Lanmodo Car Windshield Sunshade Review

If you are living in a place where it doesn’t go over 70 Degree Fahrenheit, there is no need for a sunshade like this. But if you live in a super hot place as I do, this product is a game-changer. I live in Arizona and believe me, this windshield shade is one of the best car gadgets I own.

In my place, it gets super hot in the summer. To be honest, it is currently 110 ℉ outside because we are in the middle of summer and Arizona has a good reputation for it.

Features of Lanmodo Car Sun Shade

Now that I have given you a general overview of the product, let us go in deeper with some of the most noteworthy features of this windshield shade.

Compact & Easy to Use

Lanmodo car sunshade is just like another umbrella. When it is folded, it is so small that you can keep it in your car dashboard. Since it comes with a storage pouch, it will not be messy in your car.

Moreover, this umbrella styled sunshade is very easy to operate. Just like an umbrella, this has got a button near the handle. Pressing the button releases the metal skeleton and the umbrella expands. When it is fully expanded, you will hear a click sound by which you will know that it is fully expanded.

After that, you simply slide it under the windshield until the entire windshield is covered. When you are done, you just open the sun visor to make sure the sunshade is held tightly against the windshield. You don’t even need to open both the visors, just one of them is sufficient.

Good Build Quality

The quality of the material used in this umbrella sunshade is not bad at all. There are 10 supporting poles and metal skeleton which resemble a traditional umbrella. Also, the handle has a matte black finish that looks and feels amazing.

Sometimes, the poles could get bent if you press them hard. Also, while retracting, the edge of the poles get scrambled. So, you should keep that in mind while retracting.

Effective Against the Sun

This is the most important part. Can this sunshade actually prevent the car from heating up? I would say yes because of the following reason. I live in Arizona where it gets super hot (like 110 °F/44°C). So, obviously it gets super hot inside the car, especially if you park it in an open space. When I put this sunshade under the windshield, I saw a huge dip in the heat accumulated inside the car. Even though I did not measure the temperature, I could feel the difference with and without the shade. In conclusion, this product will work.

It is made up of TI02 coated titanium silver glue cloth that reflects most of the sunlight

Suitable for Almost Any Car

Even though this car shade is not adjustable, it has a standard dimension of about 80cm*145cm which aligns with most of the car windshields around the world. If you are considering this for a large truck, you should pass. Also, if your car has a smaller windshield, this will work because you can somehow manage to get the metal poles fit the windshield.

Can be used as an Emergency Umbrella

This seems funny but this sunshade can also be used as an umbrella to protect yourself against rain, snow, or the Sun. To be honest, I myself have used it a couple of times under the Sun. Also, the cloth stitching is good enough to prevent water from leaking down.

Editor’s Verdict

Lanmodo Car Sunshade is really a good option if you live in a place where it gets very hot outside. Not only does it help keep the car cool but also acts as a backup umbrella when it is raining outside. If I were to buy another sunshade for my car, I would still choose the umbrella type of shade. It is so compact and convenient to use. If you decide to purchase this type of sunshade, better get this product because Lanmodo is a very reputable brand. They have a range of car gadgets, including an automatic tent, night vision camera, etc.

Currently, Lanmodo Car Shade is available here. Use coupon code “33LANMODO” to get a 33% additional discount.


  • Compact and Portable
  • Easy to Use
  • Significantly Blocks the Heat
  • Strong Build Quality
  • Suitable for Almost Any Car
  • Can be Used as an Umbrella Too

Editor's Rating
4.6 / 5 Ratings

Editor's QuoteIf you live in a hot or humid place, this umbrella styled sunshade is a boon
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