Plott Cubit Smart Measuring Tape

Cubit is a smart device that can measure distance wirelessly by using laser light. Not just that, it can take the virtual design of the space around you and has an AR app through which you can interact with the spaces around you. For example, you can point your phone camera to a wall and draw a door with Cubit to see if the door looks good on your wall or not. This is kinda cool.

Cubit is wireless and has a battery backup of around 10 hours. Just to let you know, it has two laser pointers perpendicular to each other. This allows it to take perpendicular measurements simultaneously.


  • Takes Virtual Design
  • Dual dimensional laser distance measurement
  • AR support via phone
  • 10 - 12hrs battery life

Editor's Ratings
4.3 / 5 Ratings

Editor's QuoteThis smart measuring tool works like a charm