In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the best health gadgets available on the market today. From wearable devices that could sense your brain, to smart scales that measure ECG to Skin care wands to combat aging, we got them all covered.

Use these products to monitor and improve your wellness and stay fit and healthy

  • 1. Dr. Clobo – Healthcare Camera with App

    Key Features
    • FDA Approved
    • Oral Care, Skincare
    • Scalp care, Ear, Nose, & Throat
    • Send Pictures/Videos to your Doctor
    • Smartphone App

    Have you ever tried to get a close look at a hard-to-see part of your body? If so, you know how difficult it can be. But with Dr. Clobo, you can examine even tight spots with ease. Dr. Clobo is a smartphone-connected ear scope that can not only be used to look into your ears, but also your nose, teeth, skin, throat and more. Dr. Clobo Camera Equipped with 8 LED lights, its high-definition camera captures crystal-clear, zoomed-in video feed and streams it to your phone in real-time. Dr. Clobo is Wi-Fi connected, so it does not require Bluetooth. Dr. Clobo Health care The product comes with two heads: a standard head equipped... [More info]

  • 2. Morphee Meditation and Sleep Assist

    Key Features
    • 210 Combinations and 8 Theme to choose from
    • Around 10 days of battery backup
    • Speakers built-in
    • Portable Device
    • Wireless

    I came across this antique looking product at CES 2020. Upon a closer look, this device is indeed one of the useful ones out there. This is Morphee, a meditation and sleep assist that helps you sleep well through meditation practise. Morphee is a wireless device and has a battery backup of around 10 days which is... [More info]

  • 3. Bebird N3 Pro – Camera Equipped Ear Cleaning Tweezers

    Key Features
    • 360 Degree Precision Cleaning
    • HD Camera
    • Robotic Arm Technology
    • Safe for Children
    • Intelligence Temperature Control
    • Long Duration Battery

    Throw out the cotton buds; Bebird N3 Pro is here. The revolutionary ear cleaning tweezers is a smart ear cleaning technology that redefines ear cleaning as the manufacturers claim. So, we decided to see what it was all about.

    Robotic Arm Technology

    The robotic arm technology provides multi-functionality. When the lid is off, you get tweezers and a visual cleaning rod with it back on. Bebird comes in three size... [More info]

  • 4. Cellect Beauty Beam

    Key Features
    • Optical LED Lens
    • Blue for Acne Care
    • Red for Wrinkle Care
    • Cordless
    • UV Heat Therapy and Deep Cleansing

    Here's a gadget that can help you maintain healthy skin. Cellect by GoSelly can reduce acne, hyperpigmentation and wrinkles. It does so by using red & blue LED lights with infrared beams. Cellect Beauty Solution Red LED lights emit wavelengths of 625~850nm while radiating heat of up to 104° to reach 8 to 10mm deep into the dermis. This reduces the signs of aging. Blue Light Mode emits a wavelength of up to 415nm, penetrating 0.5mm deep into the skin... [More info]

  • 5. Olly – Smart Light Therapy Lamp

    Key Features
    • Helps You Sleep Faster
    • Portable Lamp
    • Battery Powered (4 Hrs Life)
    • Magnetic Holder
    • Automatic Timer
    • 2 Light Colors
    • Different Brightness Levels
    • Smartphone App

    If you are someone who struggles to sleep quickly, this gadget might be for you. Meet Olly, a smart lamp that helps you get to sleep faster. It does so by creating that ambiance that helps you control melatonin. The company claims that Olly is better than coffee! Olly Light Variants Olly is small and portable. It can easily be carried in your backpack if not your pocket. It is battery-powered and lasts about 4 hours on a single... [More info]

  • 6. Withings Body Scan – Smart Scale

    Key Features
    • ECG, Segmental Body Composition and Nerve Activity Assessment
    • Dedicated Smartphone App with Health insights
    • 12 Month Battery Life
    • Smart Device, connects over Wifi or Bluetooth
    • You can add up to 8 user profiles

    Smart weighing scales are on the market for a long time now but have you heard of a weighing scale that can do ECG (electro cardiogram)? Not just that, how about nerve activity assessment? Meet Body Scan by Withings which not only has the above features but also many more cool features. Withings is a reputable brand that has been producing some of the most useful health & fitness gadgets. I personally got a chance to see this scale at CES 2022 and test it for a bit. Withings Body Scan... [More info]

  • 7. Otus – Personal AI Eye Trainer

    Key Features
    • Vision Therapy Technique
    • Customized Training
    • Periodic Reports
    • Two Modes to train (TV Mode & Phone Mode)
    • Delays Deterioration of eye sight

    Otus is a gadget that may not be very cool but it certainly is very useful. It is an eye massager that is designed to help exercise your eyes to keep them sharp and strong. Otus - Improve Eyesight Otus - Eye Trainer Otus is for everyone but it is more effective... [More info]

