Biigloo – Aerogel Filled Sleeping Bag Review

The right sleeping bag can keep you warm and cozy, even in harsh weather conditions. There are so many sleeping bags out there but this one named Biigloo has some of the most unique features you can find. Its got an extreme -40°F resistance, aerogel material and an elegant design.

In this review, we will be taking a closer look at Biigloo, exploring its features, comfort, and overall performance to help you decide if it’s the right choice for your next camping trip.

Build Quality / Material

The shell fabric of this bag is made up of ultra-file nylon material and the fill material is 1mm Aerogel bio-fleece. Aerogel is a special material that is lightweight and has good temperature isolation properties.

The quality of the product is impeccable, I can guarantee that. The material feels very premium and looks elegant too. I’m very happy with its build quality.

It has a scary, mummy-shaped design. Comes in 6 different colors and 2 sizes. The regular size is good for people up to 6′ and the Long size accommodates people up to 6’7″. Mine is the 6′ variant and being 5.11ish, I found the dimensions to be perfect for me.


When I first touched the material, I did not like how it felt. The reason is, I don’t like silky/nylon clothes. It is not as comfy as cotton. But, to my surprise, when I got in and tucked myself, I did not feel any discomfort at all. Remember, when you are out camping or doing something outdoors in cold weather, you will be wearing full-sleeved shirts and pants. So, the skin contact area is very small.

If you still feel discomfort with nylon, you can purchase a cotton liner.

The bag is perfectly sized. Not too tight but not too loose either. It is hard to turn sideways once you zip it up but you can still move your arms, legs, etc.

I am very satisfied with the comfort this bag offers.

Temperature Isolation

Biigloo is rated for -40°F/-40°C which is insane. I live in Texas and it is very rare that the temp goes under -2°C. When I tested, the outside temperature was 6°C/41°F and the bag did a really good job in warming me.

Before I got in, I kept the bag fully opened outside, on the lawn, without any base/insulating surface for about 3 hours. The outside surface was very cold but the inside was surprisingly warm. I got in, zipped it and within 5-10 minutes, I could already feel the warmth. It was good enough to sleep well, gazing at the stars.


The bag is equipped with a Two way YKK zipper that can be operated from outside as well as inside. If you try to zip it from the outside, it may get stuck here and there but I have had no issues zipping it from the inside. You normally get in and use your left hand to zip yourself (if you are a stomach sleeper, you can use the right hand to zip it). Unzipping is very easy too.


Biigloo weighs about 4 lbs (~1.8 kg) which is in the same range as any other popular sleeping bag. However, it does not compress very well. Cannot fit in a regular backpack but it does fit in a camping bag. But I’m afraid it takes too much volume so you may not have enough space to carry other essentials.

If you are backpacking, this is probably not a good option for you. On the other hand, if you are traveling by car or have good space in your luggage, Biigloo is perfect.

Water and Wind Resistance

The bag is both windproof and waterproof. When I tried it outdoors, it did a good job of resisting the wind. However, I could not test the waterproof feature yet. They say it’s resistant up to 10,000 mm of water which is more than enough.


Biigloo is currently being crowdfunded on Kickstarter. Once it completes the crowdfunding phase, it is most likely to make its appearance on their official site as well as on major retailers like Amazon. It might take several months for that to happen. So, if you have a chance, get it now on Kickstarter. It is being sold at a reduced price too.


  • Build quality is great
  • Soft and comfortable inside
  • Two way YKK zipper
  • -40°F/-40°C Cold Resistance
  • All-round windproof
  • 10,000mm waterproof
  • Lightweight (Aerogel material)
  • Machine washable
  • 35L Volume (45*30*30cm dimension)

Editor's Rating
4.7 / 5 Ratings

Editor's QuoteI love the quality of this bag. It is also very comfortable to sleep in. You can't go wrong with Biigloo.
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