V-Coptr Falcon Bi-Copter Drone

Zero zero robotics showcased their latest drone named V Coptr Falcon at CES 2020 and it is definitely one of the coolest drones I have ever seen.

V Copter Falcon has a 4K camera with gimbal stabilization, 7 km remote control range and a whopping 50 minutes battery life. Read it again, 50 minutes of flight time. This is something no other drones have, not even the best in the market.

This bicopter could last for such a long time just because it uses only 2 motors whereas a typical drone uses 4 motors, thereby increasing the power consumption.  Falcon bicopter does all maneuvers with just 2 motors. It can go sideways, rotate and whatnot.

The bicopter has a front-facing collision avoidance mechanism. I wish it had a 360-degree collision avoidance system. I have personally seen and had my hands-on experience with this V Coptr Falcon even though I haven’t tested it outdoors.

This bicopter drone comes with a remote controller that looked pretty basic and ugly. I would prefer a little advanced version of their controller.


  • 50 min Flight time
  • 7 km Range
  • 4K 1/2inch CMOS Camera Sensor
  • Front-facing collision avoidance

Editor's Review
4.8 / 5 Ratings

Editor's QuoteThis is the future of drones, less power consumption = more battery backup
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