Spying on someone? Maybe for work or for some personal issues? Whatever be the reason, make sure you’re completely prepared before you embark on this journey. If you feel that you need some partners to help you do this work successfully, here we mention 10 names that’ll work for you. All of the gadgets and tools featured in this post are available on Amazon.com. The prices listed may slightly vary with time.

Here is a list of top 10 spy accessories that’ll make you prepared for the secret service, almost!

If you have any other recommendations, let me know in the comment section below

1. Hidden Spy Camera Pen

If you’ve been into spying before, you’ll know that hidden cameras are the most important gadgets that can get you proof against some person. You have to use cameras smartly so that no one comes to know about them. One such gadget is this GSmade hidden spy camera pen that allows you to take pictures, record videos, record loops and detect motion. It has a starlight night vision that lets you do your work even at night. So, you can continue with your spying even at low illuminations with this pen. And, who doubts a pen?


  • Starlight Night Vision Function 1080P HD Camera
  • High quality Made in Japan Camera Lens
  • 1080P HD Video In Dim Background
  • Sharp and Clear even in low illuminations
  • ‘Night View’ feature records good quality videos in dim lights
  • 32 GB SD card
  • The SD card is non-removable and non-swappable


2. RFWIN Rearview Mirror Spy Sunglasses

You definitely have to be aware of everything around you while spying on anyone. Is someone following you? Or what’s going behind your back? You can’t always turn behind and make sure if everything’s okay. And if you do so, the person following you will get to know that you’re inking ascendants. So, in such a case, you need something that can let you see what’s going behind you, that too without turning back. This is why we present you the cool and one-of-a-kind spy gadget which can actually be very helpful to you to keep an eye on what’s going behind you and play safe.


  • The specific lenses allow you to look straight ahead and still gives a clear view of what’s going on behind you.
  • Looks very stylish just like another pair of glasses but lets you see if anyone is following you without actually having eyes in the back of the head.
  • Unique Design
  • Looks like an ordinary pair of glasses. So, no one can actually doubt it.
  • Good quality lenses
  • The view is not so clear during nighttime.


3. DBPOWER RC Quadcopter Drone

DBPOWER puts all its experience, innovation and creativity to create this X400W FPV RC Quadcopter Drone. Basically, now you can reach for the sky with this drone and click pictures and record videos from a completely new perspective. Just fly this drone and control it with your smartphone. All you need to do is download “MJX H” app and connect your Wi-Fi to “MJX H” signal. Now control your device from your phone and see what the drone camera sees right on your phone. Don’t forget to press the “One Key Return” button and call it back when you’re done.


  • Built-in C4005 FPV high-resolution camera
  • Headless mode
  • One key return
  • 360-degree flip
  • Bright Led lights
  • High capacity battery
  • Easy to use
  • Good quality camera
  • Can be operated through a smartphone
  • Instructions on the box are tough to read and understand.


4. COOMAX Mini Hidden Spy Earphones

Now it’s time to convert your love for music and use earphones for spooking. Coomax has a super cool product for you for the same. This mini wireless earpiece is basically a wireless inductive receiver that helps you by transforming the audio signal by means of electromagnetic induction. The earpiece is so small that you can easily wear it without anyone knowing. So, it makes a perfect pick for places where it is inconvenient to expose earpieces. With this, you can clearly hear the voice of the person on the other side and the other person can also listen to you.


  • Compatible with almost all devices
  • Electromagnetic inductive signal
  • Supports phone call, FM and mp3
  • Loud and clear voice
  • Small and light
  • Easy and safe to wear
  • Easy to conceal
  • Doesn’t feature Bluetooth, but that’s quite okay for spying?


5. SPY USB Charger Camera

How about using the USB adapter as a camera, that can view things on your smartphone as well as laptop and tablet. With a built-in 32 GB SD card, you can easily record and store things while spying.


  • Motion Detection Function
  • 1080p HD hidden camera
  • Built-in 32 GB SD card
  • Loop Recording
  • Also a True Wall Charger
  • Looks like an ordinary adapter
  • Invites no suspicion
  • Also works good as a charger
  • Good camera quality
  • Doesn’t support external SD cards


6. Spy Tec STI GL300 Mini Portable GPS Trackers

When you don’t want to leave any scope for mistakes, you make arrangements for car tracking as well. You can do this correctly and effectively with Spy Tech STI GL300 Mini Portable GPS Trackers.


  • Small and compact
  • Keeps correct tracks of cars
  • Perfect for tracking vehicles
  • Gives correct information about cars
  • Compact size doesn’t come to notice easily
  • Not mobile-friendly


7. JMDHKK Anti Spy RF Detector

When you’re not expecting a backfire, make sure you have a JMDHKK anti-apy RF detector with you. This will let you know about any other spy gadgets around you that someone might have placed for you. Stay safe, play safe.


  • Can detect all hidden wired or wireless, magnetic field or radio wave gadgets
  • Led Laser Technology
  • Good quality
  • Detects all hidden spy devices
  • Quite hard to understand how to operate. But once you do, it’s great.


8. U-TIMES Leather RFID Cell Phone Signal Blocking Pouch

This is a leather pouch for cell phones which can block RFID signals. The pouch is useful if you want to protect yourself from RFID theft. Normally, RFID theft happens for Credit/Debit cards but it can certainly affect smartphones too. This leather pouch may not look great but it will do the job.


  • Blocks phone signals
  • RFID Blocking & Anti-Degaussing & Anti-Radiation
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Easy to use and carry
  • Not actuary a con, but improvement can be made by adding belts or straps to wear it.


9. The Spy Bolt Covert Hidden Contents Secret Container

This is a hollow bolt with a capacity to hide a volume of 2.8 cubic inches. So, when you’re spying, you can hide money, bills or other small valuables in this bolt without any fear of theft.


  • 8 Cubic Inches Capacity
  • O-Ring seal
  • Reverse Threading
  • 2 bolts – one small and one big.
  • Perfect for hiding small valuables
  • Avoids theft with reverse threading
  • Not stainless-steel composition


10. KEQI Super HD Wrist Smart Watch

Smartwatches can do much more than just telling you the time. KEQI has come up with a smart wristwatch that can actually help you in spying. Here are the features, pros and cons for the same:


  • Photos, Audio and Video Recording
  • 2K High Definition color video
  • Enable or Disable Timestamp
  • 60 minutes battery life
  • Sleek, fashionable design
  • Clear pictures
  • Good video quality
  • Discreet look
  • Nothing as such

So, these are the top 10 gadgets that make you a better spook. Most of these gadgets are for adults as they require some amount of expertise to use them. If you like any of the above spy tools, buy one for yourself and be a scout! Also, we kindly request you not to use any of these gadgets for illegal or bad purposes.

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