Being a tech enthusiast, I have a ton of smart gadgets at home. Some of them are super cool but some of them are absolutely useless. For me, smart home devices are not those smart bulbs or switches that everyone knows about. I would like to have exotic devices like smart door locks, automatic robots, voice-controlled ceiling fans, floating lamps, air purifiers and a hell lot of other super cool stuff that nobody ever knows.

In this article, I am listing some of the coolest smart home devices and accessories that I like the most. Some of these gadgets are already out in the market while some are yet to reach the retail market. The products that I am featuring in this article are not only cool in functionality but also aesthetic, making them good home decors as well.

If you ask which is my favorite in this list, I would definitely choose Shine & Evapolar AC

If you have any other suggestions in mind, let me know in the comment section at the end of this post. I will be happy to check it out and feature it here. Now, let’s dive deep into our best picks…

These are the Coolest Smart Home Gadgets that make your life easier

  • 1. Shine Bathroom Assistant Cleans Your Toilet Automatically

    How many of you hate cleaning your toilet frequently? I know it sucks. That's why I am here writing about a gadget called Shine that takes care of your toilet without your intervention. Considering that our days begin in the privacy of this room, the state we find it in can either turn us into instant vocalists or drastically ruin our day. Broken pipes, leakages, and unpleasant smells are the last thing you need when preparing to take on the world. Shine Automatic Toilet Cleaner is undeniably a lifesaver when it comes to home automation. Shine automatically cleans your toilet by using Electrolyzed Water Technology that uses no chemicals but is extremely effective against bacteria. Shine is smart, it can be controlled with your Smartphone or Voice Assistant like Alexa. Once you give a command on the app or attempt to flush, Shine fills up the toilet bowl with electrolyzed water... [Read More]

    Features You May Like
    • Automatically Cleans Toilet
    • Water Leakage Detection
    • Auto Deodorizes
    • Chemical-Free Cleaning
    • 6 Month Rechargeable Battery
    • Smartphone App Integration

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  • 2. Midea – A New Generation Window Air Conditioner

    Unlike a traditional window air conditioner, Midea uses state of the art technologies to efficiently deliver cool air while making less noise and consuming limited energy. Using the old school window air conditioner always has its disadvantages. Among them is that they are noisy, they consume a lot of electricity, and it is not easy to install them, Midea AC has been designed to block the noise, and it is simple to install it in your home. It uses less than 35% of your energy, so it is economical.

    Some of the cool features of Mideo include

    Inverter Quattro Technology

    It helps in ensuring that your home stays fresh throughout the day. The technology also helps in minimizing the amount of electricity the air conditioner uses, making it energy efficient. It is the first AC to receive energy-efficient certification in 2020.

    U-Shaped Design

    The design makes it easy to use the AC because you can... [Read More]

    Features You May Like
    • Free to Open Window Design
    • 35% Energy Savings
    • Quiet Operation
    • Upto 20ft Long Distance Airflow
    • Smart Control (Integrates with Alexa & Google Home)

  • 3. eufy RoboVac G10 Hybrid – Self Charging Robotic Vaccum

    If you are looking for a convenient and easy to control iRobot vacuum cleaner, then I would recommend you to get the Eufy robotic G10 hybrid vacuum. This robot vacuum cleaner fits all people especially those who are always on the move since you can still keep your home clean while away! First off, you don't need to monitor the power utilization on this gadget because it is a self-charging robotic vacuum. Hence, it immediately recharges when the power runs out for continued cleaning of the floor. Thanks to the equipped 2-1 hybrid vacuum and mop, it provides both deep and light cleaning. self charging Robotic Vaccum The special features of the Eufy Robot G10

    Smart floor dynamic navigation

    This g10 hybrid robot vacuum has an advanced cleaning technology that empowers it to clean 2 times faster and better than other iRobot vacuums.

    2-1 mop and vacuum hybrid design

    One of the features... [Read More]

    Features You May Like
    • Smart Floor Navigation
    • 2-1 Sweep and Mop
    • Hands-Free
    • Self Charging
    • Auto Continue

  • 4. Evapolar evaCHILL Portable Air Conditioner

    Evapolar evaChill is one of the best and the worthiest gadget you can ever get under $100. This portable air conditioner is probably the only portable AC that looks good, is feature-packed and extremely affordable. Having a personal AC like this has a ton of advantages, one of them is portability. This gadget can humidify, clean, and cool the air around you. It is ultra-portable and can fit in your backpack or luggage. Evachill looks super clean and aesthetic on any table. The LED lights at the back make it look sick. It utilizes their proprietary filtering and cooling mechanism which can efficiently provide the air conditioning for upto 9 hours on a single water refill. So... [Read More]

    Features You May Like
    • Evaporative Air Cooler
    • Humidifier
    • Lasts upto 9 Hours on Single Refill
    • Lightweight and Portable
    • Cleans Air around you

  • 5. Deepmag – Wireless Powered Levitating Light

    This gadget is a levitating light by Deepmag, the company that specializes in magnetic levitation and electromagnetic direct-drive technologies. Deepmag light has two important features. It receives power wirelessly and levitates magnetically upside down. Read it again, it is upside down. It is the coolest table lamp you can ever get. The lamp has an ergonomic wooden body that looks stunning on any table. The wireless power can be harnessed up to 10 watts which is not bad at all. It has a touch control and fall-proof design. Fall proof design means, if you unplug the lamp from a power source, the bulb, instead of falling down, gets attached to the lamp... [Read More]

    Features You May Like
    • Upto 10 Watts Wireless Power Transfer
    • Touch Control
    • Fall Proof Mechanism

