Not long ago, electric bikes came into existence, but not so many people were convinced that the novel means of transport would be meaningful to their daily lives. Electric bikes come in different types, price ranges and features. This article is mainly focused on those who are looking for an ebike under 2000 bucks. I have spent more than 5 hours researching and hand-picking these bikes. All these bikes are of the highest quality, feature-packed and are from reputable companies.

Good thing, however, times have changed and the market has expanded. Even though you can still opt to spend more than $10,000 on a premium electric bike, it’s not necessary. There are lots of affordable options under $2,000, and grabbing the worthiest one should be the aim.

Before having a look at our top picks of the best sub $2000 e-bikes on our list, let’s first go through a couple of things that you should consider when buying an e-bike.

If you are looking for something affordable, you may check out our ebike picks under $1500 and $1000 

So, what should you pay attention to when choosing an e-bike?

When choosing an electric bike, let alone its price, the following are the three main factors that you should consider:

Design and build quality

Electric bikes come in different designs, sporty, commuter, utility, luggage carrier, etc. This is very important and should directly relate to your purpose. So, please spend some time determining which type you need. Build quality is another factor where you will have to look at the materials used, the weight of the bike, rims and racks, etc.


Different e-bikes from different companies come in at variable costs which gives rise to a variation in features. Pay attention to the mileage, speed, gear system, charging time, and most importantly, the motor power of your preferred e-bike. My primary preferences are speed, torque, display and mileage.


The brand that you choose is a considerably crucial factor. That’s in consideration that different brands have different objectives, which affects other factors such as quality, performance, and others. Besides, different brands have different customer support, which can affect your overall experience and satisfaction. In this article, I have carefully hand-picked the products from the best brands because you shouldn’t be spending 2000 bucks on a bike just to regret the terrible after-sales customer support.

Top e-Bikes Under $2,000 – Expert Picks

Now that you know more about what you should pay attention to when choosing an e-bike, let’s go ahead and have a closer look at our top picks. If you have used any of these bikes and have some feedback, feel free to leave them in the comment section at the end of the post.

1. RadRover 5 Fat Tire Electric Bike

This may seem like a bulky bike that is quite difficult to handle, but that’s not the case. With an aluminum frame and top-quality parts, this bike handles even better than some smaller bikes within the same range. The fat, puncture-resistant tires from Kenda not only enhance the overall stability of RadRover 5 but also make it comfortable to ride.

The bike features a 750W motor that is driven by a 48V, 14 Ah battery. You can expect around 23mph speed (depends largely on the payload, terrain and pedal assist). With a mileage of about 45 miles, you can take this bike on a long ride. The max payload capacity is 275 lbs and please note, the bike does not come with a rack. So, if you want to carry a second passenger, you might want to purchase a rack.

To increase your comfort even further, this bike features a custom front suspension with preload adjustment, 80 mm of travel, and lockout. You never have to worry about losing control while on this bike, owing to the fact that it has 180 mm mechanical disc brakes for reliable stopping power even in the most challenging terrain.

RadPowerBikes have so many options. If you are looking for a compact bike with almost the same features as RadRover 5, you might take a look at RadRover Step-Thru 1. With significantly similar features, the RadRover Step-Thru 1 is a fat tire electric bike with a low-step frame style that makes it suitable for riders with different needs.

Both RadRover 5 and RadRover Step-Thru 1 e-bikes come in at the same price, which is about  $1,699. Each of these bikes is available in two color options, which further shows RadRover’s commitment to suiting the different preferences and needs of riders.

One thing to keep in mind about RadRover is that it’s a company that is renowned for quality, customer satisfaction, and variety. They offer free test rides in select cities to give you a clear impression of how it feels to own a Rad e-bike.

Notable specs

  • 750W geared hub motor
  • 48V, 14 Ah Li-Ion battery
  • 45+ miles range per single charge
  • 275 lb load capacity
  • Puncture-resistant tire


2. Ride1Up 700 Series

The Ride1Up 700 Series e-bike is a perfect definition of the ultimate electric biking experience. Fitted with a powerful 48V, 14ah Reention battery that uses Samsung cells, you can easily achieve a maximum range of 30-50 miles, depending on factors such as incline, rider’s weight, and terrain.

The 48V battery powers the 700 series’ 750W geared hub motor which in turn puts out a whooping 60nm of torque, for suitability in different riding situations. It’s not a surprise that with clever power and motor integration, this e-bike is able to attain a maximum speed of 28mph, allowing you to reach your destinations even faster.

This bike has a frame built of lightweight alloy, which explains how the bike is able to have a total weight of 62lbs with the rack and fenders in place. Even though this is not the lightest an e-bike can get, it’s manageable.

