Photography is a kind of passion that demands time, patience, dedication and ofcourse creativity. To become an impactful photographer you have to dig your brain as well as your heart to extract the vision, which is very significant in this field.

In this era of technology, there are so many accessories available in the market. They not only make your photography experience a lot simple but also boost your productivity. In this article, we are listing some of the coolest and most useful photography gadgets for both hobby photographers and professionals.

We have not mentioned any Gimbal stabilizers in this list as it would be too common, but if you are looking for one, consider FeiYu AK2000 or AK4000

Photography Gadgets – Our Best Picks

  • 1. ULH: The Ultimate Lens Hood

    ULH is a super useful accessory for your camera. We are featuring it here after our Youtube video on Camera Accessories went viral and people actually liked this gadget out of many others on that video. Talking about the Ultimate Lens Hood, as it says, it is a lens hood that is to protect your camera. Not limited just to protection, this gadget also helps you take pictures without reflections. For example, if you are to take a photo through a glass, it is highly likely that your capture involves some reflections. This gadget helps you completely get rid of the reflections. I am sure that this Hood helps a ton of Photographers. ultimate lens hood The hood is made of silicone material that collapses, so carrying it around will be easy. The lens hood is available for DSLR Cameras and also smartphones. The video below should explain things better. Enjoy clicking pictures.... [Read More]

  • 2. ShiftCam ProGrip – DSLR Style Mobile Battery Grip

    Every passionate photographer needs to be ready to capture those perfect shots at all times. However, it is not possible to have your camera or photography accessories at all times. Almost everyone though is armed with a phone. As much as it is possible to capture such moments using our phones, they may not be straight forward and easy to use as we may wish. Fortunately, with the ShiftCam ProGrip, you are equipped with incredible power. It is a smart grip that is ergonomically designed for your comfort, comes with a wireless charging capability and also has a power bank. This accessory will transform your smartphone into a creative photography genius. smartphone photography accessory Highlighted below are the amazing features that make this battery grip for smartphones to stand out... [Read More]

    Features You May Like
    • Ergonomic Grip
    • Portrait & Landscape Mode
    • Supports Different Lenses
    • Built-in Power Bank
    • Supports Fast Wireless Charging
    • Bluetooth Shutter

  • 3. Tourbox Controller – A Must-Have Gadget for Content Creators

    WhatsAppFacebookPinterestTwitterLinkedinRedditBeing an online content creator and a drone enthusiast, I edit a lot of videos and pictures. To be honest, I am not a professional video editor or anything but I just do it as a hobby. I use three tools for content editing, Adobe...... [Read More]

  • 4. Peter McKinnon Nomatic Camera Pack (35L)

    When it comes to aesthetics in backpacks, Nomatic has a good reputation. Their 30L travel backpack is one of the hottest bags on the internet. Not just limited to travel bags, Nomatic offers some good quality camera backpacks as well. Today, we are going to explore one such camera backpack. Meet McKinnon camera pack by Nomatic. This 35-liter camera pack is not only a backpack for carrying your camera gear but also a perfect all in one bag for traveling. This bag is also popular as Peter McKinnon backpack. [caption id="attachment_10027" align="aligncenter" width="657"] Nomatic camera pack can hold these many items[/caption] Nomatic McKinnon backpack has been carefully designed to ensure that you are very well organized while out doing what you love best. It features separate compartments for your clothing, whereas it has foldable dividers to help you properly organize all your gear. They... [Read More]

    Features You May Like
    • Up to 42L Capacity
    • Water Resistant
    • Dedicated Compartment for Cloths
    • Folding Dividers for Customization
    • Lifetime Warranty
    • Thick Shoulder Pads

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  • 5. Pivo Pod – This Smartphone Mount Tracks You Automatically

    WhatsAppFacebookPinterestTwitterLinkedinRedditHave you ever wanted to have a personal photographer who can capture stunning photos and videos? Have you ever wanted to capture mind-blowing time-lapse videos that you see on Instagram? How about a fully automatic videographer for your vlog or workout video? We have a...... [Read More]

  • 6. PGYTECH OneMo 25L Camera Backpack

    OneMo backpack by PGYTECH is one of the coolest backpacks I saw at CES 2020. This backpack is made for photographers but I personally think it is suitable for any geek who travels with a lot of gadgets and accessories. OneMo has a capacity of 25L which is good enough to carry a ton of gadgets. The backpack has a built-in pouch mode that holds your camera and lens. The whole pouch will fit inside the backpack itself. OneMo also has dedicated pockets where you can store your camera or drone batteries. Not just that, it has a battery level indicator as well. This comes handy during battery swapping. One of the most important features of this backpack is modularity. The backpack can turn into a camera bag, travel bag, and whatnot. ... [Read More]

    Features You May Like
    • Built-in Pouches
    • Water-Resistant
    • 25L capacity
    • Sweatproof
    • Perfect for Cameras & Drones

  • 7. Altura Rain Cover for DSLR Cameras

    It is really tough for a photographer to capture the desired shots when the weather is not on their side. Therefore, during those times, Altura Photo Professional Rain Cover for Large Canon Nikon DSLR Cameras can be really helpful. This product is crafted by using waterproof nylon so that it can provide the ultimate protection to your camera so that you can carry on with your photography. Apart from the rain, it also provides protection against dust, dirt, sand, snow and salt spray.


