Mutrics GB-30 is a Smart Audio Glass For Gamers

First things first, this is not a bone conduction glasses or smart glasses, this is an audio glasses which shoots unidirectional audio directly to your ears. This allows you to listen to music with your ears open and the best thing, it is in a form of spectacles that are not bulky or ugly, you can wear them every day to any place.

Mutrics GB 30 audio glasses is specifically made for gamers but I don’t think it is restricted just for that purpose. While I was at CES 2020, I personally tested these audio glasses and they are amazing. Even in that noisy environment, I was able to hear the music clearly.

These glasses are definitely comparable with Bose Audio Frames but I can’t conclude which is better because I haven’t tested them side by side. Mutrics GB 30 glasses has a battery backup of up to 4 hours which is not that great.

It is very thin and lightweight, waterproof and supports voice assistants. Costing at around $99, I think this gadget is a steal for the price.


  • 4hr Battery Life
  • Open Ear Design
  • Thin (6mm)
  • Qualcomm Bluetooth Chipset

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4.6 / 5 Ratings

Editor's QuoteThese glasses are definitely comparable with Bose audio frame


Mutrics GB-30 Smart Audio Glasses

  Mutrics GB-30 is the world's first pair of smart glasses that are specially designed for video gamers. Its striking design, open-ear audio, advanced surround sound system and anti-blue light lenses combine to deliver gamers unparalleled sound experience as well as ear and eye comfort and protection for longtime video gaming.

Open Ear Audio

Mutrics GB-30 uses open-ear audio technology to transfer stereo sound to your inner ear without the use of earbuds. Superior to other headphones, playing video games with Mutrics GB-30 for prolonged periods does not make your ears feel any discomfort or soreness. It leaves your ears unplugged so you are still able to hear and interact with the world around you when playing video games.
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