My primary aim to get this lens kit was to get a different perspective from my smartphone camera and I think it perfectly fits my expectation. I personally love taking macro photos of flowers, insects and pretty much everything. The lenses are perfectly packed, no scratches, no impurities inside, nothing.


Perfect for me, I would take the macro lens everywhere. My previous macro lens was good but not as good as this one. This lens gives me an advantage of the wide macro area while taking photos whereas my older lens gave me a narrow spot. So far the Macro lens is the best among all.



The telephoto lens is good too but the main problem is that it’s not steady and that is expected with zoom. So if you are good at using a tripod for this telephoto lens, its the best combination I can say. PS: A free mini tripod stand is also included in the package. The zoom is good, I could see objects at least 200 feet far away, in front of my eyes, very clearly. I am yet to use it to click some far shots such as wildlife or a football match ground from the stands.

Wide Angle:

This is too good, I have experienced the shearing or lens distortion effect in many wide angle lenses, but this lens handles it very well but a mild distortion exists.

apexel lens kit

apexel lens kit



I don’t know if I use this lens for my purpose but as I used it, I got some crazy shots, it was exactly like adding a Kaleido filter on your pictures.

apexel lens kit



The CPL lens is so useful during bright sunlight, it filters out some of the unwanted light which is perfect for outdoor photography during sunny weather. I liked the tone that was produced by CPL, it was like a natural filter to your image, I would definitely recommend this lens.

Fish Eye:

The fisheye lens gave a nice fisheye result of the view, I rarely use it but as per the quality and efficiency of image reproduction, I think it is okay.

apexel lens kit


Lens Clip:

I loved the clips, you will get 2 different lens kits, one is for normal single camera smartphones and the other is for dual camera smartphones (ex, Oneplus 6, Samsung Galaxy S8, Note 9, iPhone X, XS etc. The quality is good. I liked the dual camera clip as the lens can be slid over the cameras after clipping.

You have a Bluetooth camera shutter which is useful sometimes.
Tripod is good but not the best, anyway its enough for smartphone photography, I use it with the telephoto lens only.

– Good Lens quality

– Superb macro lens

– Good Clip Quality with smooth screws

– Even if the camera is way below the top edge of your phone, the clips are long enough to cover it. (My previous lens sucked at this with my Oneplus 6)

– Does not scratch the phone cover, screen or anything

– Wonderful looking designs

– Protective case for everything

– Easy to use

– Very minimal distortion compared to other lenses.

– Tripod could have been slightly improved.


Much much better than my previous lens kit

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