  • 8. Loba – Smart Pill Organizer

    Key Features
    • Daily Remainders
    • Easy and Hassle-free organization
    • 7 Pods (With section for day and night pills)
    • 10 Pills per Pod
    • Smartphone Application
    • Customizable LED Lights

    Meet Loba, a smart pill organizer that can not only organize your pills but also notifies you when it's time to take them. Loba has LED lights around it which makes it look really cool. The lights also serve another purpose. When it is time to take a pill, the color of the lights changes. So, it is like a visual indicator. Did I tell you it connects to WiFi and comes with a smartphone app? You can also control the color of the LED lights,... [More info]

  • 9. Flowtime Biosensing Meditation Headband

    Key Features
    • Heart rate sensor
    • Brain wave sensor
    • Light & Comfortable
    • 3 Months free meditation lessons
    • Upto 30 hour battery life

    I just came across Flowtime, a headband for meditation purposes that is super lightweight, easy to wear and has a ton of cool features. Some of the useful features include accurate heart rate sensors, brain wave sensors that work in real-time while you are meditating. Flowtime helps you identify tension and stress levels. It also helps you... [More info]

  • 10. SolaWave 4-in-1 Skincare Tool

    Key Features
    • Light Therapy (Red and Blue)
    • Microcurrent
    • Facial Massage
    • Therapeutic Warmth
    • Treats Acne, Dark Circles and Anti-aging
    • Portable and Rechargable

    People spend a lot of money on skincare, be it to have clear and glowing skin or to make themselves look younger. There are a ton of skincare products, lotions, masks, gadgets, etc. Today, let us see a cool skincare gadget that does a lot of stuff to help nourish your skin. Meet SolaWave, a 4 in 1 wand. Let us now take a look at some of its features. SolaWaveWith SolaWave, you can do facial massages. This increases the blood flow underneath your skin and helps rejuvenate it. The gadget achieves it by shooting microcurrents on your... [More info]

  • 11. BACtrack Go Keychain Breathalyzer | Alcohol Tester

    Key Features
    • Ultra-Portable Keychain Design
    • LCD Screen
    • Wide Test Range 0.00-0.40% BAC
    • Semiconductor Based Sensor
    • Personal Breathalyzer
    • 1 AAA Battery Required

    If you have ever been in trouble with law enforcers for committing a DUI (Driving Under the Influence of alcohol) offense, you very much likely know that things can get quite complicated pretty quickly. Luckily, you can use a personal breathalyzer to help you make informed decisions that will ensure your safety and the safety of other road users. This gadget does not even cost $50, I wish every car had this pre-installed in them. Let... [More info]

  • 12. LARQ Pitcher – Pitcher with Advanced Water Filtration

    Key Features
    • Multi-Stage Purification
    • Lasts 50% Longer than Traditional Filter
    • UV Filtration
    • Filter Change Reminder
    • 1.9 Liter Capacity
    • Rechargeable Battery

    LARQ, the Californian firm that made a self-cleaning water bottle, has released the "globe's most advanced" pitcher that cleans your water using ultraviolet light plus has a plant-based filter. LARQ manufactured the pitcher based on its undertaking to offer clean drinking water ecologically, reducing plastic contamination from bottled water. The LARQ water purifier was meant to offer filtered tabletop water minus the accumulation of pollutants found in normal water pitchers like those conventional ones found on Amazon or Walmart. Let us now have a look at some of its useful features.

    Two-step Water Filtration + Purification

    Introducing buyers to a state-of-the-art self-cleaning bottle, the same revolutionary technology is currently getting employed to the LARQ Pitcher. This two-step water filtration plus purification system exploits the capacity of its PureVis UV-C LED expertise by LARQ utilizing a plant-based filter, which aids to lessen the necessity for single-usage plastic. ... [More info]

  • 13. Miko – A Portable Air Purifier with Essential Oil Diffuser

    Key Features
    • Up to 400 Sq. ft. Coverage
    • 3 Stage HEPA Filtration
    • 360º Filtration Suction
    • Essential Oil Amplifier
    • 25db Quiet Operation
    • Compact & Portable
    • Filters Out Almost Any Air Pollutant

    Miko Air purifier allows you to enjoy clean, healthy, and refreshing air anytime. The purifier has a modern and sleek design that complements the pleasant fragrances of essential oil amplifier. This air purifier cleans the air all around the room by filtering any harmful particle and airborne pollutants that can adversely affect your health. Whether you are looking for an air purifier to trap air dust, bacteria, pet dander, allergens, cooking odor, or smoking odor, this is the right choice.

    Features of Miko

    Now, let us have a look at some of the most useful features of the Miko... [More info]

  • Which one did you like the most? Do you have any other recommendations? Let me know in the comments below!