Wireless Powered Magnetic Floating Lamp Review

This gadget is a levitating light by Deepmag, the company that specializes in magnetic levitation and electromagnetic direct-drive technologies. Deepmag light has two important features. It receives power wirelessly and levitates magnetically upside down. Read it again, it is upside down. It is the coolest table lamp you can ever get.

The lamp has an ergonomic wooden body that looks stunning on any table. The wireless power can be harnessed up to 10 watts which is not bad at all. It has touch control and fall-proof design. Fall proof design means, if you unplug the lamp from a power source, the bulb, instead of falling down, gets attached to the lamp itself. This is just crazy.

The lamp is not available in the market yet. This lamp is definitely ‘Shut Up and Take My Money’. Watch the video below and get blown away. Though this product is not out yet, I found a very similar levitating lamp on Amazon, you can check this out.


  • Upto 10 Watts Wireless Power Transfer
  • Touch Control
  • Fall Proof Mechanism

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Editor's QuoteJust shut up and take my money, I need this right now
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