Moonside Lamp One – Smart, RGB Lamp Review

This has to be the most aesthetically pleasing table lamp I’ve ever owned. Just take a look at it; it’s incredibly stylish and visually appealing. And it’s not just in pictures; in real life, it’s just as magnificent. Allow me to introduce you to Moonside Lamp One, a smart table lamp.

Moonside is a company that offers a variety of lights, and some of their popular options include the Neon Lighthouse, Neon Hex, and, of course, the Lamp One. Each of these lamps has a unique design but shares the same level of beauty.

Let us dive deep into Lamp One and its features


The Lamp One offers RGB support and boasts 120 individually addressable dynamic color zones, or pixels. This means you have the flexibility to program each pixel to display a different color, allowing you to create stunning and unique patterns.

It even gives you the opportunity to showcase your country’s flag, which would be a really cool feature to try out.


The Lamp One app includes five preset scenes: bedtime, relax, energetic, and more. Thanks to the power of IoT (Internet of Things), you can conveniently schedule different scenes to activate at specific times of the day. Additionally, you have the ability to adjust the brightness level to your liking.


The lamp can be controlled in several ways. The easiest is through the phone app via Bluetooth. It can also connect to WiFi, so, you can also use voice assistants to control it. Lastly, you can create smart routines in the assistant apps like Google Home and make the lamp change light/brightness at certain time, etc.

Smartphone App

The smartphone app is very minimalistic and easy to use. It offers on/off controls, color scenes (eg: warm white, cool white, fire like, relax, etc), brightness, etc.

Note: The lamp does not require the app and can function without it. But to change colors and brightness, the app is essential.

The app does not require you to create an account. So, it is quick and easy. Here is the setup procedure.


  • You plug the USB A to USB C cable to power the lamp. FYI: The cable is about 100cm long and high quality.
  • At first, you’ll have to pair the lamp with your phone via Bluetooth. Then you can configure wifi and allow it to be controlled over the internet.
  • The app could be buggy at times, especially during wifi setup
  • Once connected to Wifi, you can integrate it with your favorite smart home control such as Alexa and Google Home

My Experience

I have been using the lamp for about 2 months now and I absolutely love it. I keep it on all the time. The scenes, especially the relax and energetic ones, are so cool. I adore the design and the build quality. The lamp’s material gives the light a soft and pleasing look. I have kept near a window, but it also looks great on a table or behind your monitor/TV.


  • Dynamic Multi LED Color Zones
  • Bluetooth + Wi-Fi Control
  • App Control, Goolge Home, Alexa, IFTTT smart home control
  • Endless Color Effects, Customizable Lighting Themes
  • Aesthetic Design

Editor's Rating
4.7 / 5 Ratings

Editor's QuoteThis looks absolutely beautiful on a table
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