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25+ Ridiculously Cool Smart Home Gadgets

Being a tech enthusiast, I have a ton of smart gadgets at home. Some of them are super cool but some of them are absolutely useless. For me, smart home devices are not those smart bulbs or switches that everyone knows about. I would like…

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How to Make Your Macbook Look Aesthetic

I have an M1 Macbook Pro and it looks very elegant. But, there are ways to make your Mac look even better. I did some research and compiled some ways to make your MacBook aesthetic and eye catchy. 1. Customize your desktop background with a…

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7 Best Electric Tricycles for Adults (3 Wheel eBikes)

Electric tricycles offer an incredibly stable ride with superior efficiency and power compared to regular bicycles. There are not many electric tricycle brands out there so if you are looking to get an eTrike, going with the right brand and config is important. You may need some…