Magnetic Levitating Lamp with Wireless Phone Charger

A couple of years ago when I was roaming around at Consumer Electronics Show, a ridiculously cool tech caught my eyes. That is when I first saw a magnetically floating light bulb. Magnetic levitation is not new but consumer products that use maglev technology is.

That’s not it. The base has a wireless phone charger built-in so you can charge any smartphone supporting QI charging. A good bedside lamp, isn’t it?

This levitating lamp has two key components. The lamp holder and the bulb. You power on the device and suspend the lamp near the holder. The bulb floats without any support or contact, uses the maglev technique to do so. The bulb is powered through the air via magnetic induction, and lights are controlled by the touch button: on/off on the base.

The lamp has a metal body making it look decent on any table. It has touch control and a fall-proof design. Fall proof design means that if you unplug the lamp from a power source, the bulb, instead of falling down, gets attached to the lamp itself. This is just crazy.

This lamp is definitely the ‘Shut Up and Take My Money’ type. Watch the video below and get blown away.

From Deepmag who is one of the maglev tech manufacturers, I came to know that in these induction gadgets, the wireless power can be harnessed up to 10 watts which is pretty impressive.

A different variation of the product is also available, check here.


  • Floats without any support
  • Touch control
  • Fall proof mechanism
  • Modern and Innovative design
  • Warm white LED light
  • Qi wireless phone charger

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Editor's QuoteJust shut up and take my money, I need this right now.
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