I was thinking about gadgets that would make things easier while I travel and around 15-20 gadgets popped up in my mind. With some research and study, I have picked the 13 most helpful gadgets that you can carry around to make life easier when traveling. All of these gadgets are very new to the market and suits the best for your trips in the year 2020. If you have any other gadgets to suggest, feel free to leave them in the comment section.

These are our Best Gadget Picks for Travelers

  • 1. Uniquebella's Cool Carry-on Garment/Duffel Bag

    This versatile carry on garment bag is the perfect companion for any regular traveler. The duffel bag is made from durable high-density fabric that is waterproof, tear-resistant and lightweight. It can be attached to the top of a rolling suitcase while you make your way around the airport and then detached for boarding your flight. The 2 in 1 duffel bag has very strong zips that will stand the test of time and secure, comfortable straps that you can rely on while you’re on the road. When you open the bag you can lay it out flat to access your clothes and belongings but it can also be hung up and used in this way. Due to the bag’s expert design, it will keep your suits, dresses, and shirts clean and wrinkle-free making this the best carry on garment bag on the market. This is the bes.. [Read More]

  • 2. MAXOAK Portable 50000mAh Power Bank (185Wh)

    I have an MSI laptop and its battery sucks. This may be the case in many other laptops too. As far as I know, almost all the gaming laptops' battery sucks (under 3 hours backup), all most all 2 in 1 laptop battery rocks (more than 8 hours), all most all other laptops have a mediocre battery life of around 6 hours. Carrying chargers is an option but don't you think it is messy and inconvenient? To get rid of such hassles, get yourself a good laptop power bank. It might seem new to you because not a lot of people use a power bank for laptop. Check out this cool battery bank from Maxoak which is made specifically for laptops. The battery capacity is 50,000 mAh (in terms of wattage, it is 130W) which is obviously not small but it is portable enough (1.2kg) to carry it in a backpack. Not just r.. [Read More]

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  • 3. Fomox V-Pack: The Best Multipurpose Backpack

    Have you ever seen a backpack that has a built-in wireless charger for Smartphones? If not, hang on, we have a new backpack that has everything you can ever think of. Meet V - Pack, the most comfortable and premium looking multipurpose backpack. V Pack is so versatile that you can use it as a laptop bag, travel bag, gym bag and whatnot. It's quite rare to find a multipurpose bag like this. The backpack has separate pockets for everything, even for your shoes! V-Pack is one of those backpacks that are good for your back, why? because it has special shoulder straps that provide extra support. Few features that I liked the most include the Ventilated Back feature to prevent our back from sweating (I live in Arizona and I know how it feels), the Wireless Charging option that could c.. [Read More]

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  • 4. BLUETTI 1000W/1500Wh Portable Solar Power Station

    Have you ever seen a portable battery bank that can power up a TV or a Fridge? Introducing BLUETTI EB150 portable power station that has a HUGE capacity of 1000W. If you start listing the electronic equipment that can be run on this battery bank, you might need an entire notebook. Believe it or not, this power bank or the battery bank, whatever you call, can recharge your smartphone 128 times...are you kidding me! With BLUETTI power unit, you can use/recharge Smartphones, Cameras, Drones, Fans, Laptops, TV, Fridge, Bulbs, Power Drilling Machine and what not.   I have been using this product for a while and I can definitely recommend it to someone. EB150 is worth every penny. This battery unit can drive 1500 watts of energy continuously for 1 hour. To give you a measure, a domesti.. [Read More]

  • 5. The Layover - A Portable Travel Blanket

    I was curious when I came across this product and thought for a while, can a blanket of this size and quality provide as much comfort and warmth as a traditional blanket like a woolen or a cotton one. A deeper drive gave me more insights. This ultra portable blanket called LAYOVER is packed with an infinite number of pockets (lol!), insulated material and fasteners for further expansion. Believe it or not, this cool blanket could fit in a super small carry bag/pouch that might not even consume 10% of your travel backpack. Weighing just around 350 grams. this blanket is definitely super portable. This blanket has a ton of pockets for various purpose including leg warmers, passport pocket and what not. Watch the video for further understanding. .. [Read More]

  • 6. Midland LXT630VP3 - 30 Mile Long Range Walkie Talkie

    Why do you need a Walkie Talkie when you have a Smartphone? Hmmm, the main reason to have a Walkie Talkie is for communication in areas where the cell phone connectivity is poor or in an industry where people are located far from each other and there needs to be a constant message transfer between them. Walkie Talkie comes is a variety of options based on the signal range, frequency, battery life, ruggedness and more. If you are looking for a super long range walkie talkie that does not cost much, you should try the Midland LXT630VP3 walkie talkie that has a maximum distance coverage of around 30 miles which is equal to 48 kilometers which is just crazy. It is to be noted that the range depends largely on the line of sight. So, if there are terrains around you or thick forest, you are unli.. [Read More]