  • 6. Rotofarm – A NASA Inspired Smart Indoor Garden

    Rotofarm is a digital indoor garden that is designed from high technology to make it easy for planting vegetables, microgreens, and herbs. The gadget was founded by Toby Farmer,  the founder of Bace. This device was designed to help homeowners who do not have space to plant their fresh herbs and greens in their backyard. Rotofarm has a circular design that allows you to grow plants in a small area. Plants grown in this device tend to grow faster as compared to those planted in the yard because gravity has less effect on them. The effect of gravity is minimal to the pant because the device rotates every hour. rotofarm features Main Features of Rotofarm - Light Settings The indoor garden kit comes with an app that you use it to adjust light settings. This is because various plants need various light rays and wavelengths. The light is always placed at the center to ensure... [Read More]

    Features You May Like
    • Aesthetically Pleasing Design
    • Smart (Connects to your Phone)
    • Utilizes Minimal Water
    • Fully Automated
    • No Soil Technology

  • 7. Ultraloq UL300 Multi-Point Smart Door Lock

    This smart lock has so many features that I would be exhausted to write about. U-tec's UL300 is a smart door lock for your home, office or anything that needs advanced security. This door lock has a stainless steel multi-point lock option with more than two locking mechanisms for advanced safety. The lock has Bluetooth and wifi options. The Bluetooth option is used to connect the lock to your smartphone while the Wifi is used to control the lock from anywhere in the world until there is an internet connection. The lock supports Google Assistant and Alexa too. Ultraloq Ul300 Review One thing that amazed me is the number of ways to unlock this smart lock. You can 6 different ways, what....Yes, you have the following six ways of unlocking it: - Via your smartphone app - Fingerprint Scanner - Password or pin - Contactless Key Fob (yes, like an RFID tag) - Magic Shake where you shake... [Read More]

    Features You May Like
    • Ultra Safe Multi-Point Locking
    • Capacitive Fingerprint Scanner
    • Anti-peep Touchscreen
    • Two-Factor Authentication
    • Up to 1 Year of Battery Life
    • 6 Ways to Operate (Entry)

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  • 8. Lcaoful 52 Inch Smart Ceiling Fan and Light Combo

    I really like the concept of Smart devices. I wish I could have them all over my home. In this article, we are gonna take a look at the Lcaoful Smart ceiling fan with light. This one will work with Google Assistant or Alexa. You can use voice control to activate the fan which is so useful when you are in the bed and want to turn on the fan without moving your a... I also like that the fan is so quiet. There is nothing worse than a noisy fan when you are trying to get work done. There are just three blades on this fan. It will be very easy for you to set it up in your home. Also, you can change the direction of the fan as well. It can either push the air upwards or down. They recommend using the downdraft during the summer and the updraft during the winter. ... [Read More]

    Features You May Like
    • Smart Control Via Voice
    • Google Assistant and Alexa Support
    • Quite and Compact
    • Aesthetically Pleasing
    • Reversible Motor

  • 9. Hachi Infinite M1 – Interactive Touchscreen Projector

    If you are someone who is looking for a cool projector to buy, look no further, Puppy Robot is launching their new product called Hachi Projector. Unlike their previous version, this version has two different modes, horizontal and vertical mode. It is AI-powered, wireless, and has an in-built speaker for streaming music. In the vertical mode, the Hachi projector can be used as a touch projector but the horizontal mode does not allow touch functionality. Some cool features of horizontal mode are that it projects the visuals to a much larger screen (the minimum width is 23 inch and the max is 100 inch) and 100 inch is definitely big enough to be considered as a home theater. The device has around two and a half hour battery life. It is AI-powered and has some advanced... [Read More]

    Features You May Like
    • AI-Powered
    • Wireless
    • Horizontal and Vertical Mode
    • 2.5 hrs battery backup
    • 23 to 100-inch screen
    • Inbuilt Speaker

  • 10. SwitchBot Curtain Robot

    SwitchBot is a cool gadget that can make any curtain smart...On their crowdfunding campaign, they claim that this device could make any type of curtain smart but I was not so sure of it until I personally tested it while I was at CES 2020. SwitchBot is wireless, smart and super convenient to use. Using this smart accessory is very simple. Just clamp it on to your curtain rod and Switchbot will take care of the rest. Since not every curtain is the same, Switchbot comes with a set of addons that you can use. Coming to the features, this gadget connects to your smartphone through which you can control your curtain. You can set schedules so that the bot will automatically open or close the curtain at the specified time. It is also equipped with a light sensor so that Switchbot can automatically close or... [Read More]

    Features You May Like
    • Voice control
    • Wireless & App Connected
    • Approximately 8 months of battery life
    • Supports Alexa, Google Home and Siri

  • 11. Albero, A Powerful Air Purifier for Home And Office

    Albero is an awesome looking air purifier that uses classic nano-purification technology. It is suitable for use both in homes and offices. The 3-in-1 air purifier can detect bacteria, allergens, odors, toxic chemicals, and viruses. After detecting the harmful microorganisms and unwanted particles, it destroys them by turning them into water, harmless base compounds or carbon dioxide. The germ and virus air purifier can clean an entire room in less than two hours and eliminates all the air pollutants present in the room. Albero gadget is said to be a 3 in 1 purifier because it has three components: 1.    Air quality monitor 2.    Air purifier 3.    Curated lamp

    Albero virus purifier

    Some of the Unique Features of Albero Nano-Air Purifier

    •    Ultra-silent Mode Albero’s cleaning mode is quieter more than a whisper. You can use the purifier to clean your room and still get a perfect sleep. The ultra-silent technology allows you... [Read More]

    Features You May Like
    • Noiseless Operation
    • Detects Air Quality Profile
    • 540 Square Ft Range
    • Integrates with Smart Assistants
    • Eliminates Viruses, Bacteria, Fungus, etc.