mui – A wooden Plank with a Hidden Display

MUI is a cool wooden plank with a twist, it has a display embedded inside it. It is 100% made out of wood and the best thing is it has a touch display that can show notifications, set timer and play music.

One thing I forgot to mention is that it has an inbuilt speaker too, how cool is that? It has a built-in google assistant that is voice search enabled. MUI also integrates with several smart bulbs such as Hue and lets you control the brightness by sliding across the horizontal axis. It can show weather, your schedule and more.

The panel is not thick at all, it is just as the size of a typical wooden plank (you can see it from the image above). It can be fitted on any wall or hard surface. Costing around $600, this gadget is definitely not cheap but is a good fit if you are looking for some luxury home decor with smartness embedded!


  • Touch Panel
  • Inbuilt Timer
  • IOT Device Control
  • Made from Natural Wood

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Editor's QuoteThe display under the piece of wood is unrecognizable


mui: Interface Device Made of Wood

Out of sight until needed, Out of sight until utilized mui is a smart home control hub that is made with natural wood. It appears to be a simple piece of wood until a swipe of one’s finger across mui’s surface prompts a display to glow from within the device, allowing you to talk, exchange voice/text messages, check news and weather, adjust the lighting and temperature, play music and do much more. When you are done, the display disappears, and the panel returns to looking like a piece of wood, blending in with the room decor. mui doesn't constantly demand your attention as smartphones do. mui is a “calm” device designed to create a relaxing, distraction-free digital environment, so you can enjoy quality time with your family.
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