Bluetti AC500 – 5kW Home Backup Battery Generator

Bluetti has come a long way after their EB150, which was a 1000W power station that they launched about 3 years ago. Their battery generators now are more powerful, modular and smart. The addition of AC500 makes Bluetti an all-rounder in the power station field. A whole home power station like this can replace the traditional home inverters one day.

Let us have a look at AC500 and some of its prominent features

5,000W Power Rating with 10,000W Surge

AC500 is a whole home power station. Although it is to be as an emergency power backup/UPS, it can comfortably power an entire mid-sized home. The 5kW power is good enough for many HVACs, cloth dryers and many other power-hungry devices.

Modular & Expandable Battery Capacity

Since the last few variants, Bluetti has changed from a fixed battery capacity to an expandable battery capacity. AC500 comes with a base battery capacity of 3,072Wh but you can add up to 6 B300S each of which is 3,072Wh which will bring the total to 18,432Wh. With this much power, you can stay off-grid for weeks.

Versatile Generator

The AC500 battery station can be used for various purposes. Some of the prominent ones are,

  • It can be integrated into your home grid by a transfer switch for both power outages and regular use. If you have solar panels, it easily cuts down your electricity costs.
  • Another good way to use AC500 is in RVs or campers. With this much power, you can easily stay in your RV for weeks without having to search for an AC outlet.
  • If you have DIY workplaces or mobile workshops, AC500 is a great fit. With modular design, you won’t find it hard to transport it.

With proper combination and accessories, AC500 can easily support 240V devices too.

16 Outlets

The power station is equipped with 16 ports in total which should include almost every utility port you can think of. It even houses lesser known L14-30R and NEMA 14-50R ports that are used for high power devices such as cloth dryers.


AC Charging – 4,500W max

Solar Charging – 3,000W max

AC + Solar Combined Charging – 8,000W max

3,000W of PV solar panel input is insane. I mean, think about it, it is just like an off-grid UPS system. With 3kW solar power, you can easily keep your house off-grid. My parents have a home inverter that has 700W solar input and it is good enough to power basic necessities during prolonged power outages.

Smartphone App

With Bluetti’s smartphone app, you can control the power station from anywhere. First, you connect the station to your WiFi network and then you will be able to control it via IOT as long as it is connected to the internet. In the absence of WiFi, you can also use Bluetooth for connection.

Cold Resistant

The battery is equipped with an intelligent temperature adaptive function to self-heat the battery to carry on its operation even at a temperature of -104℉ or -40℃.

And Many More

These are just the tip of the AC500. There are so many more features and use cases of AC500. You can head over to their crowdfunding campaign page to learn more about the product, watch some demo videos and see if it is a good fit for your needs.


  • Modular design
  • 5,000W power capacity
  • 10,000W surge rating
  • 3,000W Solar Input capacity
  • Up to 8,000W input capacity (solar + outlet combined)
  • Additional batteries can be added later

Editor's Ratings
4.6 / 5 Ratings

Editor's QuoteWith the introduction of AC500, Bluetti is slowing moving towards home solutions