ULH: The Ultimate Lens Hood

ULH is a super useful accessory for your camera. We are featuring it here after our Youtube video on Camera Accessories went viral and people actually liked this gadget out of many others on that video. Talking about the Ultimate Lens Hood, as it says, it is a lens hood that is to protect your camera.

Not limited just to protection, this gadget also helps you take pictures without reflections. For example, if you are to take a photo through a glass, it is highly likely that your capture involves some reflections. This gadget helps you completely get rid of the reflections. I am sure that this Hood helps a ton of Photographers.

ultimate lens hood

The hood is made of silicone material that collapses, so carrying it around will be easy. The lens hood is available for DSLR Cameras and also smartphones. The video below should explain things better. Enjoy clicking pictures.

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Editor's QuoteThis lens hood is a boon for many photographers
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