Gravel Layover – A Portable Travel Blanket

I was curious when I came across this product and thought for a while, can a blanket of this size and quality provide as much comfort and warmth as a traditional blanket like a woolen or a cotton one. A deeper drive gave me more insights. This ultra-portable blanket called LAYOVER is packed with an infinite number of pockets (lol!), insulated material, and fasteners for further expansion.

Believe it or not, this cool blanket could fit in a super small carry bag/pouch that might not even consume 10% of your travel backpack. Weighing just around 350 grams. this blanket is definitely super portable. This blanket has a ton of pockets for various purposes including leg warmers, passport pocket, and whatnot. Watch the video for further understanding.


  • Weighs 11.4 Oz
  • Easily Fits in a Backpack
  • Multiple Pockets

Editor's Rating
4.3 / 5 Ratings

Editor's QuoteIt does the job but I still prefer a woolen blanket


What is The Layover? Let’s face it, traveling is exhausting. You just can’t predict when you’ll need extra comfort. Long uncomfortable flights, napping on the floor during delays, transfers, road trips... how do you stay comfortable?! We set out to take the edge off and make your journey even better. Why does this blanket make traveling better? Here's The Problem: Getting comfortable while traveling or on the go is really tough. You aren’t likely to carry your grandma’s super comfy quilt on a plane unless you want to look like you’re headed for an adult sleepover. Blankets just aren’t packable! You never know if the plane you are boarding will get drafty, if you will be stuck on a super long layover, or if you'll end up in a window seat up against the cold wall of a bus. We thought there had to be a much better way. Here's The Solution: The Layover will change the way you look at travel blankets forever. We incorporated a ton of neat features to keep you comfortable on the go. The breathable insulation core keeps you feeling just right. Fun fact: Our insulation is 100% recycled PET plastic (i.e. water bottles) & keeps high-performance standards. The attached stuff sack packs into a zippered pocket on the side of the blanket to keep it out of the way when using the blanket. Stuffing into stuff sacks is the worst. To solve this, we added 3” of extra material for easy grip & stuffing. You can then use the drawstring to quickly cinch down and convert the material down to its most compact size. We've lined the inside of the Kangaroo pocket with microfleece for a soft place for your hands.

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