Morphee Meditation and Sleep Assist

I came across this antique looking product at CES 2020. Upon a closer look, this device is indeed one of the useful ones out there. This is Morphee, a meditation and sleep assist that helps you sleep well through meditation practise.

Morphee is a wireless device and has a battery backup of around 10 days which is great. It has different meditation modes and time durations that can be chosen before you begin an exercise. The keys are exactly the same as the old school alarm clock keys.

Morphee has a built-in speaker and a headphone jack if you want to connect your earphone or a headset.

This gadget is expected to launch in May – June of 2020 and might be priced at around $99. If you understand french, go ahead and watch the video below.


  • Wireless
  • Around 10 days of battery backup
  • Speakers built-in

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4.4 / 5 Ratings

Editor's QuoteThis looks like an antique gadget!



Fall asleep quicker, sleep deeper.

With Morphée, go to bed easily and quickly while enjoying a deep and restful sleep.
orphée comes in with more than 200 combinations of guided sessions, all performed by sleep professionals


Sleep centers use meditation and sophrology every day to treat insomnia caused by stress or anxiety.


For maximum effectiveness, Morphée is disconnected, without any signal emission or screen.


Morphée is nomad: its removable beechwood shell allows you to protect the keys to carry it with you. Morphee also works on battery.
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