inCharge 6 Review – The Only Charging Cable you need

Rolling Square showcased their newest products, including the inCharge 6, one of their popular gadgets during CES 2020. inCharge 6 is a 6 in 1 connecting cable that lets you connect between USB, Type C, Lightning, and Micro USB. There are 6 combinations that you can mix and match. For example, you can use it as a USB to micro USB or Type C to Lightning, etc.

Its very lightweight, portable and easy to use. If you have this in your wallet or backpack, there is no need to carry additional cables at all. inCharge 6 is magnetic, so both ends can be attached together.

The connecting cable is very rugged. I think this is a must-have accessory for anyone and everyone.

My experience with inCharge 6

I have been using this cable since January and I am in love with it. It is so convenient to carry and use. Being a gadget lover, I typically carry my laptop, smartphone, BT headphones and smartwatch. Having these many products make you carry multiple charging cables, you ask why? Let me explain. If you have a laptop requiring type C cable, iPhone requiring a lightning cable and your Bluetooth headset requiring a micro USB. Don’t you think it is a mess to carry around three different cables? inCharge 6 really really helps in such situations.

I used to carry inCharge 6 while going to college and anywhere around the city. It has helped me a lot since I carry a smartphone and a headset, both of which require different charging cables.  With inCharge 6, I can hook the device to my powerbank with just one tiny cable.


  • 6 Different Combinations
  • Phone to Phone OTG charging
  • 90 Layer braided copper wire
  • Magnetic Attachment

Editor's Review
4.9 / 5 Ratings

Editor's QuoteThe most powerful all-in-one charging cable I have ever seen


inCharge 6 Magnetic Charging Cable

6 in 1 Design (1)USB to USB-C (2,3)USB to Dual Lighing+Micro USB (4)USB-C to Dual Lighing+Micro USB (5,6)USB-C to USB-C

50% Longer than Standard Cables

inCharge provides 5ft (1.5m) of mobility

Power Transfer from phone to other devices

Yes, now you can!! Using inCharge 6 you can charge your accessories or other devices from your phone.
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