Gazepad Pro – Wireless Charging Mouse Pad

$45.00 $39.00

Gazepad Pro is a intelligently designed wireless charging mouse pad. The designers have carefully catered the product that fits every requirements of the end users. The 3 coil system enhances the charging area. Dual charging port has been provided so that end users can have the convenient  placements. This product eliminates the hassles caused by lack of desk space and comes with some attractive colors.

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Wireless Charging Mouse Pad

The GAZEPAD PRO is a 2 in1 mouse pad and a wireless charging spot for your Apple or Android devices. It is highly recommended for users with lack of space by using wireless charger and mouse pad separately as well as users who need a clean desk area for a more comfortable workplace.


  • Mouse Pad + Wireless Charging
  • Apply 3 Wireless Charging Coils
  • Sleek but elegant design
  • Two Type-C Charging Port
  • smooth leather feeling PU material in 4 colors (black, brown, grey, midnight blue)
  • Decent finish by adding a stitch to a smooth leather PU material
  • Protection from scratches and provides stable surface for steady charging with an improved mouse precision
  • Non-slip base keeps mouse pad firmly in place


Typical wireless charging mouse pad has a single coil, while GAZEPAD PRO has 3 coils provides a wider range of wireless charging. Simply drop Apple/Android devices on the pad will do it.


GAZEPAD PRO adoptes a universal USB Type-C port and includes additional USB Type-C port on the side for the convenience of the users using it vertically. GAZEDESK enhances user experience by offering USB Type-A port without distinction of the front and the rear.


Gazepad pro is available in 4 colors – Black / Grey / Brown / Mid night Blue. Choose the one that fits your needs.

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