It does not matter whether you like spending time outdoors or you reside in an area with recurrent blackouts, getting the best portable power station is a great investment you can ever make. Other than providing a source of power with USB outlets and AC inputs, their ability to be transported means you can take them anywhere with you. Another thing that makes them useful is their versatility. You can use it to power your laptops, smartphones, and even Bluetooth speakers. Also, you can have it to prepare for a disaster or power outage situation.

Things to Consider When Buying Portable Battery Stations


This is one of the things to consider when purchasing power banks. For example, if you want one for jumpstarting your car, then you ought to check product specifications to find out whether it can provide that functionality.


Maybe you have a wide range of electric gadgets and appliances in mind. When you purchase a power station, you need to determine whether there are compatibility issues. It is advisable to choose one that is compatible with your appliances. If you are planning to power many appliances, then you ought to get one that produces an adequate amount of power.

Power Output

You should note that portable power stations are available with varying power outputs. Some can produce a small amount of power to charge your phone, whereas others can even jumpstart your car.

Our Best Portable Power Station Picks

We are featuring 7 different power stations in this article, ranging from 400Wh to 1500Wh. The following portable power station reviews are based on my hands-on experience with the devices and recommendations from an expert who has been using a portable station for a long time.

While you go through the products, you may have questions like can it run my TV or Laptop or Oven or whatever. So I have attached a performance chart for each product. It shows the ability of the station to power different home appliances and the approximate duration as well.

1. Bluetti EB150 by MAXOAK (1000W/1500Wh)

Bluetti EB150 is designed to provide a high capacity of 1500Wh. You can charge this power station either by wall socket or solar. The fact that it provides high capacity, it means that it can charge devices that require a lot of power, such as blenders, hairdryers, and electric drills. However, you should ensure that your device does not consume more than 1000W. When it is fully charged, it means you can have longer charge time. If 1500Wh is less for you, go with their 2400Wh model.

Bluetti EB240 Review

This portable solar power station provides adequate power for outdoor use and indoor use for travelers, outdoor enthusiasts, campers, RVs, ocean anglers, and even liveaboards. Other than the huge capacity it delivers, it has other exciting features. For instance, it has a standard AC outlet and a large LCD display. The AC outlet ensures you have a safe connection to the device. That makes it compatible with all appliances that draw less than 1000W.

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The large LCD display shows the amount of remaining power and also the battery status. With the backlight, you can even read under the sun without having to disturb your sleep. With 1500Wh capacity, I think this Bluetti EB150 is the best camping battery for your outdoor adventures. The power station also supports MPPT solar charging, so you can use a solar panel to recharge the battery. My recommendation is to go with a portable solar panel.

bluetti eb150 performance

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2. Goal Zero Yeti 1000 (1500W/1045Wh)

Goal Zero Yeti is meant to provide adequate power to charge phones, lights, fridges, and power tools. With 1045Wh you can power up to seven devices at the same time. The 1500W Lithium high-capacity battery means you have on-demand, portable power with just the push of a button. Also, the surge capacity is 3000W which is amazing. It is designed to be an innovative and versatile power station you can ever find on the market.

Yeti 1000X Power Station Review

With this power station, you have the freedom to tackle a wide range of indoor and outdoor jobs.
The fact that it does not use gasoline means that it does not generate noise and fumes. Also, it is easy to use, and you can power all your vital appliances and electronics. This power bank is safe to store in your home, and you can use it to run your appliances and lights during a power outage.

Zero Yeti Power Station Comparison It does have support for solar panels and you can use a panel up to 240W which makes this power unit a perfect solar generator for camping purposes. As always, the charging duration completely depends on solar illumination.

yeti zero 1000x performance

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3. Ecoflow Delta Solar Power Station (1800W/1300Wh)

Ecoflow Delta provides the same power as traditional gasoline generators without noise, emissions, gas, weight, and maintenance. With a capacity ranging from 1300Wh to 1800Wh, you can easily charge anything from your workshop tools to an electric vehicle.

Ecoflow Delta Power Station

Ecoflow Power Station Comparison

Ideally, this power station is a powerful and good choice, just like your backup power generator. It features x-stream, which is an advanced recharging technology. You can charge your unit up to 80% in less than 1 hour. Also, the supporting solar panels enable you to generate the power you need anywhere.

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Ecoflow Delta Features Ecoflow Delta 1300 has a high capacity battery (highest of this list) that could last for a long duration. I think this could be the best portable power station for your RV.

ecoflow delta performance

As you can see from the above performance table, Ecoflow delta does a pretty good job. It can run almost any home appliance except for a few that are related to electrical heating.

