I come across thousands of cool products in various niche every year. Just that a product is cool doesn’t mean they are good in quality as well. I own so many cool gadgets myself but most of them aren’t just worth the price. But on the other hand, there are some gadgets that are so good that I couldn’t resist recommending them.

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In this post, I have listed some of the coolest gadgets and tech accessories that cost no more than $100. All of these products are available online and are perfect for gifting your loved ones. Feel free to read more about the individual product by clicking on the read more link after each product.

If you have any suggestions for this list, let me know in the comment section below and I may include it in this post.

Coolest Gadgets & Tech Products under $100

  • 1. Floately Magnetic Floating Light Bulb

    Meet Volta by Floately, an amazing piece of bulb that will not only light up your space but will also add incredible style to your home or office. It is a scientific piece of marvel that will leave your guests wowed. The bulb floats in the air from its base owing to an electromagnetic field that is generated between the bulb and its base. Floately floating light bulb review This floating light bulb will complement your already trendy home or office. You will easily operate this floatily levitating light by touch controls making... [Read More]

    Features You May Like
    • 50,000 Hours Lifetime
    • Magnetic Levitation
    • Touch Controls

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  • 2. Pico – A Garden In Your Palm

    Growing plants can be difficult. Perhaps the climate where you live is not quite right, or perhaps you find yourself too busy to keep up with maintenance. This is where the Pico Palm Garden can help out immensely. Pico does all the hard work for you, it really is a garden made fun and easy. The Pico Palm Garden is a self-watering plant pot which also boasts built-in grow lamps. Pico does what's best for your plants, ensuring they get all the love they need. pico palm garden Not only is the Pico incredibly functional, but also extremely convenient. With an aesthetically pleasing minimalistic design, this plant pot can be put almost anywhere, regardless of sunlight or water access. Pico can be hung onto your wall, placed on your desk or attached to fridges, windows or anything else magnetic. The Pico plant helps you to grow fresh herbs, or great smelling flowers, in an... [Read More]

    Features You May Like
    • Auto Watering
    • Grow Lights
    • Palm-Sized
    • Place Plants Anywhere

  • 3. SwitchBot Curtain Robot

    SwitchBot is a cool gadget that can make any curtain smart...On their crowdfunding campaign, they claim that this device could make any type of curtain smart but I was not so sure of it until I personally tested it while I was at CES 2020. SwitchBot is wireless, smart and super convenient to use. Using this smart accessory is very simple. Just clamp it on to your curtain rod and Switchbot will take care of the rest. Since not every curtain is the same, Switchbot comes with a set of addons that you can use. Coming to the features, this gadget connects to your smartphone through which you can control your curtain. You can set schedules so that the bot will automatically open or close the... [Read More]

    Features You May Like
    • Voice control
    • Wireless & App Connected
    • Approximately 8 months of battery life
    • Supports Alexa, Google Home and Siri

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  • 4. Shine Bathroom Assistant Cleans Your Toilet Automatically

    How many of you hate cleaning your toilet frequently? I know it sucks. That's why I am here writing about a gadget called Shine that takes care of your toilet without your intervention. Considering that our days begin in the privacy of this room, the state we find it in can either turn us into instant vocalists or drastically ruin our day. Broken pipes, leakages, and unpleasant smells are the last thing you need when preparing to take on the world. Shine Automatic Toilet Cleaner is undeniably a lifesaver when it comes to home automation. Shine automatically cleans your toilet by using Electrolyzed Water Technology that uses no chemicals but is extremely effective against bacteria. Shine is smart, it can be controlled with your Smartphone or Voice Assistant like Alexa. Once you give a command on the app or attempt to flush, Shine fills up the toilet bowl with electrolyzed water... [Read More]

    Features You May Like
    • Automatically Cleans Toilet
    • Water Leakage Detection
    • Auto Deodorizes
    • Chemical-Free Cleaning
    • 6 Month Rechargeable Battery
    • Smartphone App Integration

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  • 5. Airo Collective Stealth Wallet – Razor