  • 7. Morus Zero - A Cool Portable Clothes Dryer

    Looking for a new clothes dryer for your home, hurry not. Meet Morus Zero, a crowdfunded countertop tumble dryer which is extremely portable and futuristic. Unlike the traditional, big and bulky clothes dryers, this gadget works on the bases of vacuum technology which uses low pressure to dry the clothes at a lower temperature. This cool dryer is so portable that can even fit in your Boat or an RV! Some of the product features include but not limited to 15 min dry Vacuum tech UV sterilization Auto reverse Fabric protection You can back this product on Indiegogo for around $330 and can expect the product to be delivered by the end of 2019. Watch the product video to know more about this portable tumble dryer. .. [Read More]

  • 8. TANSOREN 4000 Lumens - Brightest Bike Tail Light

    When riding a bike or a bicycle, the rider's safety is of prime importance. Even if you are riding well, the car from behind you or a bus from the front may not be. Let aside the morning job, in the night, riding a bicycle in a secluded area without street lamps is a nightmare. I had personally experienced this when I was in a University in Arizona. These bike tail lights definitely help you have a safer and peaceful ride. This cool bike light from TANSOREN is super bright that it emits almost 4000 lumens of light which you may not believe but the Amazon reviews prove to be true. This is by far the brightest bike tail light that you can find on Amazon with good reviews. So, if you are in need of a bike light, get one for yourself and share it with your friend who might need it... [Read More]

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  • 9. NEWEEX - All-in-One Travel Backpack

    Everyone needs a travel backpack that meets all the needs. It should be light, spacious, stylish, durable, water resistant and what not! Neweex has designed an all-in-one travel backpack that satisfies all your needs. This backpack was showcased in CES 2019 and caught everyone's eye. There are more than 20 compartments for storing. Neweex provides the charger facility for your phones. And also comes up with a quite unique suction cups. Yes, you read it right. Bag strap has a suction cup that can hold your smartphones when your hands are busy. Impressive Right? . But we are not sure how long or how much weight can the suction cup accompany. Overall a decent travel backpack with an awesome design. Check out their early bird offers on Kickstarter and back today... [Read More]

  • 10. The Compact Travel Hoodie

    When guys travel, one thing that is a must is a hoodie. Every men will have a collection of hoodies. Here is the one to add to your collections. This Hoodie - The Compact Travel Hoodie, is a cool and smart one. It regulates temperature, antibacterial, moisture wicking,odor-resistant and you can wear it for years without washing! Yes we are not joking. The manufacturers say that the hoodie can be wore without washing. All thanks to design and fabric. One more thing with this hoodie is compactness. Unlike traditional hoodies, it doesn't occupy much space. So a Perfect travel companion!? What do you guys say?  .. [Read More]

  • 11. MPOWERD Luci Original - Inflatable Solar Light

    MPOWERD Luci is a super useful inflatable light which is powered by the Sun. The lightweight, collapsible and handy design makes it one of the most portable Solar lanterns you could ever buy. The features like solar rechargeable, easy to carry and complete waterproof makes it a perfect survival tool. Be it indoors or the outdoors, you can definitely make use of this tiny yet powerful lamp. With just over 7 hours of sunlight, the Luci lamp can light upto 24 hours straight. The lamp comes in different variations such as white light and multi-colored light(Thumbnail image 3). The white light version provides 75 lumens in intensity but I personally liked the multi-colored version which I had my hands on during the CES 2019. Costing well under $20, this light is definitely a "Take My Money" gad.. [Read More]

  • 12. Passport Pro - The Best Global Travel Adapter

    Are you a travel freak? Always irritated by different plugs in different countries? Want a simple adapter which can take care of all the things? Well you are blessed. Introducing Passport Pro, the Safest Travel Adapter. What's more than the travel adapter is that it comes with a auto resetting fuse and are the first adapters in the world to do so. So no more worries about replacing fuse. These adapters also have a inbuilt USB output ports including USB-C port. All these additional functionalities make this adapter a boon to travelers. So what are you waiting for? Grab one now!  .. [Read More]

  • 13. MiniPresso - Portable Espresso Machine

    MiniPresso GR by Wacaco is a super useful Espresso maker which is so portable. With this espresso maker, you can grind your own coffee beans to prepare the drink whenever and where ever you need. Look how good the product looks, I personally liked the ergonomics. Features like lightweight and easy to use make this cool espresso maker one of the must have travel accessories. No matter if you are visiting the chilling New York or hot Arizona, this gadget should be in your travel bag. Also, the espresso maker comes with a cup embedded in it that should be super useful. Costing just under $50, this cool gadget will be worth it. .. [Read More]

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