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4. Jackery Explorer 1000 (1000W/1000Wh)

Jackery Explorer has a lithium battery that supplies power with DC, AC, and USB ports. The series has Explorer 330Wh, 550Wh, 940Wh and Explorer 1000Wh. There are also small units of 160 and 240Wh. This power bank delivers reliable power for running your mainstream electronics. That makes it ideal for a wide range of activities that include camping, outdoor recreation, and even emergency preparedness. Jackery Power Station Comparison

The Jackery Explorer 1000 has four USB output ports, one car output port, and three AC output ports. You can use this unit to power medium and small appliances such as toasters, ice makers, and juicers.

jackery 1000 performance

Just weighing only 22 lbs, you can easily take it anywhere you want. Jackery has been selling its battery banks for a long time and it is a reputable brand on Amazon.

Jackery 1000W Power Station

Jackery Explorer 1000 is a solar-powered generator that can take up to 200W panel and supports MPPT charging which is good. Since the Explorer 1000 model is not out in the market yet, I am linking out to their 500W version.



5. Sungzu SKA1000 Portable Battery Station (1000W/1010Wh)

Sungzu Portable Power Station is designed to solve your power outage issues. It is a perfect portable power supply for outdoor activities and homes that require emergency or backup power. The good thing about this power station is that it works for nearly all electric devices that require less than 1000W. Some of these devices include power bank, fan, drone, TV, lights, power bank, laptop, smartphone, camera, and mini-refrigerator. With 1010Wh you are assured of extended power supply.

Sungzu Portable Power Station Review

The OLED screen makes it possible for you to read the battery life status. You will find this power station perfect for shop battery backup for medical equipment, outdoor activities, and even construction sites.

If I am hard-pressed on Budget, I would go with Sungzu, it is cheap and best

Sungzu Power Station Features

You will not have issues recharging this power station either through a wall socket or solar. With this unit, you are guaranteed to have clean power that is more eco-friendly as compared to traditional generators. Remember that it is gasoline-free, fuel-free, and does not generate noise or emit smoke.

sungzu performance

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6. SUAOKI Ares G1000 Power Station (1000W/1183Wh)

You can never run out of power with SUAOKI 1000W UPS Power Station. The portable power bank provides a whopping 1183 Wh. With all that power, you can charge your tablets, laptops, and smartphones. You can also use it indoors to power general home appliances that include mini-fridge or microwave without any issue. Its innovative design makes it ideal for both outdoor and indoor use. You will find it widely used at home, outdoors, or in the office.

Suaoki Portable Power Station Review One of the noble features of this power station is the inclusion of Type-C USB ports for charging the latest electronics. You can charge your power bank through an AC outlet, portable solar panel, or car cigarette lighter. Thus, your power station will never run out of the much-needed juice again.

Suaoki performance

You can prepare for an emergency with SUAOKI UPS Power Station. That is because it provides you adequate power to get you through any particular emergency. It does not matter whether it is a hurricane or snowstorm; you have massive power to ensure your electronics and appliances will not get depleted. If this capacity is a lot for you, go with their G500 version (one of the highest-rated portable power stations for camping and outdoor activities)

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7. nrgGo 400 Portable Power Station (300W/400Wh) – Low Budget Pick

The nrgGo 400 Portable Power Station offers you the opportunity to carry electrical power to wherever you want. It provides 400Wh which can power your small appliances. You just need to plug in your appliances whenever the power goes off. nrgGo power station review

This power bank features an ultra-fast USB-C port that allows you to easily and quickly charge the phone, laptop, or tablet from anywhere without worrying about finding an outlet. You can use AC outlets that can power anything that requires less than 300W.

nrgGo power station features

Another great feature that is worth mentioning is the informative display that gives the battery countdown time. In this way, you can easily determine the amount of power you have used and the remaining amount.

nrg400 performance

nrgGo it not a high capacity battery station. As you can see in the above table, it can only power some of the home appliances. But at this price point, it is definitely a bang for the buck, you can’t get a better station than this in the price range.


To conclude, EB150 is my favorite overall because it has a huge capacity, good features, and mainly, affordable price. Ecoflow is my second preference due to its cool-looking design and good wattage capacity. My third best pick is Goal Zero Yeti which has a decent capacity and nice look. On the lower end, I would definitely go with nrgGo 400 or Suaoki G500