    You will definitely need a wallet as you go about your day to day activities, whether you are headed to a boardroom meeting or you are headed to the beach. A man will need a safe and compact space where they can store their business cards, money, and other important accessories. The awesomely designed airo collective stealth wallet ensures that you carry all your important cards and cash without having to bear with the bulkiness of traditional wallets. airo collective stealth wallet Let us look at the reasons why this wallet is a must-have for every man. Super Slim Wallet This airo stealth wallet is made very slim so that your comfort is always assured. You do not have to sit uncomfortably as is the case with other traditional wallets that are thick. It will still retain its thinness even when you put bills and cards. Also Airo Collective is the answer... [Read More]

    Features You May Like
    • Ultra Thin
    • Ultra Strong (Uses High Grade Materials)
    • RFID Protected
    • Sweat and Water Resistant

  • 6. RHINOKEY Titanium Key Organizer with LED

    To enjoy the Rhinokey key organizer you don’t have to be any particular sort of man.  You may be macho, metro or Crocodile Dundee; geek, sleek or corporate.  This Renaissance titanium key organizer appeals to all seasons of men. The Rhino key EDC tool is as multifunctional and versatile as the men for whom it was designed.  All keys are hidden inside a rectangular titanium case measuring 3 1/4 inches by 1 1/4 inches.  It fits in the palm of your hand.  It slides easily into front or back pockets.  No keys spill out. Instead, all keys are stacked and hidden inside the lightweight, rectangular titanium case.  A single key may be selected or multiple keys may be fanned out if one is going through a series of locks.  It is a jack knife for keys. Rhinokey key organizer The Rhinokey key organizer reflects the designers’ extreme attention to... [Read More]

    Features You May Like
    • Stack 1 to 10 keys of any kind
    • Multifunctional
    • LED light
    • Titanium Built
    • No damaged pockets

  • 7. Evapolar evaCHILL Portable Air Conditioner

    Evapolar evaChill is one of the best and the worthiest gadget you can ever get under $100. This portable air conditioner is probably the only portable AC that looks good, is feature-packed and extremely affordable. Having a personal AC like this has a ton of advantages, one of them is portability. This gadget can humidify, clean, and cool the air around you. It is ultra-portable and can fit in your backpack or luggage. Evachill looks super clean and aesthetic on any table. The LED lights at the back make it look sick. It utilizes their proprietary filtering and cooling mechanism which can efficiently provide the air conditioning for upto 9 hours on a single... [Read More]

    Features You May Like
    • Evaporative Air Cooler
    • Humidifier
    • Lasts upto 9 Hours on Single Refill
    • Lightweight and Portable
    • Cleans Air around you

  • 8. Kami Wireless Outdoor Camera

    I always wanted to have a wire-free surveillance camera, you know why? Because I can literally attach it to a coconut tree in my backyard. That seems odd but I really need to do so to monitor the birds that nest in a nearby tree. Without a wireless camera like Kami, it would have been a nightmare to me. Kami wire free outdoor security camera is 100% wireless, you don't need power supply nor ethernet connection (used by CCTV cameras). It is weatherproof, so you can use it on a rainy day or a snowy season.  

    Kami is probably the tiniest wireless home camera I have seen
    One of the limitations of wire-free IP cameras is the battery life. Take my case, if I fix the camera on the coconut tree, it is a hassle for me to bring it down and charge it on and again. Luckily, with Kami, you get up to 6 months battery... [Read More]

    Features You May Like
    • Fully Wireless
    • IP-65 Weatherproof
    • Battery Life up to 6 Months
    • Wide Angle View

  • 9. Pamu Unique – The Best Looking Bluetooth Earbuds

    When I first saw these earbuds, the first thing that came into my mind is the aesthetics. It is not the earbuds that make it look good, it is the case and its cover that look super sick!!!! Pamu earbuds have been known for a while and the manufacturer, Padmate Tech has a good reputation in bringing out the best earbuds at a very reasonable price. Some of their hottest products include Pamu Scroll and Slide. Pamu Unique is a new addition to their family and is by far the best-looking earbuds in their collection. Not only limited just to look, but the Unique earbuds also have a ton of cool features that make it stand apart from others in a similar price point. One of the best features I liked is the USB Type C option. In 2020 and beyond, more... [Read More]

