Trexo Wheels – Smart Table Top Dolly for DSLRs and Phones

While I was at CES this year, I came across this cool camera accessory from Trexo. The Trexo Wheels is a table top dolly/slider for DSLR camera, smartphones, gorpo, whatnot. Unlike a traditional slider, Trexo Wheels can help you capture both single axis shots and angular shots.

With a built-in image processing technology, the Wheels uses the camera path mode to put several key points in order to create advanced camera movements. You can draw straight, curved lines or even combing them to make complex paths.

Trexo Wheels

The accessories works with both iOS and Android devices and their smartphone app is super useful to control the device. With a touch of a button, you can draw custom paths and the slider takes care of the rest. The app is also used to set Trexo Wheels for different shooting environments, bet it an interview or a timelapse.

Trexo Wheels Complex Path Dolly

The gadget has an OLED display on it to show some basic metrics. There is also a USB C port, a couple of control buttons and a 2.5mm shutter port. The 1/4 inch mounting screw makes it compatible with so many devices. A turntable kit is also included. With this, you can take those cool 360 degree product shots.

Trexo Wheels Content Creation Tool

Trexo Wheels 360 degeree Dolly

Also, the build quality of this accessory is so so good. I mean, it’s crazy good. While it is a portable device, it is not lightweight. So, have this in mind before putting it in your backpack.


Trexo Wheels Motion Control Dolly

Overall, Trexo Wheels is a great gadget for photography enthusiasts. It is an expensive device but the features make it up for the cost. Hey DSLR lovers, get one of these and up your photography game.


  • Motion Control, Smartphone Control & API Control options
  • Supports Straight & Curved motion
  • Foldable Design
  • Silent and Smooth Motors
  • 2-4 Hours Battery Life
  • Shutter Release Port
  • Turntable Kit included
  • 4 Hours battery life (on move)

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