, choose the bike tent that suits your needs best.


This post has been updated on March 15, 2020