    Features You May Like
    • Upto 30 Hours Playtime
    • Touch Control
    • Wireless Charging
    • Type C Fast Charging

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  • 10. Yescom LifeSmart LED Smart Hexagon Touch Lights

    Yescom LifeSmart is an incredible DIY LED light kit that is equipped with 10 light blocks as well as 1 table-top base. In addition to that, this Wi-Fi smart LED light kit features 10 wall mounting bases that are highly flexible. With this device, you will be able to enjoy the fantastic part of DIY. There are 10 blocks which you can splice them together and create your unique shape and design. You will be able to enjoy... [Read More]

    Features You May Like
    • Smartphone Control
    • Alexa and Google Home Support
    • Do it Yourself
    • Wall Mounted or Table Top Usage
    • RGB LED Lights

  • 11. Ekster Parliament is a Must Have Wallet for Men

    As technology continues to update all the different ways we can spend and receive money, shouldn’t your wallet update too? Get the best in men's accessory options with a smart wallet. Gadgets like the Ekster wallet are designed to keep your cards safe, secure, and easy to access.

    Meet Ekster Parliament, one of the best smart wallets under $100
    What sets this product apart from others is its attention to detail. All of its features are designed to streamline the process of accessing your money, starting with the cardholder. The 0.3-inch thick cardholder is surprisingly thin, bend-proof, and has RFID protection built-in. This means that your cards will be intact whenever you need them, and you’ll be safe from any card skimmers. It’s also got an easy access function that allows you to clearly see and select any of your cards with just the push of a button. That eliminates all the guesswork of... [Read More]

    Features You May Like
    • Up to 200 ft (60 m) Bluetooth Coverage
    • RFID Blocking Enabled
    • Solar Powered Tracker
    • Compatible with Google Assistant, Alexa and Siri
    • Premium leather Build

  • 12. Robobloq Coding Robot – A Cool STEM Toy

    Meet, Qobo, one of the coolest coding robots for kids. With Qobo, your kids can play, learn and master coding skills. What has attracted me most is the signs and Qobo’s card recognizing capability. The game maker has thoughtfully designed the coded cards. If I were to give this to my kids, I am pretty sure they find no difficulty in setting it up. Truly, Robobloq is the best for kids of about 3 to 8 years.  

    The look of this robot toy is kinda cute. Awww, those tiny little eyeballs! Unlike a traditional remote control toy, this robot can be programmed via your smartphone or laptop. With drag and drop programming, the interface can be used by a 5-year-old kid too.

    ... [Read More]

    Features You May Like
    • Supports Programming via PC
    • 30 Puzzle Cards Included
    • Interactive
    • Audio Enabled

  • 13. HybridDrive – Expandable Storage Hub with SSD Storage

    If you ever own a 14" touchscreen or 2 in 1 laptop, you must be knowing the problem of having a limited number of ports. Most of the thin and lightweight laptops these days are getting rid of multiple ports including USB A. I know it is inconvenient but the manufacturers have no other way to reduce the size and weight. Without ports like HDMI and SD card, it may be hard for users, particularly multi-taskers who tend to hook the laptop to a monitor and content creators who need to transfer data from their camera via an SD card. USB docking station or USB Hubs come to our rescue at that time. There are different types of USB Hubs, some are basic while some are advanced. I use 11 in 1 USB C Hub from iBesi for my laptop and I just love it. But today, I am gonna introduce to you, a Hybrid... [Read More]

    Features You May Like
    • 5 in 1 USB C Hub
    • USB 3.1 Gen 2
    • 4K60Hz HDMI HDR
    • Up to 2TB High-Speed SSD

