BenjiLock Fingerprint Bike Lock

Benjilock, one of the best fingerprint lock manufacturer is coming up with their new product for bikers. It is a fingerprint lock made for bikes, be it an e-Bike or a regular one. I always wanted to have something like this because when I take my bike to Gym, it is kinda inconvenient to find my keys, unlock the U lock, fix it in place and lock it. What if you could lock or unlock your bike’s U lock in a second? This gadget does exactly that.

As I spoke to one of their team at CES 2020, the fingerprint lock is not yet available in the market but it could be released in around September of 2020. They did have a working prototype that I personally tested.

The battery life on the U lock is around 6 to 8 months which is amazing. It also has an option to use regular keys to unlock just incase if needed.

It is expected to retail under $100 but it is not clear yet. Fingers crossed!


  • 6 to 8 Months Battery
  • Cut-strength of 18,000 lbs
  • Key option as a backup
  • Looks exactly like a regular U lock
  • Works with any Bike/Bicycle

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