Marbrasse Diatomaceous Earth Bath Mat

Recently I came across this cool quick-dry mat called Marbrasse bath mat. Unlike a traditional bath mat, this mat features a quick-absorbing material that dries up the mat almost instantly. Yes, it is like magic. The mat is made of plant fiber and diatomaceous earth.



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Key Features

Safe and Chemical Free

Marbrasse mat is made from natural diatomite without chemical additives. The mat is safe, self-drying, and way of green life. Also, this mat is sleek and hard.

Maximum Water Absorbency

Quick-dry is the main feature of this mat. The mat that soaks up water instantly and gets dry after a few minutes. In this way, it keeps the floor clean and dry.

Marbrasse bath mat

Low Maintenance

You can wash this diatomaceous earth bath mat with running water. You can also wipe it with a wet cloth and leave it to air dry. The mat will refresh itself quickly, thanks to its excellent absorbance properties. Since it is not a soft mat, it may need some care while moving because I have seen them split in half.



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Anti-Slip Design

The sleek and earthy design minimizes the risk of falls and slips. It is like stepping on a cool slate surface, and it has a fascinating experience to feel the water being sucked off the feet. You can have a refreshing experience of bathing or shower with this self-refreshing shower mat.

Arc-Shaped Corner Design

You should note that the corners of this mat are designed in arc and polished. Therefore, they do not have rough edges that can scratch your feet.

Easy Storage 

The moderate thickness of this mat makes it easy to use and store. Whenever the mat is not in use, you can store it against the wall.


  • Quick Dry
  • Anti Slip
  • Easy to Clean
  • Diatomaceous Earth Material

Editor's Rating
4.5 / 5 Ratings

Editor's QuoteThis mat dries up before you step out, like magic!
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