Clicbot Educational Robot Toy Review

As I was wandering around the convention center at Las Vegas, a bunch of tiny robots was singing and dancing with each other without the intervention of any human. I went ahead to check them out and they are none other than Clicbot robots, tiny little but smart robot toys made specifically for educational or STEM purpose. Look at the display in its head, so futuristic.

Click bot is a modular robot that can be turned into almost anything, be it a car or a pole. You can attach legs, hands,and whatnot.

Clicbot robot is programmable and it supports Python coding language. It comes with a rechargeable battery that lasts upto 2 hours of use. It can be controlled via a mobile app. Clicbot is a family robot and it suits teenage kids very well.

Don’t forget to watch the video below to get your mind blown away.


  • Modular Design
  • Battery-powered
  • App-controlled
  • Comes with a Cool Display

Editor's Review
4.8 / 5 Ratings

Editor's QuoteThese tiny robots just arrived from the future


Clicbot STEM Robots for Kids

  ● Brain Character -- Alive interaction functions Touch sensing, Face recognition, Gesture detection, Gameplay, etc. Move on the ground and can play games; Recognize and interact with people when being approached; Touch sensing, Visual recognition, Gesture & Sound detection -- Interactive games 1) Touch and Run 2) Safe Distance Keeper 3) Bic's World(First-Person-View) -- Application 1) Timer 2) Follow you Functions will keep updating. 1) Chasing a ball 2) Try to find you 3) Emotion recognition
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