inCharge 6 Review – The Only Charging Cable you need

Rolling Square, a popular swiss based manufacturer has been designing and developing some of the coolest smartphone accessories. Some of their previous products include inCharge mini, inCharge X, Tau, etc. Their products are inexpensive (well under $50), futuristic and very useful.

Today, I am reviewing their latest product called inCharge 6 cable. This is a 6 in 1 connecting cable that lets you connect between different types of USB devices. To be exact, inCharge 6 supports USB, Type C, Lightning, and Micro USB connections. There are 6 combinations that you can mix and match. We shall see them in the next section.

Just after launching inCharge 6, the company launched its new product called TAU. It is a keychain power bank. You can check it out here.

inCharge 6 is very lightweight, portable, and easy to use. If you have this in your wallet or backpack, there is no need to carry additional cables at all. inCharge 6 is magnetic, so both ends can be attached together.



In this section, let’s go over some of the coolest and most useful features of inCharge 6 cable. Note that there are a lot more features that you may find useful. You can find them here.

6 in 1 Design

With inCharge 6, you can connect almost any two devices, be it a USB A, C, micro, lightning, etc. Here is a detailed list of possible connections.

  • USB to USB C
  • USB to Micro USB
  • USB to Lightning (for Apple devices)
  • USB C to USB C
  • USB C to Micro USB
  • USB C to Lightning (for Apple devices)

inCharge 6 USB combination

Rugged Build

One of the main problems with USB cables is durability. Most of the cables available in the market get damaged in a matter of months. You know why? The primary reason is poor material quality at the tips. So when people bend the cable, the cable ends start to break. But luckily, inCharge 6 features a TPU cable guard which does not let your cable break. Basically, the TPU guard protects the cable from reaching its critical bending level, thereby preventing the damage of copper wires (90 braided copper wires to be precise).

Also, the metal housing on both the USB heads ensures the protection of inner components. I have dropped the cable a lot of times and it is still as fresh as new.

Magnetic Attachment

This charging cable features two neodymium magnets on either end of the cable. The N52 magnets, which inCharge 6 uses, are the highest grade magnets possible. To be frank, the magnets are so strong that they attach to one another instantly when the two ends come close. This way, you don’t have to worry about losing it when attached to a car key or something.

Also, the anti-slide system helps the cable stay intact even if you put pressure sideways. This is made possible by adding a small bump on one of the magnets which gets locked to another magnet on the opposite end.

Power Transfer from Phone to Another Device

If your smartphone supports a USB C port, then you can easily charge different devices via this cable. For example, if your Samsung S10 smartphone has a full charge and your wireless headphone is running low on battery, you can transfer the charge from your phone to your headphones. This feature is extremely helpful when you are outdoors without a power bank or a charger.

My fingerpring padlock being charged from Samsung S10 via inCharge 6 cable


Strong & Stable Connection

When it comes to cables in general, a stable connection between the devices is very vital. You don’t want your 10GB file to get screwed up while copying right? With inCharge 6, I have never experienced any loose connections or interruptions. All the USB ports on the cable are very strong and fit perfectly into the ports. Since micro USB and lightning ports are integrated together, it might be difficult to insert it to the female port. Even so, the connection is very stable and uninterrupted.

inCharge 6 Max

The Max version of inCharge 6 is exactly the same in terms of features but the cable length is 1.5 meters which is more than 10 times that of inCharge 6. This longer cable is helpful in certain situations. For example, when the power source is in the middle of a wall, it may be difficult to charge your smartphone or laptop. So with inCharge 6 Max, you can easily make use of that extra 5ft length to have a longer distance USB connection. This is useful for laptops supporting USB C charging. I am not a fan of the Max version because I need this cable for multi-purpose use while keeping it super portable to carry it in my pocket.

inCharge 6 max long charging cable

My experience with inCharge 6

I have been using this cable since January and I am in love with it. It is so convenient to carry. Being a gadget lover, I typically carry my laptop, smartphone, BT headphones and smartwatch. Having these many products makes you carry multiple charging cables, you ask why? Let me explain. If you have a laptop requiring a type C cable, iPhone requiring a lightning cable and your Bluetooth headset requiring a micro USB. Don’t you think it is a mess to carry around three different cables? inCharge 6 really really helps in such situations.

inCharge 6 is smooth in operation and doesn’t not have any sharp edges

inCharge 6 cable attached to a keychain

I used to carry inCharge 6 while going to college and anywhere around the city. It has helped me a lot since I carry a smartphone and a headset, both of which require different charging cables. With inCharge 6, I can hook the device to my powerbank with just one tiny cable.

Final Verdict

inCharge 6 is not another charging cable. The cable is super small, lightweight and easily fits in your pocket. With a rugged design and magnetic attachments, you don’t need to worry about damaging or losing the cable. Since inCharge 6 lets you connect different devices with different USB ports, there is no need to carry multiple charging cables when you travel.

inCharge 6 attached to a rail via its powerful magnet

With these many cool features, I think everyone needs to have a charging cable like this. inCharge 6 is not so expensive and its features are definitely worth the price.


  • 6 Different Combinations
  • Phone to Phone OTG charging
  • 90 Layer braided copper wire
  • Magnetic Attachment

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