Besides, with a removable integrated battery system, you can easily get an extra battery and swap your power sources when need be. That way, you never have to get to a point where you feel disrupted while in the middle of your rides. But please note that an additional battery can be super heavy to carry with.

Ride1Up is a reputable ebike company with amazing reviews. You will love the fact that almost every other e-bike from Ride1Up has a high-quality make. As if that’s not amazing enough, they have a fantastic customer support team that is always ready to offer customers some assistance where they can.

Takeaway features

  • 48V, 14 ah battery
  • 750W, 60nm torque geared hub motor
  • A comfortable range of 30-50 miles
  • 28 mph with pedal assist and 20 mph throttle alone
  • 2.2 inch LCD Display


3. Juiced Scrambler Electric Adventure Bike

If you are after quality and luxury, you would not go wrong with a Juiced bike. Available in two different versions (city and camp models), you can now meet your riding needs more easily and efficiently.

As one of the best luxury electric bikes under two grand, the Juiced Scrambler makes use of a 52V battery setup that is available in 13Ah and 19.2Ah versions. These batteries power a 750W Bafang motor that is capable of reaching speeds of up to 28 MPH. The bike has a range of about 45-50 miles but this depends on a lot of factors just like speed.

With a 7-speed transmission, you get to move at the speed that you are comfortable with, which depends on how far you push the twist throttle. Amazingly, the Juiced Scrambler Adventure bikes use hydraulic disc brakes which ticks off stopping capability from your worry list.

You can also opt for the Juiced CrossCurrent X which is a different model in Itself, even though it has quite a lot in common with the Juiced Scrambler model. The CrossCurrent S2 model, can, however, be classified as an upgrade to the Scrambler, which explains its higher cost. Whatever model you go with, you will enjoy reliable customer support for unparalleled assistance when such needs arise.

Unlike many other ebikes, Scrambler has a seat that is long enough to carry a second passenger

Key features to love about the Juiced Scrambler

  • Hydraulic brakes for better stopping power
  • Two battery options to choose from
  • 750-watt Bafang motor
  • Different riding modes ranging from an ECO mode to Sport and Race modes
  • 7-speed transmission
  • 28 MPH speed
  • 45+ Mile Range
  • Advanced LCD Display


4. Aventon Level Commuter Bike

Aventon recently released an upgraded version called Level.2. You may check it out. It is more expensive than Level but the features are great

The first thing that you will note about the Aventon Level e-bike is that it has a lot of 5-star ratings and awesome reviews from customers on different platforms. Well, that’s not much of a surprise, taking into consideration that this is a well-built bike and that it is versatile enough to suit a wide range of riders.

This e-bike uses a 48V, 14Ah battery that is sufficient enough to run the powerful 750W brushless rear hub motor. With such an amount of power, you are able to throttle from a complete stop to a maximum speed of up to 28 MPH while using pedal assist and 20 MPH while on throttle alone. Moreover, the battery supports fast charging and it takes under 5 hours to fully charge it.

This has featured as one of the best commuter bikes under 2000 that is best suited for the commute to school or work. Also, since it features a rack/carrier, you can probably use it to get some groceries too!

Aventon’s commitment to making commuter bikes that cover a wide range of riders’ needs is one of the reasons why their other models such as the Pace 500 sell at a significantly large rate (Pace 500 costs well under $1500). Aventon produces affordable bikes suitable for both men and women. Most of their bikes are commuter bikes. Their customer care is good too.

Features of Aventon Level

  • 28 MPH on pedal assist and 20 MPH on throttle alone
  • Power 750 W brushless motor
  • 48V, 14 Ah battery with fast charging support
  • 5 pedal assist levels
  • A maximum range of 40mi depending on various factors
  • Large LCD Display


5. RadRunner Plus Electric Utility Bike

The RadRunner Plus is an amazing utility e-bike under 2000 that gives you amazing value for your money. This e-bike has a lot in common with the RadRover 5 that we saw earlier on this list, even though there are some main differences such as design, build and load capacity, taking into consideration that the RadRunner Plus has a 25 pounds extra capacity compared to the Rad Rover 5. In total, this bike has a payload capacity of 300 lbs which is excellent.

Both bikes, however, use a 48V, 14 Ah battery that powers a 750W geared hub motor with 80nm of torque which conquers climbs and heavy loads without struggling. Just like the RadRover 5, the RadRunner Plus has a range of 45+ miles on a single charge which is the result of using high-quality components that deliver the best performance. Also, it has 5 levels of pedal assist with a max speed of 20 mph (TBD)

Just like Juiced scrambler, RadRunnder plus can also carry an additional passenger

I know we have 2 Rad bikes on this list. That is because RadPower is one of the most popular ebike producers. They are known for quality, variety and customer satisfaction. They also offer free test rides in select cities which most other companies don’t.

