McKinnon Nomatic Camera Pack (35L)

When it comes to aesthetics in backpacks, Nomatic has a good reputation. Their 30L travel backpack is one of the hottest bags on the internet. Not just limited to travel bags, Nomatic offers some good quality camera backpacks as well. Today, we are going to explore one such camera backpack. Meet McKinnon camera pack by Nomatic. This 35-liter camera pack is not only a backpack for carrying your camera gear but also a perfect all in one bag for traveling. This bag is also popular as Peter McKinnon backpack.

Nomatic camera pack can hold these many items

Nomatic McKinnon backpack has been carefully designed to ensure that you are very well organized while out doing what you love best. It features separate compartments for your clothing, whereas it has foldable dividers to help you properly organize all your gear. They also made sure that you have quick access to your camera and other equipment you need during your photography adventure.

The Mckinnon camera pack is carefully put together for your ultimate comfort, with an internal suspension system that really helps you to lighten your load. You do not have to worry about the safety of your equipment as it has lockable zippers, which really helps to secure your items in place. The materials used to make this bag are high quality and water-resistant.

Features of Nomatic Camera Pack

Highlighted below are unique features that make this backpack stand out from the rest. Some of the features like expandable design, water-resistant are common in most of the gadget backpacks but some are unique to this.

Seamless Packing with Folding Dividers

The Nomatic 35L camera pack is designed to facilitate your photography adventures for up to 5 days. You can comfortably pack your clothing items to last you for that long, and still carry all your essential gear for the photography. The folding dividers are super useful to customize the storage compartments as per your needs. For example, if you have more gears, you can divide the main compartment into 4-7 blocks. This is useful to separate accessories from one another.

Peter Mckinnon Nomatic Camera Backpack

Also, the dedicated clothing compartment always lets you pack extra clothing when you need it.

Convenient Access

Since you do not want to miss out on that great shot, the backpack is designed to allow you the quickest access to the camera through a side pocket. When you require any other camera accessories, you just have to unzip and you have guaranteed easy access. Also, the easy access pockets on the front come handy for storing small items like passport, external hard drives, etc.

Comfortable Backpack

Since your camera and all its accessories are definitely heavy, this backpack for camera is designed in a manner that weight is properly distributed. This is through the help if internal support suspension, removable waist strap, as well as support straps which all make it blissful to carry your load around.

With so many useful features, Nomatic McKinnon camera pack is probably one of the aesthetically pleasing, feature-packed, and durable backpacks you can have for your gears. If you are a vlogger, photographer, or even a gadget freak, this backpack is ideal for you. To know more about this backpack, watch the review video below, or visit the product page here.


  • Up to 42L Capacity
  • Water Resistant
  • Dedicated Compartment for Cloths
  • Folding Dividers for Customization
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Thick Shoulder Pads

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4.4 / 5 Ratings

Editor's QuoteNomatic is known for its quality and aesthetics. This camera bag is worth a look
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