Bluesphere – Smartphone Holder with a Wireless Charger

$229.00 $99.00

You may have come across thousands of smartphone holders, but probably not this. Bluesphere, World’s first smartphone supporter of its kind. Bluesphere has a unique design that supports different angles and makes your life easier. It acts as an extra arm by providing ultra flexibility to meet all your needs. What makes it much more than a support system is the wireless charging capability. Yes, Bluesphere has an inbuilt wireless charging capability that charges your phone as and when you are watching your favorite shows, surfing or scrolling through your feeds. Multiple installation clamps make life easier. There is no doubt that this gadget is super cool but what about the price? We felt Bluesphere could have been priced bit lower, but no worries since there is 56% discount. Get it under $100 now.
4 / 5 Ratings
Editor’s QuoteAn extra arm to support your 360 degree needs with wireless charging!!!
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Bluesphere – Worlds 1st Smartphone Supporting System

[Description as provided by the Manufacturer]


Bluepshere is the 1st ever wireless charging Smartphone Supporter
◉ Vibration-cancelling system
◉ Precision 3 Axis Motion
◉ Super fast wireless charger
◉ Premium materials and design
◉ Multi-Layered Nano Pad



Short & tangled cablesShaky smartphone holdersDropping the phone on your face

Ultra fast wireless charging function



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