    • This product is durable as well as lightweight.
    • Provides protection from rain, snow, sand and dust.
    • Adjustable hand sleeves.


    • Sometimes, the round metal retaining ball falls off.

    8. Altura Camera Sling Backpack for DSLR and Mirror less

    If you are looking for a sling backpack that is capable of holding any branded DSLR cameras, you can opt for Altura Photo Camera Sling Backpack for DSLR and Mirrorless Cameras without any hesitation. Lightweight and durability are the two finest aspects of this bag and you can use this bag for quite a long time, no matter the place you are going. In addition to that, you can utilize this bag for carrying all the small accessories, which you will need during the time of your photography.


    • Durable and lightweight.
    • Provides utmost safety to the camera.


    • If you are using FX lenses, you will find it a bit small.

    9. Dicapac WP-S10 WaterProof DSRL Bag

    If you want to protect your camera from getting drenched when you are going swimming, skiing, kayaking, sailing, fishing, diving or snorkeling, you can choose Dicapac WP-S10 Outdoor/underwater bag without any hesitation. This tool is crafted of vinyl housing along with a polycarbonate lens.  So, you must have understood the fact that this is an amazing tool to use if underwater photography is something that enchants you.


    • It is affordable.
    • Compatible with multiple cameras.
    • Works as a dry bag outside the water.
    • Comes amazingly handy when it comes to traveling.


    • Needs proper practice to seal properly.
    • You cannot use flash while using this tool.
    • You will find it difficult to focus and zoom.

    10. Cowboystudio O-ring Flash Adapter

    If fashion photography is something that fascinates you, then is the gadget you must be looking for. When it comes to removing unwanted shadows and evenly lightening up the photo objects, this gadget for photography can come really handy. No matter where your photo sessions are going on, Cowboystudio O-ring Flash Adapter will work amazingly in case of enhancing studio lights or substituting them as well.


    • Delivers images without shadows.
    • Provides pleasant and even lights to the objects.
    • Gives pale shadows to the objects, which enhances the original look, especially on the portraits.


    • The power of these lights is a bit lower.
    • Expensive, compared to other flashlights.

    11. Polaroid Three Axis Triple Bubble Spirit Level

    Whenever you are using a tripod, you will find out that there are some levels, which are integrated within it. But in case, if you don’t have a tripod with you, this level camera cube can be stunningly useful. The finest part about this cool gadget is that it will not take up a huge space of yours and it is very light as well.


    • You don’t have to bother about space.
    • No need to worry about the weight as well.
    • You can identify easily whether your camera is set up on the preferred level or not.


    • It has poor quality control.

    12. Rolleiflex Video Stabilizers

    Rolleiflex Hipjib is another cool and affordable gadget for photographers that will make your camera movements effortless. Be it vertical movement from high above your head to the ground or panning to any direction, this tool works delightfully. To be more precise, it provides the utmost flexibility to the movements of your camera. Also, it will help you to gain stability during the time of photography.  The best part about this gadget is that you will not feel any extra weight of the camera as well as a tripod as it is regulated by the belt.


    • Enhances the smoothness of the shot.
    • Quite affordable.
    • Easy to set up and operate.


    • To make it work well, you have to spend money.

    13. Movo MT-FT47 3 AF Chrome Macro Extension tube

    The specific macro lenses are quite costly and for that reason, numerous people hesitate before opting for a macro lens. Thus, here we are presenting you the Movo MT-FT47 3-Piece AF Chrome Macro Extension tube, which is compatible with all the lenses. It will quench the thirst of your macro photography to some extent.


    • Delivers amazing close-up shots.
    • Comprises of metal bayonets.
    • Much light in weight.


    • Tubes are made up of plastic.
    • You have to try several times to connect it with the lens.

    14. Neewer 5-in-1 Collapsible Multi-Disc Light Reflector

    You can avoid spending thousands on lighting setups for the purpose of portraits because Neewer 43-inch / 110cm 5-in-1 Collapsible Multi-Disc Light Reflector with Bag is here. You can now ‘bounce’ lights to specific areas with the aid of these reflectors. In the case of macro photography, these reflectors can be really handful in filling the deep shadow areas.


    • Takes a very low space.
    • The zippers are also quite functional.
    • The size is amazingly compatible in any situation.
    • Will make your photographic life easier.
    • Pretty affordable in price.


    • Someone needs to hold the reflector.
    • Comparatively less durable.
    • The reflectors are quite rugged.
    • Not effective during the brightest of the sunny days

    These are by far the very interesting and unique photography gadgets that we discovered, if you know any other awesome accessories, let us know in the comments below.