VIVA Recharge – A Cool Travel Mug Under $50

With increased health consciousness in today’s world, travel mugs have become a must-have as most people seek to remain hydrated and productive all day. Despite the wide selection of travel mugs in the market, I have felt disappointed after using them.

These feelings are caused by leakage, ease of breaking, dishwasher incompatibility, and lack of insulation. Additionally, there is the need to prepare the drink then fill the mug making the Viva Travel Mug a timely gift.

Viva Recharge is a versatile collection to serve all your beverage needs. It is fitted with a Smart Brewer system that not only steeps iced and hot tea but also coffee saving you time on those rush hours. You also get full control over the duration of steeping and flavor concentration.

The double-wall design makes Viva an insulated travel mug that preserves your drink at the desired temperatures until the last sip. With its Shirshasana- certified double-sealing lid application, Viva Recharge is leakproof guaranteed hence, no clothing or documents are spoilt.

In case you are a coffee enthusiast, the interchangeable filter accords you the pleasure of turning it into a travel coffee mug to suit your taste buds. This makes it a one-fits-all from brewing to travel mug and everything in between.

Viva Recharge Mug Review

Finding a one-in-all design is likely to cost more than a dime thus, Viva’s pricing offers you a premium product at a budget-friendly price. If you are into traveling, our travel accessories guide is worth a look 🙂


  • Interchangeable Coffe and Tea Filters
  • 6h Hot and 12h Cold
  • Leak Proof and Easy to Clean
  • Smart Brewer + Travel Mug
  • 1 Year Warranty

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4.5 / 5 Ratings

Editor's QuoteCarry your brewer wherever you go with VIVA Recharge
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