What you will love about the RadRunner Plus

  • Puncture-resistant tires
  • Full fenders (protects you from the elements)
  • Proprietary passenger package
  • Low-step frame design
  • Wide tires and suspension fork for added riding comfort
  • 45+ range
  • 300lb payload capacity


6. eAhora AM200 Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike

The eAhora AM200 is simply one of the best electric mountain bikes you can invest in, taking into consideration the amazing features that it is loaded with. The first factor that you would be interested in when buying an off-road mountain bike is the riding comfort, and with this bike, that’s really not an issue.

This is a Softail mountain bike with both front and rear air suspension for maximum riding comfort. As if that’s not enough, the bike is fitted with fat tires to even out the bumps even further, making you feel as though you are riding on an airy road.

Comfort is not all that this bike has to offer, considering that it has a 750W brushless motor that is capable of handling different terrains and inclines. The motor is powered by a 48V, 10.4 Ah battery that uses Samsung tech for added reliability as you explore different bike trails.

eAhora has something called E-PAS which is a power regeneration system that intelligently utilizes and regenerates the battery power as you go up and downhill. You can learn more about E-PAS on the product page. The bike has an Electric Mode Mileage of 55-60 miles, E-PAS Mode: 55-70 miles, Sport Mode: 60-80 miles. The bike has a payload capacity of 300lbs and weighs 60lbs. Please note, the bike does not come with a rack. The speed is about 28 mph or 45 km/h.

You can also access a wide range of amazing e-bikes from eAhora on their Amazon store.

What to love about the eAhora AM200

  • Power regeneration technology that recharges your battery when riding
  • Full air suspension plus fat tires for maximum comfort
  • Hydraulic brake system for maximum effectiveness and reliability
  • Anti-puncture fat tires
  • Brushless motor with a 750W peak power output
  • About 60 miles range
  • 28 mph speed


7. Ride1Up LMT’D Edition

Despite being an emerging company, Ride1Up has fantastic e-bikes. I definitely don’t regret including two of their products on this list because their bikes are futuristic yet affordable. The LMT’D edition is one of the newest models from Ride1Up that uses a 48V, 14 Ah battery by Reention to run the 750W rear motor of this bike.

With 100nm of torque, this motor is powerful enough to navigate different terrains and handle a maximum load of 275lbs. With such power, you need powerful brakes to give you better control of the bike, which is why Ride1Up fitted dual-piston Tektro hydraulic brakes to this unit for efficient stopping power. The bike has a speed of 28mph (with pedal assist) and 20mph (throttle alone). The range is anywhere between 30 – 50 miles and it largely depends on the terrain, rider’s weight, level of assist, etc.

The Ride1Up LMT’D edition uses an RST air fork front suspension with 80mm of travel distance, to increase your comfort even when you take an off-road trail. For the rider who is more focused on their workout performance, this bike features an integrated sensitive cadence sensor that helps you keep track of your speed and cadence values.

Best features of this bike

  • Integrated cadence sensor
  • RST Asteria air fork for increased comfort
  • Dual-piston hydraulic brakes
  • 30-50 mi maximum range (depends on user’s weight, incline, pedal-assist, and terrain)
  • 28 mph on pedal assist and 20mph on throttle
  • Up to 50 miles range



The e-bikes featured in this buyers’ guide are definitely worth consideration. All of these bikes are best in their own sense. But, which is the best electric bike under 2000 then? Well, it depends. While some people may like the sporty type of bike, others may prefer the compact, luggage carrier type. I will try to give my two cents here.

My top pick would be Ride1Up 700 because it offers the best balance between performance, comfort, and value for money. The second pick is Radrover 5. Their bikes are of the highest quality and their customer satisfaction is excellent. Coming to utility bikes, I personally don’t like them but if I had to buy one, I would go with Juiced Scrambler, it has rave reviews and good specs but is a lil expensive.

The Ride1Up LMT’D may be the most expensive e-bike on this list, but that does not take away the fact that it has a combination of features that make it stand out. The Juiced Scrambler bikes would be a good option for the rider who is keen on having a bike that meets their off-roading or on-roading needs in the best way possible.

Aventon is a good brand too. Their bikes are perfect if your main purpose is to use the bike for commuting. eAhora is excellent too, it has features that make me go wow since they are too good to be true. But on the flip side, the bike has good user reviews on Amazon which is more important to consider.

Overall, every e-bike included in this buying guide is surely worth a look. As such, you can pick the bike that pleases you the most, knowing that you won’t regret it in the end. Go through them one by one, read detailed user reviews on the product page and choose the one that ticks most of your requirements.

My personal advice: Although some manufacturers like Ecotric, Ancheer, Natko, etc produce good e-bikes but I would not recommend them when you are going for an expensive $2000 product. You may choose them if you are going for a $500 to $1000 bike.