eMeet Meeting Capsule – 360° Conference Camera with Speaker

Here is a gadget that is not just cool but also a really useful office accessory. Introducing eMeet Meeting Capsule, a 360° webcam for your conference room. Unlike traditional cameras, this one has a 360° lens and 8 microphones to capture audio-video from a group of people. This feature is especially beneficial for hybrid teams, allowing both in-person and remote participants to feel included in the conversation

eMeet Capsule has a plug-and-play design, remote control and a lot more features worth mentioning. Let us have a look at them one by one.

5 Video Modes for Different Scenarios

These modes are very useful aspects of this conference camera. They let you have a convenient video-calling experience.

These are the 5 modes

  • Private mode – Both the camera and mics will be off to protect your privacy
  • Spotlight mode – For single-person use and the field of view will be reduced to 65°
  • Classic mode – You place the camera at one end of the table and it captures all participants in a wide FOV
  • Speech mode – Only one active speaker will appear on the screen and a panoramic view of the conf room will be displayed at the bottom of the screen
  • Collaborative mode – Up to 3 active speakers can be zoomed in on and appear at the same time. Also, a panoramic view of the room is displayed at the bottom of the screen/TV.

Smart, AI Powered

The webcam is smart enough to know the exact person who is presenting/talking and show them on the monitor. This lets the remote team members on the other end see the talkers’ faces immediately when hearing their voices, resembling face-to-face communication.

Plug and Play

It is very easy to use Emeet Capsule. There are two wired connections involved. First, you plug in the power cord and connect it to the capsule. Next, you connect the capsule to your laptop or streaming device via USB. Now when you are in a meeting, select EMEET Meeting Capsule as mic and camera and speaker. You are all set.

The product comes with a remote control. So, you can control it from a distance. Please note that there is no WiFi support. So, you cannot control it with your phone.


The audio range of this camera is 18ft and the video range is 13ft. This is about 230 sq ft which should cover most conference rooms.

If you want to double the range of the audio, you can purchase their M3 module. With this combo, you will get an audio range of 36 ft.

Compatible with all Operating Systems and Meeting Apps

Meeting Capsule can be used with Windows, Mac, Android, etc and it works with different platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, etc.


Emeet Capsule does not store any data locally nor has a WiFi connection. That means, your meeting’s audio and video will not be uploaded to any cloud server. This makes it a safe and secure device to use in an office environment.


  • 360° panoramic view with 1080P resolution
  • 8 Microphones for multi-directional voice pickup
  • AI-powered autofocus
  • 10-W HiFi Speaker
  • 5 video modes
  • Plug and play (uses USB)
  • Audio cascading

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Editor's QuoteMeeting capsule is a really useful gadget to have in your office
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