Every year, my new year starts with a bang, thanks to the biggest tech convention on the planet, the Consumer Electronics Show. It takes place once a year in Las Vegas, USA (typically from January 7 to 10). I think it is the only event where you can see the unseen and expect the unexpected. As always, lots and lots of gadgets, some of them are cool, some are still prototypes, some are just launched and yet to hit the retail market.
CES is so big that you can never visit every booth or see every product. I barely saw 60% of the products this time. But…you know what, that 60% consisted of at least a thousand booths, several thousands of gadgets. There were a ton of services/software companies too but I would happily skip them just because I am more into the end products.

ces2020 bts

I will stop bragging and take you straight into the product lists. These are some of the coolest and best gadgets and tech inventions that I came across, tested and got a ‘wow’ feeling while I was at CES 2020. Feel free to leave anything in the comment section and please share this article with your friend.

My Best Gadget Picks from CES 2020

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