Polaris – Smartphone Controlled Tripod Head

Doesn’t matter if you are a professional photographer or just a hobbyist, a gadget could make your life so easier. Today, we are going to have a look at a cool photography accessory called Polaris. This product is an add-on to your tripod which lets you control your DSLR from your smartphone. Its design offers convenience and is best for use among individuals who love nature, landscape, and astrophotography. To better understand this product, we shall be giving you an inside view of some of its features.

Operating Modes

Polaris is equipped with various modes that help boost its functionality significantly. These modes include;

Free mode

The free mode offers a fast and hassle-free shooting experience. This is made possible by the easy-to-use graphic interface along with the adjustable controls. The interface allows you to add custom control nodes.

Loop mode

The loop mode allows you to record the same footage continuously for a specific time by overwriting your video. Loop mode is highly essential since it helps in conserving memory’s card storage space.

Program mode

On the other hand, program mode is an auto feature that allows the camera to choose the most vital settings for you, from shutter speed to aperture. This is another feature that makes Polaris an excellent tripod.

The Polaris App

While using Polaris smart tripod head, you will not have to be near your camera at all times. You can easily control this tripod while seated in your car or relaxing in your tent, thanks to the Polaris App. You can start or stop recording, control shutter speed, aperture, and ISO while using your smartphone; this makes it a highly convenient product.


Timelapse photography has grown in popularity significantly; however, shooting one is never an easy task. This is never the case while using a Polaris tripod. While using the Polaris app, you will be able to make intervals between shots as well as duration and exposure; this makes timelapse photography pretty much straightforward.

Remote preview

You can preview your creation from your smartphones and even download it to your phone thanks to the remote DSLR preview. This makes it relatively easy to use Polaris without a card reader and a laptop or computer. The remote preview will help you process and also send your shots to your social media platforms.

Final Verdict

There are a ton of DSLR accessories in the market, from remote shutter to smart sliders. But, with Polaris, you get multiple features. It is compatible with almost any tripod and works with most DSLR or digital cameras. Also, you will get a lot of smart features including remote preview, star tracking, automated timelapse among others. On the other hand, Polaris is definitely not cheap. Costing well over $500, it may be costing more than your camera itself lol! If I were a hobbyst, I would probably think twice before spending that much.


  • Wifi & Cellular Connection
  • Built-In Power Bank
  • Remote Preview
  • Smart Controls
  • Wireless File Transfer

Editor's Rating
4.5 / 5 Ratings

Editor's QuoteThis remote controlled tripod head makes your life easy! But...I think it is slightly expensive
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