  • 14. Plott Cubit Smart Measuring Tape

    Cubit is a smart device that can measure distance wirelessly by using laser light. Not just that, it can take the virtual design of the space around you and has an AR app through which you can interact with the spaces around you. For example, you can point your phone camera to a wall and draw a door with Cubit to see if the door looks good on your wall or not. This is kinda cool. Cubit is wireless and has a battery backup of around 10 hours. Just to let you know, it has two laser pointers perpendicular to each other. This allows it to take perpendicular measurements simultaneously.... [Read More]

    Features You May Like
    • Takes Virtual Design
    • Dual dimensional laser distance measurement
    • AR support via phone
    • 10 - 12hrs battery life

  • 15. Moft Z Sit-stand Laptop Desk

    MOFT, a company that produces foldable stands for smartphones and laptops is coming up with a new product called MOFT Z. It is a multipurpose stand that can accommodate your laptop, tablet, or smartphone, it is kinda universal. Like their previous products, MOFT Z is fully foldable that folds down to the size of a notebook. It fits in your backpack so you can carry it around easily. MOFT Z also has a standing mode option where the height... [Read More]

    Features You May Like
    • Standing Mode
    • Supports Laptops, Tablets and Phones
    • Magnetic Straps

  • 16. Marbrasse Diatomaceous Earth Bath Mat

    Recently I came across this cool quick-dry mat called Marbrasse bath mat. Unlike a traditional bath mat, this mat features a quick-absorbing material that dries up the mat almost instantly. Yes, it is like magic. The mat is made of plant fiber and diatomaceous earth.    

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    Key Features

    Safe and Chemical Free

    Marbrasse mat is made from natural diatomite without chemical additives. The mat is safe, self-drying, and way of green life. Also, this mat is sleek and hard.

    Maximum Water Absorbency

    Quick-dry is the main feature of this mat. The mat that soaks up water instantly and gets dry after a few minutes. In this way, it keeps the floor... [Read More]

    Features You May Like
    • Quick Dry
    • Anti Slip
    • Easy to Clean
    • Diatomaceous Earth Material

  • 17. Vicarko Portable Vacuum Sealer

    Vicarko vacuum sealer is designed to save space while maintaining the freshness of the food. It creates an airtight barrier around food and blocks oxygen and moisture. In this way, it locks flavors in and extends freshness. The fact that it locks nutrients and keeps food fresh, it means your food can stay fresh up to five times longer. With this vacuum sealer, you will no longer have to deal with soggy, wilting, gritty vegetables, and fruits. Not just limited to food, you can also compress clothes so that you can carry more stuff in your luggage. Unlike food, clothes won't be kept fresh lol!    

    Note: This sealer requires special plastic bags with an air valve

    Key Features

    Simple and Convenient Operation

    Vicarko portable vacuum sealer is super easy to use. Turn it on and press it hard against the plastic bag and press the button, that's all. The simplified vacuum removes the air and automatically seals with only a press of a button.... [Read More]

    Features You May Like
    • Portable
    • Keeps Food Fresh
    • Saves Space
    • Automatic Vacuum Creation

  • 18. Uniquebella’s Cool Carry-on Garment/Duffel Bag

    This versatile carry on garment bag is the perfect companion for any regular traveler. The duffel bag is made from durable high-density fabric that is waterproof, tear-resistant and lightweight. It can be attached to the top of a rolling suitcase while you make your way around the airport and then detached for boarding your flight. The 2 in 1 duffel bag has very strong zips that will stand the test of time and secure, comfortable straps that you can rely on while you’re on the road. When you open the bag you can lay it out flat to access your clothes and belongings but it can also be hung up and used in this way. Due to the bag’s expert design, it will keep your suits, dresses, and shirts clean and wrinkle-free making this the best carry on garment bag on the market. This is the best suit travel bag for men, but also accommodates all women’s needs as well. The... [Read More]

    Features You May Like
    • 45L Capacity
    • Waterproof
    • Separate Shoe Pouch
    • Zipper Buckle

  • That’s all I have for you today but I will keep on updating this post whenever I find a cool product under $100. If you liked this post, let me know which product you were most attracted to.
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