Celestron StarSense Explorer DX Telescope

One of the popular telescope manufacturers, Celestron, showcased a couple of their new products during the CES 2020. Starsense Explorer LT and Explorer DX are the ones I personally had hands-on experience with. The Explorer DX and LT feature a 130mm and 80mm reflectors respectively. Both the telescopes make use of your smartphone and via their app, you can see a list of stars or galaxies that are currently visible in the sky.

With StarSense Explorer DX, you can see different stars, clusters of stars, galaxies and even nebulae that are many many light-years away. I think the magic of this telescope stays in its mobile application that is used as an extensive guide for locating objects accurately. Explorer DX can see Andromeda Galaxy quite clearly and you might be knowing, Andromeda, is no nearer than 2.5 million light-years. So if you buy this telescope and see the galaxy now, you would be seeing the past of Andromeda! Explorer DX 130AZ also comes with two different eyepieces that are interchangeable.

At the time of writing this post, the telescope was priced at $399 which is way cheaper than I ever expected. I think this is one of the best telescopes for beginner space explorers or hobbyists. Though I saw the telescope in person, I could not take it outside to see the stars or galaxies. Wait until a couple of reviews come out and grab one for yourself if you think it’s worth it.


  • 130mm Reflector
  • Smartphone App
  • Interchangeable Eye Pieces
  • Affordable

Editor's Review
4.8 / 5 Ratings

Editor's QuoteThis is by far the most affordable telescope I have seen
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